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Here's what our customers are saying...

 Evelyn Baxter  
  Visit Bisley Steel Storage Manufacturer Showroom - London
   I Would Definitely Recommend Going to the Showroom!  
  "The best thing about Bisley is that their storage options are so versatile. Our whole office was refurbished and we have installed a dew really nice pieces. The range that Bisley have is amazing, the furniture looks bespoke and most of the pieces we have flow really nicely together and they are still really unique. We stuck to the furniture available with the Be by Bisley collection, it fit nicely with the style we had in mind for the office and the furniture we had already bought. The pieces are so colourful and are one of, if not the main feature of the office. My own personal office has a few pieces from the collection too and it looks as good in a small office space as it does in a larger open plan office. The brightly coloured cupboards on the cabinets add such a nice pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome array of furniture. Especially in the main office, as it can get quite dull without some colour! It was still hard not to go with stuff from other collections! For my office I originally wanted a very minimalist style, but because my office is right next to the main office and we wanted them to be styled similarly, I went with the more colourful options. I am delighted that I did now because it looks amazing! Now that the office is completely finished, the Bisley storage we have really looks the part and makes the office feel fuller and bigger! We are so pleased as a whole with the office and I myself am delighted with my office too. I would definitely recommend going to the showroom, it really helps with deciding between pieces when you get to see it yourself!"  
Catherine Pembroke  
 Visit Desso Carpet Tiles & Flooring Showroom - London
  I was Really Impressed with the Showroom Too!  
  "I think everyone finds moving very stressful, moving my office was no exception for me! But going to see and pick the interior furnishings and the flooring and wall coverings is definitely the fun part! It was just by luck that I found the page for this Desso showroom, I was just browsing the site. The building my office is moving into is brand new, I got one of the last blank offices left, and I had started to regret it. However, getting to go to this Desso showroom and having the opportunity to pick my own flooring for the office was exciting. It was really hard to pick because there was a great selection on display in the showroom and then between samples and everything there was a lot to choose from. I really loved one of the carpets I saw, but it definitely wouldn't have looked right in my office, it needed a much bigger space. I ended up going with two different carpets, a plain blue one and then a blue carpet with a hexagonal design in the middle of the office where my desk would go. Now that the carpets are put down and my office is all but complete, I am very glad I went to a showroom! I had completely different carpets in mind when I had been looking online and in catalogues. Seeing them in person helped a lot in the deciding process because you get to see what they really look like, and in an office setting too. I was really impressed with the showroom too, the scale and aesthetic of the whole place was cool to see!"  
Charlie Jones  
 Visit Famo Modern Design Office Furniture Showroom - London
    A Helpful Experience and I can't Wait until the Furniture gets Fitted!  
  "We are expanding and opening a new office soon, which I will be moving to, and we are refurbishing our old offices. After visiting a lot of showrooms and not being satisfied, I browsed the Famo catalogue and I knew I wanted to go to the showroom. I absolutely fell in love with the 'sense' collection they have! It is beautiful, and looks even better in person! My own office will have the senses executive desk, and the main office on the same floor will have the senses work station benches. They looked amazing in person, and are exactly the style we wanted! I also tried out the Gemini chair in the showroom and I loved the look and feel of it. But I didn't think it would fit well into the office in black so I was shown samples of different fabrics and colours and I went with a light grey to match the metal panelling on the senses executive desk. The conference room table is from the sense collection too, and I decided to get it in a shade of wood that was a little different from the other shades on the collection throughout the office. Our reception area was a little bare looking so we picked out the chairs in the 'set' collection. We picked those because there was a huge range available in terms of size and colours. They were also quite comfortable! I think going to the showroom made a huge difference because after looking at the catalogue I wanted the whole lot of the furniture in my office! But seeing them in person really helped refine my choice! A helpful experience and I can't wait until the furniture gets fitted!"  
Gavin Dale  
 Visit Frovi Contemporary Design Furniture Showroom - London
  Spectacular Showroom!  
