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Jamie O. , Meath  
Sennheiser CHS 01 - Headset cable - for Sennheiser UI 720 Passive Universal Interface, UI 730 Passive Universal Interface
  I'm happy to have this  
  Thanks for supplying this cable, it's passive so don't require external audio amplifier. The easy disconnect connctor is very specific for Sennheiser, I'm happy to have this.  
Plantronics U10P Telephone Headset Link Cable Curly Cord Black Ref 36469-01/32145-01
  Very compact  
  "I work in a call centre and we use these with a lot of our telephone headsets. Very compact and easy to use and the curly cord stops all that mess of tangled up wires on our desks! "  
Plantronics U10 Connection Cable 3m Ref 26716-01
  Good quality sound from these cables  
  "Very good price especially considering that this cable is 3m long - much longer than some others I have looked at. Very good quality sound from these cables too!"

Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier for Telephone Headsets 43596-50
  This is essential  
  "This is essential if you want to make the most out of your headset, have been using this for about 2 years myself and got it this week for another person in the office."  
Anton Weiss  
Plantronics Telephone Headset Cable Adapter MO300-N5 Designed for Nokia Phones
  Luckily I have found this on  
  I was chasing for the cable for Nokia telephone, it's hard because the audio jack is specific size. Luckily I have found this on The plantronics QuickDisconnect on the second far is suitable for my headset.