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Do you need paper cutters or paper trimmers? Choose from our range of paper trimmers and paper guillotines. Whatever your paper cutting requirements are there will be a paper cutting machine here to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a home office paper trimmer that will cut a single sheet of paper or a large professional paper guillotine which is capable of trimming hundreds of sheets in one go – we have them all. Paper Trimmer – these are the most precise type of paper cutters that allow great accuracy and cutting sheets exactly to the required dimensions. Most of the paper trimmers within our range are rotary trimmers which have their cutting blades enclosed in an easy to hold cutter head. Since their main advantage is high precision trimming without any uneven paper leftovers at the edge where it is being cut they are often use by photographers, designers, architects, etc. Rotary trimmers don’t take as many sheets at once as paper guillotines but as mentioned before they aim at precision rather than volume. Paper Cutter – also referred to as paper guillotines are designed to precisely cut larger quantities of paper at once. Paper guillotines which are available on our site are capable of cutting between 15 – 40 sheets during a single use of the cutter. The way a paper guillotine operates is similar to scissors just that instead of having two movable knives you only have one knife that is moving and the other one is stationary. Such method of cutting allows getting straight cuts which would be impossible to achieve if using scissors. Paper cutters are available for various paper sizes including the most popular sizes like A4 and A3. Paper cutting equipment within our range comes from some of the best manufacturers in the industry such as Avery, Dahle and HSM.

Here's what our customers are saying...

about Avery A4 Precision Guillotine PG360
  "good, versatile paper guillotine - no matter if you need to cut 3 or 30 sheets of paper, the blade cuts trough paper easily and leaves smooth edges."
 Greg Enden   
about Avery A4 Precision Guillotine PG360
   So happy.   
  "So happy wit the product. 5 stars for looks!"  
 Ann-Marie Johnson   
about Avery Compact A4 Trimmer A4CT
   Very good Paper Trimmer.   
  "Very good Paper Trimmer, the Avery compact Trimmer A4 has never let me down and i do alot of trimming paper everyday as i am in business. Makes trimming much faster with its 10 sheet cutting capacity . Thanks Huntoffice."  

 Greg Sullivan   
about Avery Compact A3 Trimmer A3CT
   Great product   
  "Great product.Cuts paper up to A3 size.Very handy and easy to use.Good size and brilliant colour.Im so happy with this product."  
 Laura McCarthy   
about Avery Personal Photo and Paper Trimmer A4 TR002
   Good and friendly service.   
  "I bought this product for my sister she loves making cards. This was a good present for her.She was so happy, its great to cut and easy to use. Also the colour is nice. The price is good.Good and friendly service, delivery on time."  
 Ciana D.    
about Avery Personal Photo and Paper Trimmer A4 TR002
   Simple and safe to use.   
  "If you like to play around with editing photographs at home than this is something worth considering. It is a simple photo trimmer but the blade works very good and cuts through various types of paper. Simple and safe to use."  
 Lisa W   
about Avery Personal Photo and Paper Trimmer A4 TR002
   Extremely handy !  
  "If you want to try edit printed photos yourself and do basic paper trimming jobs this avery trimmer is a good place to start with. As for the price it offers good quality and is reliable - the blade is sharp and runs smoothly across the bar to which it is mounted to. I found this trimmer to be extremely handy when organising my photo albums, cutting the photos to required sizes was quick and straight forward. This trimmer is suitable for trimming A4 paper sheets as well "  
 James McCoy   
about Avery P340 Professional Precision Rotary Trimmer A4
   Great product and easy to use.   
  "Great product and easy to use. Works excellent. Brilliant service and good delivery. Im happy with this product as it does the job."  
about Avery P340 Professional Precision Rotary Trimmer A4
   Professional work .  
  "I wanted to get more information on this avery trimmer but most of the sites I looked at were very skimpy on the product information. This is why I appreciate the professional work on product information done here. The price wasn't bad neither so I decided to buy it from huntoffice. Nicely played :)"  
 Harry Wilmot   
about Avery P340 Professional Precision Rotary Trimmer A4
   Very Precision Rotary Trimmer .  
  "This Avery Precision Rotary Trimmer A4 is a little pricey but when I received it I was very happy with the build quality and I works like a dream so I am really happy I spent the bit extra on it."