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Plantronics Black EncorePro HW720 Customer Service Headset Binaural 78714-02

Plantronics Black EncorePro HW720 Customer Service Headset …

RRP: €211.09
€124.95 ex vat
€153.69 inc vat
Plantronics CS540 Lightweight (21g) Wireless Headset, Range up to 120metres, 7 hours talktime, Energy Saving Feature

Plantronics CS540 Lightweight (21g) Wireless Headset, Range …

RRP: €288.55
€199.99 ex vat
€245.99 inc vat
Plantronics Savi W740-M Wireless DECT Headset System 84001-12 - Wireless black mobile headset - Certified for Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync applications

Plantronics Savi W740-M Wireless DECT Headset System 84001-12 …

RRP: €427.38
€299.50 ex vat
€368.39 inc vat
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Need a telephone headset, Bluetooth headset or computer headset? Telephone headsets allow for convenient, hands-free telephone conversations and are the best solution for anyone who is working in phone customer support, telesales, etc. Our assortment here on includes monaural and binaural headsets so that you can choose the type that is the most comfortable to use. Check out our online range of headsets available at discounted prices. We supply a selection of headsets including cordless from a variety of brands such as Plantronics, Doro, Alphacom, BT etc.

Benefits of using Telephone Headsets:

If you spend a considerable amount of time on the phone each day, you can benefit greatly from using a telephone headset. Some of these benefits include:

  • Ergonomic – Many office based employees experience back and neck pain at one point or another, this can be due to poor posture caused by a number of factors including incorrect seating, monitor viewing angle and holding the telephone between the ear and shoulder. Posture can be improved significantly by simply using a telephone headset.
  • Productivity – With the hands-free benefit while using a telephone headset, you have the ability to perform multiple tasks at once. This will allow you complete your daily jobs more quickly and easily, freeing up more of your valuable time.
  • Customer experience – Using telephone headsets can also greatly improve the customers experience with your company for many reasons. First of all, with hands-free, the operator is free to type and even retrieve a file without interrupting or having to put the customer on hold. Secondly, many telephone headsets now have noise cancelling microphones, helping to improve clarity even in busy office environments. Not only does this improve the perception and professionalism of the company but it will also reduce call time, saving the customer money and generating more revenue for the business.

Types of Telephone Headsets:

  • Cord / Wired Telephone Headsets – This is the more traditional type of headset and is plugged into the phone to replace the handset. As wired telephone headsets are attached to the phone, this type of headset would be more suitable in areas that doesn’t require a lot of movement, such as customer service or telesales operators who spend the majority of their day on the phone and in front of the computer. 
  • Cordless / Wireless Telephone Headsets – As the name suggests, cordless or wireless telephone headsets are not physically attached by wires which allows for more freedom of movement. Wireless telephone headsets are particularly useful in large organisations and often call centres, where it is necessary to move around while on the phone to clients or customers.
  • Monaural / Binaural Telephone Headsets – Monaural headsets have one earpiece and binaural headsets have two. Monaural and binaural headsets suit different types of environment. Monaural telephone headsets are commonly found in call centres and busy office environments and are suitable for operators that need to hear what’s going on around them while still maintaining contact on the phone. Binaural telephone headsets, on the other hand, with two headphone earpieces, offer full coverage, better sound, allowing the operator to fully engage in conversation and drowning out any noises which may be distracting when on the phone. Binaural headsets are also commonly used for gaming as well as busy office environments. 

Here's what our customers are saying...

Jabra Voice 550 USB NC Mono Corded Padded Headset Ref 45125
  Very useful for my work.  
  "i found this product invaluable to my standard working day. in the office, work consists of taking calls and i wanted a comfy clear sounding headphones but also a precise microphone that will pick out only my voice. this product does exactly this and is very useful for my work."  
Shanika Guptill  

Jabra Voice 550 USB NC Mono Corded Padded Headset Ref 45125
  They are very comfortable.  
  "I needed headset because I work in a busy environment. I decided to get these Jabra voice 550 usb nc mono corded padded headset and I have to say that they are amazing. They are very comfortable and the mic is excellent. Very happy with what I bought thank you Hunt Office."  
 Jabra Voice 550 USB UC Duo Padded Headset 45123
  Very high quality!  
  "I manage a call centre and we recently upgraded all of our headsets to these and I've had nothing but good reports on them! I use one myself and I found it so comfortable, it fits on my head and isn't too tight and the earpieces are padded well so it doesn't irritate me even when I've had it on for hours. The sound quality on the earpieces is brilliant too and the microphones also produce a very high quality sound at the other end."  


Plantronics HW261/A SupraPlus Telephone Headset Wired Binaural
  Brilliant headset  
  "Brilliant headset. Does exactly as described on the description. Cancels out all noises in the back round and also the sound while speaking is excellent quality. Cheap for the brilliant standered"  
Chris Radford  
 Plantronics HW251N Supraplus Wideband Monaural Headset
  Crystal clear sound on both ends  
  "Crystal clear sound on both ends, simple setup, discreet design and amazing value. Will definitely be recommending to friends."  
Clemente Daughtery  
 Plantronics CS540 Lightweight (21g) Wireless Headset, Range up to 120metres, 7 hours talktime, Energy Saving Feature
   I'm so happy!  
  "I bought this plantronics cs540 lightweight headset and I'm so happy with this decision. You don"  
Plantronics CS540 Headset & Lifter Set DECT Wireless Solution for Deskphones
   I can recommend this for sure.  
  "Cheaper versions are available for this which unfortunately I bought before I found the Plantronics brand. Having tried several brands I can recommend this for sure."  
Patience Shuler  
 Plantronics HW251H Hard of Hearing Headset Wired Monaural
  Excellent headset!  
  "Plantronics hw251h hard of hearing headset wired monaural - they are an excellent headset for any office use to talk to customers on the phone. Or just having a great conversation on the phone. I recommend this product to anyone that has the need to talk to the customers."  
Jodie Wilson  
 Jabra PRO 9450 Duo Wireless Headset Ref 9450-29-707-102
  Is brilliant for our office to communicate.  
  "What we love about this Jabra PRO 9450 is the Multi unit conference call option is brilliant for our office to communicate. also, the noise cancelling microphone and the 150 meter wireless range is superb. thanks"  
Aengus Joyce  

Jabra Pro 920 Cordless Headset
  Finding product on hunts was easy.  
  " Noise cancelling is probably the best thing on this microphone 120 m/325ft away from the desk is also handy. Delivery was great. Finding product on hunts was easy. "