  "We were renovating the break room in our office, and thankfully we had a lot of space to work with. We had a huntoffice interiors catalogue and saw a few Frovi things we really liked. I decided to visit the showroom on behalf of the company. I was blown away by the selection of furniture in the showroom. I was really happy with the experience too, visiting a showroom like this is well worth it. All of the furniture was exactly the style we are going for, bright, modern and colourful. I picked everything for the break room based on what I saw here when I went! Although, it was hard deciding between the chairs we wanted in the break room because there was just such a huge selection, and any of them would have been ideal in terms of style an comfort. I just wished that the rest of the office was being remodeled so we could have more modern and contemporary furniture throughout the office! I seriously considered having one of the meeting pods inside the break room too but the space one would have taken up could fit two more tables. But I will be looking into getting one for the office!. You go to showrooms for the experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one! But ultimately I went to pick furniture and without a shadow of a doubt visiting helped the process immensely! "  
Jeffrey Horner  
 Visit Humanscale Ergonomic Office Furniture & Accessories Showroom - London
   It is a Fantastic Showroom and Humanscale have a Wonderful Selection!  
  "We got an extension on the side of our office ages ago and we got just enough room for two new meeting rooms and some extra office space for more desks and a bit of storage. We sorted all of the new furniture with humanscale, and after a while the interiors of the extension and the original office were not flowing nicely and didn't look that well together. So in lieu of replacing the new extension furniture, we decided to re-furnish the original office! We decided to go with humanscale again because we had a great experience last time! Unfortunately I was not able to go to the showroom when we furnished the extension, but I made an appointment this time and I definitely was not disappointed! It is a fantastic showroom and humanscale have a wonderful selection, we weren't short for options that's for sure! We decided on and ordered all of the furniture on the day! My favourite thing is probably the standing desk I got for my office! It is really cool, a great space saver and makes for a much more active work place! A great showroom with great furniture!"  
Michael Langdon  
Visit Interface Commercial Flooring Showroom - London
   I Really Enjoyed Going to the Showroom and Seeing the Range of Flooring!  
  "Before going ahead with any furniture in the new office I wanted to get the flooring and walls finalised. A friend recommended Interface to me for the flooring so I was browsing online and the great photos on this page definitely helped sell it to me! But I really wanted to go and see the flooring for myself so I made an appointment to go and see the showroom. I am really glad I went because I was able to see how the floors looked not just with my own eyes but alongside furniture of a similar style that I had in mind for the office. When I eventually got to go I was extremely impressed! I have visited a lot of showrooms looking for furniture for the office, and this is one of the best ones I have been to. It has the perfect balance between showroom and making you feel like you are in an individual space. That really helped me in visualising how the flooring would look in our office with the furniture I had in mind. I put a lot of thought into the flooring, maybe more than necessary, but I wanted it to be perfect. I went with a simple grey pattern carpet with blue undertones for the main office floor and the meeting room (along with a few accents of a different pattern for seating areas and the top, bottom and sides of the office). For the individual offices I was a bit more adventurous choosing another blue pattern but it was different and very stylish. I really enjoyed going to the showroom and seeing the range of flooring. Without a doubt it was a central part of the process of designing our new office!"  
Oliver Danton  
Visit JDD Modern Design Furniture Showroom - Birmingham
    Visiting the JDD Showroom was a Great Experience!  
