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Legamaster Magic Chart White 20M Ref 1591-00

Legamaster Magic Chart White 20M Ref 1591-00

€71.90 ex vat
€88.44 inc vat
Franken Flipchart Paper Roll White 60cm x 3.5cm

Franken Flipchart Paper Roll White 60cm x 3.5cm

€55.90 ex vat
€68.76 inc vat

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Explore our range of flipchart paper for sale at Hunt Office Ireland today. We supply a variety of flipchart paper in sizes A1, including recycled, perforated and squared flipchart paper. Whether you need a flipchart for business meetings, teaching a class or anything in between, we’ve got you covered at Hunt Office with our diverse range of flipchart paper.

Shop flipchart paper from a number of different brands, including Bi-Office, Nobo and Franken.

Standard Sheet

Standard sheet flipchart paper is the most common type of flipchart paper, it’s great for jotting down business ideas and business presentations. We offer flipchart paper in a variety of sizes and brands, as well as a range of eco-friendly paper to keep your office green.

Self-Adhesive Sheet

Self-Adhesives sheets are sheets that can be stuck to surfaces. They’re a great tool in offices, educational environments and collaborative working sessions. We supply a variety of self-adhesive flipchart paper to meet any need.

Dry Erase Sheets

Dry-erase sheets can be wiped and reused, serving as a great alternative to a whiteboard. They’re also handy for taking confidential notes that can then be removed from the board after.

Here's what our customers are saying...

user icon Lauren Nivens   
Nobo 600x800mm Instant Whiteboard Dry Erase Sheets with 25 Sheets Per Roll Gridded
 Star Rating Highly Recommend   
  "These might be an unconventional whiteboard method but I love having these whiteboard sheets in the office! So handy and very cost effective. Not only that, but confidential meeting graphics/notes taken on the whiteboard sheets can be removed from the surface and kept safe rather than erasing and starting all over again."  
user icon Phelim  
Nobo 600x800mm Instant Whiteboard Dry Erase Sheets with 25 Sheets Per Roll Gridded
 Star Rating Great Product   
  "We bought one each of the white, clear and gridded packs, the gridded one proved most useful for us. This whiteboard roll is an excellent cost effective solution for whiteboard space, the sheets can be put up anywhere. You get 25 sheets in the roll so you are basically getting 25 portable whiteboards for a cost cheaper than a single normal one! happy with the purchase."  
user icon BM  
Nobo 600x800mm Instant Whiteboard Dry Erase Sheets with 25 Sheets Per Roll Gridded
 Star Rating Great Buy   
  "Would definitely recommend these, the whiteboard sheets are basically essential to our work life now. Great way to display designs/notes/figures. Also good for on the fly meetings when all the meeting rooms are used up! The only downside is the adhesive of course loses some stickiness over time, so if you are planning to move the sheets around more than a few times, don't expect the adhesive to hold up perfectly."  
user icon Amy Curtis  
A1 Flipchart Pad Perforated 40 Sheets Plain 5 Star
 Star Rating An Essential   
  "I've been using this A1 flipchart pad in my training classes for over a year now and I cannot fault it. It is excellent value for money. The sheets are good enough quality that I can write on both sides of the sheets and the ink won't show through to the other side. What I especially like about this flipchart pad is the fact the sheets are perforated, they can be quickly and easily torn off without tearing the whole sheet. I will continue to purchase this for as long as huntoffice continues to sell it!"  
user icon Kimberly  
Post-it Table Top Meeting Chart 20 Self-adhesive Sheets
 Star Rating Great Quality Product   
  "I can't recommend the Post it Table Top Meeting Chart enough. It has really helped at work when we are holding informal meetings. The chart come with 20 Self-adhesive Sheets. They stick to almost any surface. They have come in handy when we have meetings of just 5 or 6 people and we need to get information across quickly."