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• Whiteboards which are also often called dry-wipe boards, dryboards or drywipe boards have become one of the most popular presentation equipment which is commonly used within offices, conference rooms, schools, colleges and other professional environments. Whiteboards are very similar to chalkboards in their uses as they allow temporary writing and drawing on their surface. There are few main advantages of whiteboards, one of which is the variety of colours that can be used when compared to a blackboard, and the simplicity of their drywipe nature.

• Depending on your needs and requirements you can choose from different types of surfaces used in whiteboards. For low volume and home use you might choose a melamine whiteboard which is fairly inexpensive and can be found in a lot of smaller sizes. If you require a more robust and suitable for heavier use whiteboard you might pick a painted steel or aluminium surface whiteboard. Such whiteboards deliver great dry erase properties and some allow using permanent markers as such markings can be wiped clean as well. The most advanced and durable type of whiteboard is an enamel whiteboard – these whiteboards are ideal for heavy everyday use as they are scratch and chip-resistant as well as very easy to clean. Enamel whiteboards are typically more expensive than other types of whiteboards but their performance and lifespan are the best available especially for frequent use. 

• Whiteboards are available in a wide selection of sizes ranging from compact A4 or A3 which are handy to use at home or a small office to large format whiteboards that can be over 2m wide and 1,2m high. You can find dozens of sizes that are set between these smallest and largest whiteboards which allows finding a whiteboard which will exactly fit the available space. 

• One of the properties that are worth deciding on when looking for a whiteboard is whether we need a magnetic surface or a non-magnetic surface. Most whiteboards do come with a magnetic surface which allows the user to attach printed documents, drawings, photos etc. that can be helpful when having a presentation or a training session. Non-magnetic surfaces can usually be found in cheap basic whiteboards. 

• When writing or drawing on a whiteboard you should only use whiteboard markers as they use a special type of ink which allows easy removal and doesn’t leave any marks. If it happens that a permanent marker is used to write on a whiteboard surface there are several ways to remove it: in some cases it might only require to over write such markings with a whiteboard marker and dry wipe it as usual; if this doesn’t work there are several types of sprays and wipes that contain alcohol or a similar active substance that will allow removing permanent ink. 

• Whiteboards can also be used as projector screens for overhead or multimedia projectors when necessary. The less glossy the whiteboard surface the better image quality will be achieved from projection. But at the same time matt or semi-matt whiteboards are a bit more difficult to clean. 

• Hunt Office Ireland only provides high quality whiteboards from industry leaders, such as Nobo and Franken. We stock quality whiteboards that are available across a range of budgets, including economy whiteboards from 5 Star. We deliver to all counties in Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Magnetic Whiteboards

HuntOffice Ireland stock a wide range of magnetic whiteboards from several well known brands, in many different shapes and sizes. Magnetic whiteboards are a key tool in almost every school or office in Ireland, helping to teach lessons, run workshops or build ideas. Magnetic whiteboards can be used professionally or personally, keeping yourself organised, planning, designing and much more.

With their magnetic surface and dry wipe capabilities, magnetic whiteboards are the ideal cost-effective solution for all whiteboard needs.





Here's what our customers are saying...

Harold Thompson  
Magnetic Whiteboard 1800 x 1200mm 5 Star
  Quick Delivery!  
  "5 star whiteboard is absolutely great product and price comparison definitely makes it worth it. Arrived quickly with good quality packaging and in great condition."  
Whiteboard Lightweight 900 x 600mm 5 Star
  Superb Quality Whiteboard!  
  "I bought this drywipe board a few months ago for my bedroom when I started college. It's a nice size, big enough to write my timetable and other various important notes while not being too big that it takes up too much room. I admit it was a bit of a struggle to fix it to the wall but with a help from one of my housemates we managed to hang it eventually. Superb quality for what I paid for it. I've had my timetable written in the corner for the past few months which is still there while other notes that have been left for a few weeks at a time were wiped off easily without leaving a mark."  
Steve Evans  
Whiteboard Lightweight 1200 x 900mm 5 Star – Wall-Mountable, Accessory Kit, Non-Magnetic, Graphite Frame, Home Or Office, Drywipe & Wall Fixing Method (296980)  
  Nice Whiteboard!   
  "I ordered this drywipe board for home use not realising how big it was! Needless to say I got a bit of a shock when it arrived on my doorstep the following day. I'm not complaining of course as it arrived quickly and in perfect condition, I just needed to make a bit more space on the wall I intended hanging it on. It came with wall fixings and I managed to hang it without any problem. There is a pen tray included also but I don't really use it to be honest. Nice whiteboard to write on and wipes clean easily. I have no problem recommending the brand 5 star or huntoffice I'm very happy with my purchase."  
Tom Cronin     
Whiteboard Lightweight 1200 x 900mm 5 Star – Wall-Mountable, Accessory Kit, Non-Magnetic, Graphite Frame, Home Or Office, Drywipe & Wall Fixing Method (296980)
  Next Day Delivery!  
  "I recently purchased this 5 Star Dry board from Hunt office for my home office. The website has quite a number of dryboards the reason I picked this one as it was in my price range. I am delighted with it. It was so easy to fix it on to my wall. Loved the next day deliver too!"  
Lisa Ryan, Dublin  
Whiteboard Lightweight 900 x 600mm 5 Star
  Great Drywipe Board!  
  "This whiteboard is fairly light as for its size. The surface is non-magnetic but apart from that it is a solid whiteboard and very affordable as well. Ideal for basic classroom or lecture room writing and I even sometimes use it as a screen for a multimedia projector."  
Miranda coleman  
Whiteboard Lightweight 900 x 600mm 5 Star
  Very Good Whiteboard!   
  "I was looking for a good affordable whiteboard now for quite a while as I teach evening classes from home. Since I bought this 5 Star Whiteboard by evening students can now learn better from the explanations I give them on the board. Thanks Huntoffice."  
Amber L.  
Quartet Magnetic Drywipe Board Square Tile White Ref 1903802
  Brilliant Little White Board!   
  "Brilliant little white board. You can buy other ones in other colours and the look great next to each other."  
Sigel Artverum High Quality Tempered Glass Magnetic Whiteboard With Fixings 1500 x 1000mm White
  Amazing Board!   
  "This is the first whiteboard I've seen that actually looks amazing in my office! When not being used it looks like part of the design of my office interior. That was a huge plus for me! Other than that, the board functions perfectly, is very easy to write on and keep completely spotless and white regardless of how often it is used. Definitely worth the money"  
Hope Rogers    
Magnetic Whiteboard 1800 x 1200mm 5 Star
  Great Value for Money!  
  "Seems like I have received 2 for the price of 1 as this white board that I write on with markers but can also be used as a notice/memo boad as it is magnetic. It even come with a pen tray. Great value for money"  
Geraldine Cunningham  
Whiteboard Lightweight 900 x 600mm 5 Star 
  Fast Delivery!  
  "I needed a whiteboard for the office, someone wrote on our last drywipe board with permanent marker instead of a whiteboard marker. Ordered this 5 Star Whiteboard and it was delivered by courier the next day. I was really impressed."