"I have visited quite a few showrooms in my time, and this JDD showroom was one of the best. The showroom is quite big, and yet every corner is filled with furniture on display. I manage a hotel and we were doing up the whole lobby and restaurant so they would be more modern. Knowing nothing about restaurants, I decided to make the lobby my main focus. Our hotel would definitely be popular with business people, not just for rooms, but for meetings too. Seeing the acoustic meeting pods and how popular they are, I decided to have a designated informal meeting section of our lobby (which was quite private anyway). And that has become a huge feature of our lobby now. The sheer selection of seating available in the meeting pod design at the showroom was fantastic. The showroom was very useful for picking furniture, but it also helped me get some inspiration for the design of the new walls and flooring too. The whole showroom flows very well, but there are different themes and colour schemes throughout. Whenever I knew there was a piece of furniture I would be choosing for the lobby I made a mental note of the rest of the area just in terms of theme and colours, and that absolutely helped me with designing the rest of the lobby. Now it looks great! Obviously I was mainly picking seating and tables for the lobby, but seeing some of the office furniture definitely made me wish we were doing up the conference rooms too! Especially the office setting that is pictured here too with all of the green and the white pods on the ceiling. A really innovative design, and even cooler to see in person. Visiting the JDD showroom was a great experience! "
William Carver  
Visit Lee & Plumpton Bespoke, Modern Office Furniture Showroom - London
   I Would Absolutely Recommend Going to the Showroom!  
"The thing that got me very interested in visiting the Lee & Plumpton showroom was that all the pictures of furniture I had seen were exactly my style, modern and minimalist. Many office furniture is now over the top and comes in every colour under the sun, but I wanted my office to have a clean and simple design. I am very happy that I choose to visit the Lee & Plumpton showroom, it made my decisions very easy when I saw the furniture in person. The showroom was very tasteful, and it was a great experience to visit it. I had an idea of what I wanted but I didn't decide on any particular colour or theme until I went. After seeing the whole selection in the showroom I decided to stick with lighter colours, I sat on a white mesh office chair to try it for comfort and I loved it. I saw a fabulous desk in the showroom but I wanted it to be a bit bigger as my office had a lot of space to fill, so I got the desk manufactured in a bigger size and I changed the colour of the wood just to add a more executive touch to the desk and office. I got a white storage unit for the office too, it looks fantastic in the office now with everything in it, all my binders and files, a lovely fittonia plant on one of the surfaces, it really looks the part! I am really happy with my visit to the showroom, the service with both Lee & Plumpton and Huntoffice was excellent. I would absolutely recommend going to the showroom, even just to have a browse!"
Gavin Ripley  
Visit Orangebox Office Furniture Showroom - London
  I Would Absolutely Recommend Going to the Showroom!  
"I had a fairly simple space to furnish, we just needed new soft seating for our reception area. We had re-furnished the whole office a few months ago but the reception seating was irreparably damaged. Orangebox had a fantastic range and most of it matched the style of the furniture already in the office. I chose the seating called 'Vale'. The unit was an ideal size and I went with the green upholstery over the grey as it went much better with the reception area and the office as a whole! But the decision was not easy, as the selection was so expansive. I am really happy with the seating, it looks great in the reception area. I would absolutely recommend going to the showroom, it was a fantastic experience and certainly helped me with making my decision about the seating! "
Laura Dean  
Visit PSI Office Seating Showroom - Blackburn
  I'm Very Impressed with the Showroom Overall!  
"I really wanted modern furniture for my office, but so many furniture companies and showrooms are not my style. Many of them are too over the top for me, as I really like a more minimalist style. I was browsing all of the showrooms on the site, and came across the PSI showroom. I was really impressed by the pictures, they are mostly my style and exactly what I was looking for. Its only a pity that PSI specialise in seating! I was also very relieved to see that the showroom was in Blackburn, as I am quite far from London. The trip still took a few hours but it was definitely worth it! I found amazing seating for the reception area, and the break room. And of course, there was a brilliant selection of office/desk chairs. I went with a white chair with a simple design for my own office and I also chose a few designs for the rest of the office and the boardroom. The office is still being painted and the floors are going in, so it will be a few weeks before I get to see the finished product. But, I can see it all coming together and the furniture I chose from the PSI showroom is an essential piece of it all! I'm very impressed with the showroom overall, I just really wish that they had more of a variety in terms of the type of furniture they do! I wanted my whole office fitted out with PSI furniture! "