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• Computer mouse together with keyboard are the standard pointing devices used with desktop computers as well as with laptops. There is a great range of computer mouse available on the market and it might be worth what properties to look at when buying one. 

• Wired or wireless – this is the most prominent difference between types of computer mouse and it is mostly related to comfort of use rather than performance. Wired computer mouse are usually cheaper than wireless but most of them are fairly basic in terms of features they incorporate and they also give you some limitation with movement of the device and therefore they work best with desktop computers. Simple wired computer mouse are a smart choice for office and business environments where they are used for general computer tasks. 

• Wireless mouse technology has become extremely popular over the last few years and currently you can buy a good wireless computer mouse for a very reasonable price. The main benefit of using such mouse is definitely the mobility and lack of messy cabling. Wireless mouse typically use radio frequency to communicate with the computer and some mouse can be connected to a computer via Bluetooh both of which deliver hassle free operating without any interference. The distance between the mouse and the receiver in which wireless mouse can operate is set between 5 and 10m depending on the model. 

• Optical or laser – optical computer mouse use light emitting diodes to detect the movement of the mouse and reflect it on the computer screen. Such technology is much more precise than one used in mechanical mouse. Laser computer mouse use infrared laser diode to illuminate the surface which provides more surface tracking power and even more precision than standard optical mouse. Laser computer mouse are handy wherever there is a need for extremely precise pointing, for example in graphic tasks or gaming. 

• Buttons – as a standard almost any computer mouse has two buttons on the top front of the mouse, left hand button is used for standard functions such as clicking or highlighting while the right hand side button allows to utilise functions that are available with the software that you are using. Another feature that has become a standard in modern computer mouse is the scrolling wheel which allows you to scan through websites or documents without the need of moving the mouse itself. Some models are equipped with additional buttons of the side of a computer mouse and they are usually back/forward buttons for web browsers. All the buttons can actually be customized using special software so that the user can assign the functions to the buttons that they find the most useful for their purposes. 

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Alan Roche   
about Hama Roma Mouse Optical Wireless 6 Button 1600dpi Black Ref 00053879
   hand really well   
  "I bought this optical mouse for my son for gaming as I thought it will fit in hand really well. To be honest I was right it was well spent money. The mouse is lightweight and it works on almost all surfaces. There are no more problems with buying dozen of batteries because it is energy saving and rechargeable batteries do the job really well. I am happy with my purchase. Thanks huntoffice!"  
 J Jackson Settle   
about Hama AM-5200 Wired Mouse USB Optical
   next day delivery   
  "All the office staff got new computers recently and because they were so up to date, they each had the touch pads instead of a mouse. Some of us took our old mouse, or is it mice, from the computers before they were replaced and used them, others were not that clever so we had to buy some new ones. We bought these hama three button scrolling mouse/mice from hunt office. They were so much cheaper than any of the rest and we also got next day delivery so we did not have to worry about the touch pads for too long. Mouses or mice, that is the question?"  
about Hama AM-7200 Wireless Optical Mouse
  "I was looking for a cheap wireless mouse and I never knew that hama makes them (I used their cables and other computer accessories in the past). Quality is similar to logitech but the price is much cheaper."  

 Pat Enright   
about Logitech M705 - Mouse - right-handed - laser - wireless - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver - silver
   Very good quality   
  "Very good quality mouse. Nice size and comfortable to use. Battery lasts very long, very impressed. "  
 Niomi Butler   
 Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 - Mouse - wireless - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver
   I am happy   
  "Overall I am happy with the initial performance of the mouse, but it has given me a few problems the longer I have had it."  
 Tadhg O'Connel   
about  Logitech M185 - Mouse - optical - wireless - 2.4 GHz - USB wireless receiver - grey
  "This Logitech wireless mouse is good if you work away from your computer or laptop or you don"  
about Logitech M100 Mouse USB Wired Optical 1000dpi Black 910-005003
   great prices    
  "great prices of usb optical mouse in very handy ambidextrous shape. easy to set up."  
about Microsoft 4500 Comfort Optical Mouse, 5 Buttons, 1000dpi, USB, Black
   Like this mouse   
  "Like this mouse very much, Microsoft is such a good brand, this mouse is very firm and the performance is very smooth. "  
 Suan Daly   
about Kensington Optical Mouse In A Box K72356EU
   nice and reliable product   
  "Kingston optical mouse is a nice and reliable product for any use. The mouse has a scroll wheel with a third mouse button it has an attractive price and its very reliable. Highly recommended product if you want a good and reliable mouse for a cheap price."  
 Charlotte Parks   
about Kensington Optical Mouse In A Box K72356EU
   Very cheap mouse   
  "Very cheap mouse worth the price, left and right click work good I only had to adjust the mouse speed because it was too fast."