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We stock an extensive range of plastic storage boxes. When purchasing plastic storage boxes, it is important to note that the size of the box will relate directly to the litre capacity. The more litres the box will hold, the bigger the plastic storage box will be. Plastic storage box sizes include 5-20L, 21-40L, 41-70L and 71L & Over. Plastic storage boxes can also be purchased with or without wheels.

Really Useful Boxes, Strata, Trexus - Storage Boxes Brands

At HuntOffice, we stock a wide range of quality storage boxes that are manufactured by brand leaders such as Strata, Really Useful, Trexus, Barton and much more. They are a cheap storage solution which is guaranteed to last for many years. These boxes are ideal for both domestic and office use as they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. For the home, plastic storage boxes can be used to store children’s toys, books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, food items etc. In the office, plastic storage boxes can be used for storing and archiving files, documents, office stationery, etc.

Storage Boxes Ireland - What to consider

When choosing a suitable type of storage box, its worth knowing that plastic storage boxes have a number of advantages over wooden or metal boxes. Firstly, plastic storage boxes are lighter and can cost significantly less than the alternatives. Their lighter design makes them easier to transport from one room to another, even when full. The majority of plastic storage boxes are also stackable so provide a great storage option when you are limited by the amount of space available in a room.

Secondly, plastic storage boxes can also be kept in attics, basements and garages without the fear that the box will get damaged by damp and dirt. When placed in damp conditions, metal boxes can be susceptible to rust, while wooden boxes may begin to rot after a period of time. Typically, there is little or no maintenance of the box when you choose plastic storage boxes over wooden or metal alternatives. 

Plastic Storage Boxes Ireland - A range of options

As well as our standard plastic boxes, we offer a variety of types of plastic storage boxes for your different needs.

We offer plastic boxes with lids, mobile storage tower boxes, wheeled crates, plastic trays or stackable boxes for smaller carries

Beyond plastic boxes, we also offer storage units and racks that are suitable for heavy duty environments, here are some examples of storage units & racks:

Browse our selection of plastic storage boxes, storage units & racks, sort your home or office and admire a job well done.


Here's what our customers are saying...

 Strata Storemaster Maxi Crate Red 32 Litres
  They're Really Strong and can be Stacked Together!  
  "I work in a creche so we need to have plenty of storage for toys etc., and these boxes are perfect! They're really strong, hold a lot of items and you can buy lids for them too and then stack them on top of eachother or put them on a shelf so they really help free up a lot of space! The crates come in a few different colours too so it helps us keep the place looking bright and fun for the kids :-)"  
 Strata Storemaster Maxi Crate Translucent 32 Litres
   I'm Very Happy with Them!  
  "Bought 2 of these crates from you recently and I'm very happy with them. They're quite large, made of very strong plastic and are easy to transport. Can also be stacked on top of eachother when not being used to save space"  
Jacky Long  
 Strata Storemaster Maxi Crate Translucent 32 Litres
  Great Quality!  
  "Great quality Strata Storemaster 32L storage box. Very handy to have at office or at home. And it is a really low price! Thanks huntoffice"  
Mary Scanlon Solicitor  
 Filing Box Plastic 19 Litre with 10 A4 Suspension Files Really Useful
    I Would Recommend Them for Office and Home use as Well!  
  "Brilliant item for carrying files from office to court and clients. This Really Useful Suspension Filing Box with 10 files A4 is ideal for any office which deals with a lot of papers. I would recommend them for office and home use as well."  
Alwin Crawford  
 Filing Box Plastic 19 Litre with 10 A4 Suspension Files Really Useful
   Fantastic Product and Really Sturdy!  
  "Having a really useful storage box at home already I was familiar with the brand and originally was going to order one of those for the office until I discovered this A4 filing box. Fantastic idea and really sturdy. The box comes complete with 10 suspension files but there's room for more if needed. It is a 19 litre box so its's compact enough to store conveniently under my desk, but it's also sturdy enough to be stacked. I may purchase another filing box as I'm running out of space in this one."  
Bridie in Limerick  
 Filing Box Plastic 24 Litre with 10 Foolscap Suspension Files Really Useful
   Brilliant Product!  
  "Looked online at many storage boxes as we did not want to order cheap boxes that wontr last long. We found Huntoffice have a great range and we bought these Really Useful Plastic Supension File Box and they had 10 suspension files A4 included. brilliant"  
 5 Litre Plastic Storage Box Stackable Clear Pack 3 Really Useful
  Great Product and i am Really Happy with the Durability of the Boxes!  
  "I was looking for a decent strong storage box when I came across these and I have to say the name got me! They definitely are really useful as stated! It also states that it's strong enough to support an adults weight, while they are very strong I can't confirm this as I haven't tried standing on them to see if it's true! What I can say is that it has been dropped accidentally outside while I was moving and it survived the fall with the lid still on and the contents intact. Love the range, so many sizes to choose from. I've since ordered a few more of these and I'm using them to store CD's which I don't use anymore as I have all of them copied onto my computer. It's up in the attic at the moment where there is a lot of dust but because there is a lid that clips on, it keeps the contents safe, dry and dust free. The other stackable storage boxes I have in the spare room storing old photographs and important documents that I want kept safe and in top condition. The transparency of the box means I don't have to go looking through lots of boxes to find what I want, I can see straight away which makes it very handy and saves me lots of time. These are definitely some of the better quality storage boxes I've tried. If you're looking for something that's more than just a box to keep items, something that will keep valued possessions safe for years to come then go for these ones you will not be disappointed."  
Courier company  
 5 Litre Plastic Storage Box Stackable Clear Pack 3 Really Useful
  Great Quality!  
  "We carry alot of heavy duty items as a courier company all over the country and find Huntoffice have a great range of storage boxes that suit our needs. We had been using the card board 5 star range, but these are not as strong and effective as these really usefull storage boxes."  
 Really Useful 50 Litre Stackable Storage Box Black Recycled Plastic
  They are very Strong, very Safe and Stackable!  
  "delighted with the really useful stackable storage Box Plastic 50 Litres size. I use them to carry my DJ equipment as they are very strong, very safe and stackable."  
Plastic Stackable Storage Box with Lid 35 Litre Clear 5 Star
  Great Product!  
  "These are the best boxes I have ever bought. Value for money and easily adaptable to any kind of requirement you have. I have these 35 Litre clear boxes in my attic storing the Christmas decorations. I have them in the Outside Shed storing my Garden Equipment. I have one under the stairs and I have one in my dressing room with a few pairs of shoes. The best thing about these Stackable Storage Boxes is that they are clear and that you do not have to be opening them up to see the contents. You just have to come up with the next use for them."