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Need bookcases for the office or home? Nowadays office bookcases are used for much more than books – they are often used in the office for holding lever arch files as well as magazines, files, folders and in the home for a multitude of purposes such as storing DVDs, CDs, frames and virtually any small household item. They give easy access to books etc on their shelves. Choose from our range of bookcase sizes from desk high up to our tall bookcases which are over a meter and a half tall. Our bookcases have a choice of finishes including oak, beech, maple and cherry.

Before deciding on a bookcase:

• Choose a place for your bookcase, decide if you want free standing, wall-mounted, an addition to a desk etc.
• Make sure you have enough space, measure height, width and depth.
• If near a doorway or entrance ensure it won’t be blocking traffic in and out.
• Choose the correct material and design to suit the décor of the room.
• If you will be storing books and items of varying sizes then a bookcase with adjustable shelving may be more suitable for you as you can adjust the shelves to suit your needs.

More about the Bookcases available here:

Desk High Bookcases Up to 800mm – Desk high bookcases are most suitable for small offices looking to increase storage or even worktop space because the bookcases are desk high size they can be added onto the end of any desk. The bookcases in this section would also be suitable for use as free standing units.

Small Bookcases Up to 1090mm – The bookcases in this section are perfect if you want to make the most of every little space in either your office or anywhere in your home. They are ideal for small rooms as they can be wall mounted also.

Medium Bookcases Up to 1400mm – If you’re looking for a bit more storage our range of medium bookcases would be more suited. These units are free standing so can be placed flat against the wall.

Tall Bookcases 1600mm and Up – Tall bookcases are an attractive addition to large rooms and creates maximum storage for books, picture frames, office files and other items.

We also provide a range of extra shelves and modular storage which can be added to existing bookcases to cater for your growing collection and make the most of the bookcase you have. We supply top quality bookcases from manufacturers such as Sonix, Avior, Cappela, Medici, Trexus and Adroit.