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Upgrade your monitor experience with our curated selection of anti-glare screens and privacy protectors. Say goodbye to unwanted glare and safeguard your screen from prying eyes. Explore our collection below.

Anti-Glare Screens for Monitors

Enhance the clarity of your display with our anti-glare screens designed specifically for monitors. Minimize reflections and reduce eye strain, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience in various lighting conditions. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your monitor.

Anti-Glare Computer Screens

Transform your computer setup with our anti-glare computer screens. These screens are crafted to provide a matte finish, reducing glare and reflections. Whether you're working, gaming, or streaming, our anti-glare solutions offer visual clarity without compromising on quality.

Privacy Screen Protectors

Protect your sensitive information with our privacy screen protectors. These specialized protectors limit the viewing angle, preventing onlookers from seeing your screen content. Ideal for open workspaces, coffee shops, or anywhere privacy is a priority.

At HuntOffice, we prioritize the visual comfort and privacy of our customers. Our anti-glare screens and privacy protectors are designed to deliver optimal performance while keeping your information secure. Elevate your screen experience – explore our collection today!


Here's what our customers are saying...

 Hilton Mcreynolds   
about Targus Privacy Screen 24" Widescreen (16:9) - Display privacy filter - 24" wide - transparent - for Dell ST2420L; Professional P2412H, P2412H-HF, ST2420L
   I highly recommend it to anyone.   
  "I bought this 3m privacy filter 24 inch widescreen and I have to say that this product is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone. Excellent product for a great price."  
about Laptop Privacy Screen Filter TFT LCD 19in 3M PF19
   Very good quality!    
  "Privacy Filter and keep my on-screen data strictly confidential. Very good quality. "  
 Kelly Divine   
about   Privacy Screen Protection Filter 24 inch Anti-glare 3M PF324W
   Highly recommend it !   
  "I have an internet caf. Highly recommend it.  "  
about 3M PF322W Privacy Screen Filter Anti-Glare Widescreen LCD 22"
   Works brilliantly!   
  "This privacy filter works brilliantly. I'd tried other products like this in the past but they all seemed to distort the image on screen somewhat, blurring small text etc but I haven't had this problem with this screen. It allows you to see clearly when directly in front of the screen but people looking in from the side see nothing!"  
about  3M Frameless Anti-Glare Filter for Desktops 19in Widescreen 16:10 AG19.0W
   I would recommend it for the quality.   
   "This screen filter works great. My computer is right by a window in the office, and for some reason there is no blinds on it. The light doesn't fall directly on the screen but there was still a fairly bad glare from it. When I put this on the screen it was much better and I could finally concentrate. I once even resorted to wearing sunglasses so that I could see the screen! Although it does work well I wasn't too sure about buying it because of the price. It was worth it to me though, and I would recommend it for the quality."