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This section of consist of products that either provide wireless solutions for connecting any type of computer to a network and hubs which extend the amount of available USB ports when connecting more devices is required. Below you will find brief and simple presentation of products within this section.

• Wireless routers – these are devices with antennas to which you can connect a DSL internet cable in order to create a wireless network within a building. The range of the wireless access point that is created by a router is limited which might be important when using a router in large spaces – most of routers have a standard range of 100m indoors and 300m outdoors. You can also use router to connect internet to a number of computers through a LAN cable.

• Wireless adaptors – this is a solution for laptops and desktop computers that don’t have a built in wireless adaptor but you want to enable them so that they can be connected to internet through a wireless netwo