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Brother FAX2840 Mono Laser Fax Machine

Brother FAX2840 Mono Laser Fax Machine

€224.95 ex vat
€272.19 inc vat
Brother FAX-2940 Mono Laser Fax Ref FAX2940ZU1

Brother FAX-2940 Mono Laser Fax Ref FAX2940ZU1

€269.50 ex vat
€326.10 inc vat
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Welcome to the Huntoffice webstore for Fax Machines. is a leading office supplies online company serving Irish customers throughout the island of Ireland.

We distribute our range of products from our network of nationwide warehouses.

Do you live in Ireland and need to purchase a new fax machine for your home or office? If so you have come to the right place. Here in the webstore, you will find a suitable fax machine for your business or home office. Our range of fax machines come from global brands such as Philips Xerox, Brother, Canon, Oki and Samsung.

Fax technologies to choose from include

• Laser

• Thermal

• Inkjet

Even in today’s age of digital technologies such as email and internet, there is still high demand for fax machines. Most Irish businesses view fax machines as an essential piece of their office hardware as they reliably and efficiently send documents from one business to the next without the need to use the postal service.A fax machine helps to send or receive important documents through the use of a phone line. The fax machine on the receiving end produces the exact copy of the paper inserted in the senders fax machine.

Choosing a suitable fax machine is critical to maximise the performance and efficiency of the machine. After you have established the amount of money you have available to spend on the machine, you need to look at what functions are specifically need to assist you in your daily business communications.

Many customers ask what the difference is between Thermal, Inkjet and Laser printing.

  • Thermal Fax Machine uses heat activated technology to print the text or image onto the specially manufactured thermal paper. Image quality is usually considered be inferior when compared to inkjet or laser.
  • Inkjet printing has the advantage of printing in colour. It is suitable for moderate faxing as ink cartridge costs can amount if received fax volume increases.
  • Laser printing is considered the best as the text and images are more defined. They are suitable for large printing volumes as the laser toner cartridge has a larger print paper capacity over standard inkjet cartridges. Laser faxes are ideal for medium to large business. Typically, the cost of laser fax machines is at the higher end of the price bracket.

Speed – The speed a page is printed from a fax machine can vary from an impressive 1 page every 3 seconds to a more modest print speed of 15 seconds per page. If your business is not receiving a high level of faxes each day, you may save money by choosing a fax machine with a lower print speed