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Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner 620W Capacity Red 6L HVR160 902395

Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner 620W Capacity Red 6L HVR160 902395

RRP: €619.96
€329.66 ex vat
€405.48 inc vat

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Looking for Floor Cleaning Machines? Here at HuntOffice you will find a wide selection of Floor Cleaning Machines that can deep clean almost any type of hard floor or carpeted floor surface in much less time than it would take using a traditional cleaning method. These industrial machines are ideal for cleaning large areas such as shopping centres, factories, commercial buildings etc. So whether you're looking for a Floor Cleaning Machine for your business or your own cleaning business you will find a selection of Floor Cleaning Machines here in this section of We deliver to Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Galway and anywhere across Ireland.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Suzzie Walters  
Numatic TTB4045 Floor Cleaner Battery Operated Scrubber Drier Ref 776286
  Nice Machine  
  "This Numatic TTB4045 Floor Cleaner is a nice tidy machine that is great to clean floors while not doing to much work, it does the work for you. The 2 and half battery live is just about enough, could be longer, Goof power also. Operated Scrubber Drier Ref 776286"
Gretta Hickey  
Numatic Floor Cleaner 400W with Tank & Brush NLL332 Ref 83949
  Easy to use  
"I work as one of the cleaners for a large manufacturing company and we've recently started using this Numatic floor cleaner. On first use I was surprised how lightweight it was and how easy it was to use. The Numatic floor cleaner can be used by anyone of any size as it doesn't need a great deal of strength to use, which was my initial worry. Fantastic cleaning with this floor cleaner it has definitely made our life much easier!"
James D.  
Karcher Professional Steam Cleaner (240V) SG 4/4 10922820
  Great Machine!  
  "I recently opened a cleaning service, and we have become extremely busy. We constantly get calls to clean what we advertise to which is private homes, but businesses were calling us more frequently and businesses like restaurants were asking us to steam clean the kitchens and dining rooms. It was the smartest business decision to buy a steam cleaner!"  
Catherine O'Shea  
Karcher SC1 Premium Steam Stick Mop Steam Cleaner 1.516-232.0
"I always just bought the cheapest mop from the supermarket and used that until it broke or I needed a new handle or head. Total waste of mula! I decided to get a Karcher steam cleaner. I have never had such clean floors."
Karcher WV2 Window Vac Window Washer 1.633-302.0
  Love it !  
  "This katcher window vac 2 is the best thing I ever got. It is handy to quickly clean windows buy also any other surface. My husband uses window vac to dry off the car after wash. "
Mags Supple  
Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vac Window Washer 1.633-451.0
  Good Price  
"I like this Karcher WV5 Premium Window as it is comfortable too hold and use. Charges pretty quick and leaves great lasting clean windows."
Bridget Brennan  
Karcher Steam Cleaner SC2 15120020
  Great Variety of Products  
  "I'm familiar with the Karcher brand so this is why I choose the Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner. I have two young kids under the age of 3 and I'd advise anybody with small kids to get a steam cleaner. My smallest is 8 months and she constantly has a chesty cough and as a result frequently gets sick at night from coughing. I found over time that it was impossible to get rid of the smell on the mattress and carpet. I was even going to change the mattress and carpet but a work colleague told me to get a steam cleaner and I must say it really does work. I also like the fact that it kills germs so at least I can be sure that by baby's cot is a more sterile environment. Since I purchased the Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner, I have used it throughout the house including the oven, couch and dog bed. I had a really bad stain on one of my downstairs carpet and it's almost gone. What shocked me most about the Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner was the price, Hunt Office is nearly half the price compared with Argos and in addition Hunt Office will deliver to your door nearly for free!!!!"  
Karcher Steam Cleaner SC2 15120020
"It works great, have been using it to clean up dirty grouting and it now looks like new. Also great to reach difficult areas which otherwise could not be cleaned."