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Looking for coloured paper?

You’ve come to the right place. At Hunt Office Ireland we supply a superb selection of different coloured paper which includes yellow, blue, green, pink, red, cream, violet, orange and ivory, including packs with assorted colours. Coloured paper has a wide variety of uses from arts and crafts to making your own posters, cards and brochures. All of the coloured paper available at Hunt Office Ireland is guaranteed to produce excellent printing results across a wide range of machines including mono copiers, laser printers, inkjet and even plain paper fax machines.  

Common uses for Coloured Paper:

• Coloured paper is often used in office environments to help file, colour co-ordinate and separate different documents such as reports, faxes, customer records and important documents. Office documents printed in coloured paper are instantly recognisable and with a specific colour coded system in place, it can make daily filing quick, easy and efficient. In addition to this, using coloured paper to file documents can really brighten up the office space.

• Many businesses, to cut costs, are opting to make their own promotional material, flyers and brochures which is becoming much easier with the wide variety of coloured paper available in many colours and textures. Making signage is also becoming increasingly popular by printing onto the coloured paper and then laminating for a professionally finished touch.

• Coloured paper is a simple but effective tool in arts and crafts for kids and is commonly used by both teachers and parents. Using items like, crayons, paint, markers, glue and glitter on the coloured paper can create hours of fun and creativity. In addition, coloured paper can also be used in designing and creating your own cards and invitations. With the range of colours available, it allows the creatively minded to make the most attractive homemade cards and invitations.

Coloured paper sizes available at Hunt Office Ireland:

A3 Paper Size A3 Paper Size
A4 (210 x 297mm) A3 size (297x420mm) A2 size (420 x 594mm)

Packs of Coloured Paper

Here at Huntoffice users can choose between packs of 250 or 2500 coloured paper :

2500-sheets500-sheets 250-paper

Here's what our customers are saying...

Image Coloraction Deep Orange Amsterdam A4 Paper 80gsm Pack of 500
  Great Product 

"Image Bright Orange Coloured Paper Multifunctional was very good .liked it and think its very good value because its quality is brilliant."

mary hayes
Xerox Symphony Pastel Blue A4 Card Paper 160gsm Pack of 1250
  Love Xerox Quality! 

"I was looking around for some good quality blue coloured card and was delighted when I found this. It really brightens up reports and the print quality on them is fantastic."

Image Coloraction Stockholm Deep Blue A4 Paper 80gsm Pack of 500
Quality Blue Paper

"Excellent vivid blue coloured paper for printing. I would definitely buy again, I found the price quite cheap considering the quality."

Image Coloraction Tundra Mid Lilac Violet A4 Paper 80gsm Pack of 500
  Professional Lilac Coloured Paper 

"Great quality Violet Multifunctional 80gsm a4 paper. I always use it because it is ideal for making a visual impact with reports and important documents as well as colour-coding paperwork. Thanks huntoffice for such low price.Thanks huntoffice for so low price."

5 Star Medium Gold A4 Paper Multifunctional Ream-Wrapped 80gsm 500 Sheets
  5 Stars Gold Paper! 

"Very happy with this, brilliant price for a 500 sheet pack and the gold colour is a nice change. The A4 size makes it very versatile and the paper is 80gsm which is just the right quality and weight for everyday use. 5 stars."