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  • Drum Truck Red With Claw Capacity 350kg Rubber Wheels 7264A
  • Drum Truck 7264A Red
  • Drum truck, with claw for steel drums

Drum Truck Red With Claw Capacity 350kg Rubber Wheels 7264A

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Product Specification

Product Code
21.00 kg
Manufacturer Ref
Alternative Code(s)
Cylinder Trolley
Capacity Range
Heavy Duty over 200kg
Wheel Type
Solid Rubber Wheels
Compartment Type
Cylinder Carrier

Product Details

- Drum Truck Red With Claw Capacity 350kg Rubber Wheels 7264A

Easily transport drums around the warehouse or factory safely and securely with this red drum truck. The load grip device is easily adjusted and it includes a looped handle for ease of handling and safety. The truck also features an integral foot rest, which assists in pulling over and supports a heavily loaded truck. The truck in fixed on 2 solid 250mm rubber tyres and has a maximum load capacity of 350kg.

folding trolley   Trolley Type- Cylinder Trolley
Folding trolleys, stair trolleys, cylinder trolleys and even 2 or 3 way trolleys, there is a type of hand truck to meet every need. Designed to carry around the warehouse. Load grip device is easily adjusted. Looped handle for ease of handling and safety.Integral foot rest assists pulling over and supports a loaded truck. Standard claw to suit standard steel drums.
Dimensions: H1150 x W400mm
steel-trolley   Steel Trolley
When choosing a trolley, you need to decide what material will best suit your needs: steel frame aor lightweight aluminium. Construction from robust tubular steel with powder coated finish.
Single-Section-Aluminium-Ladder   Trolley Colour
Red cylinder trolley. Powder coated finish.
trolley capacity   Trolley Capacity
As you would expect, Trolleys are designed and constructed to safely hold a specific amount of weight borne by a person and any load they are carrying. Maximum capacity 350kg.
Capacity: 136kg.
Single-Section-Aluminium-Ladder   Rubber Tyred Wheels
This trolley is manufactured 2 solid rubber tyres at 250mm diameter.
Single-Section-Aluminium-Ladder   Footiron
Footiron length - 130mm.


Safety Trolley Tips


-Gloves that increase ability to grip cases.Footwear with protective toe and midsole.


-For large quantity loads provide a four-wheel platform-style cart or a two-wheel hand truck that converts to a four-wheel platform-style truck.This will minimize bending the torso. Use a two-wheel truck with an adjustable toe plate – adjust the toe plate to approximately knee height to minimize torso bending. Keep your body centered between the side rails of the ladder at all times.


-When pushing up an incline the employee frequently has to lower the angle of the load to generate enough force to push the load upthe slope. Lowering the load angle increases the amount of weight the employee must lift. In addition to providing force in a horizontal direction, the employee must now provide force in a vertical direction. This places additional stress on the shoulders, back and legs. Provide a fold down third wheel on the backof the hand truck so the load can be selfsupporting. This ensures that the employee must only provide force in a horizontal direction. 


-Employees who deliver to locations without docks must pull fully loaded hand trucks over uneven walking surfaces, up and over curbs and up stairways. Provide and use kerb ramps. Kerb ramps allow for easy movement over uneven walking surfaces eliminating the need to lift and pull fully loaded hand trucks. -Use trucks that have several doors on the side so loads can be accessed by means other than the back door. A short ramp from a side door could eliminate pulling the hand cart up steps and kerbs. 


-A poorly maintained hand truck will greatlyincrease physical stress on an employee. When hand truck tires are under or unevenly pressurized, the employee's arms, back, and legs must provide more force to move the hand truck. Keep balloon tires in good repair and properly inflated. Check tire pressure on a quarterly basis or more often if needed. Make available to the employees a pressure gauge, air compressor, and pressure hose. Hard rubber tires do not have the air pressure problems associated with balloon tires. However, hard rubber tires do not move very well over rough terrain.
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Drum Truck Red With Claw Capacity 350kg Rubber Wheels 7264A