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Here's what our customers are saying...

Valerie Dublin  
Trodat Professional TVC5460 Rubber Stamps Bespoke Line Dater Stamp Self-Inking 4mm Date 55x32mm Text Area Ref 156326
  Quick Delivery!  
  "Great simple to use stamp, i had one of these for years but it disappeared from my desk so i ordered a new one. Quick delivery arrived with a few days "  
Trish Hunstanton    
Blue Endorsing Stamp Ink 28ml 5 Star
  Great Price!  
  "I buy this little bottle of blue endorsing ink from 5 star every month. All of the drawings that are created in-house have to identified with product details and the stamp I use has to be in blue ink to distinguish it between a copied drawing and an original print. I find that I go through quite a lot of ink each month and this 5 star blue endorsing ink is really great value. It comes in red, black blue and green. We also use the other colours but mostly the blue. It is the cheapest I have purchased and i find in some cases its half the cost."  
Denise O'Connor  
Black Endorsing Stamp Ink 28ml 5 Star   
  Great Black Ink!   
  "Every office needs the 5 Star Endorsing Ink Black 28ml, goes a long way and doesnt seem to dry up."  
Jean Marsh    
Black Endorsing Stamp Ink 28ml 5 Star
  "This 5 Star Office stamp ink is only half the price of the Dormy brand so I will be buying this in future. It dries just as quickly as the Dormy stamp ink and that was my main worry when I was getting it. It is definitely one of the products that you will love"  
Red Endorsing Stamp Ink 28ml 5 Star
  Great Price!  
  "Endorsing Red Ink at very low price 28ml bottle. easy to use and compatible For use with item 002281. thanks"  
Brian Harris    
5 Star Custom 4 Lines Self-Inking Imprinter Stamp 40x15mm
  Brilliant Stamp!   
  "The self-inking imprinter is brilliant as I do write a lot of business letters and it saves me signing my name to them as I can use this. Fantastic that with hunt office I could get it custom made to my own liking. Thanks guys"  
Melanie W    
Trodat Printy VC 4912 Custom Stamp Up to 5 lines 47 x 17mm Voucher Card
  Great Product!   
  "We need a custom stamp with our company details. This trodat custom stamp was just what we needed as the 5 lines gives us enough room to fit in our company details. I was able to detail exactly what we needed customised and they send off the stamp and voucher and it was returned exactly as we had ordered. I had got a quote for a stamp to be made up however it was so expensive and the Trodat Printy custom stamp was a much cheaper alternative with the same results."  
Padraig L  
5 Star Custom 6 Lines Self-Inking Imprinter Stamp 59x24mm
  Brilliant Quality!   
  "Im a secondary school teacher and this product is a huge asset to me, it saves me a lot of time grading tests and other tasks that are usually very time consuming and monotonous. Its self inking and you can add your own custom text ,you cant go wrong, its brilliant! 5 stars!!!"  
Jolly Holly    
Red Endorsing Stamp Ink 28ml 5 Star
  Great Ink!   
  "Very handy little bottle of endorsing Red ink form huntoffice. Pour away and stamp away, the 28ml size is plenty for me because we do use constantly through the month"