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Caught out in the big freeze last year? Take precautions and stock up on our de-icing products to keep your family, co-workers and customers safe this winter. Stop slips and slides using our de-icing salt that can be stored in the salt and grit bins and dispensed using a heavy duty salt shovel. Travelling by car - be safe and use a vehicle de-icing kit to make sure the windows are not frozen.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Tom Slattery  
Handheld Salt Shaker and 2 x Bags of White Salt 5kg (Pack of 1) 389106
  Fairly Robust  
  "Bought this few months back and so far very good. It's lighter than I expected which is great as it holds a lot of grit. It's fairly robust and no issues so far..."
37Kg Contract Salt Spreader
  Strong Salt Spreader   
  "This is strong and can see it lasting us a very long time. Well worth the outlay for the time it will save"  
Finbar Lee  
Hand Salt Spreader/Scoop
  Very Impressed!  
  "This little gadget is ideal for clearing paths and the like and making the area safe. Very impressed"  
James Cregan  
White De-Icing Salt 3-For-2 Offer
  Just Excellent!  
  "This salt is just excellent. helped de-ice our our small car park and make sure our staff were injury free during the big freeze."
Danny O Shea  
Winter Dry Brown Rock Salt 25Kg Pack of 10 383579
  Does What It Says On The Bag!  
  "No complaints great stuff. Arrived well in time. Keeps the place clear for the trucks and lorries "  
White De-Icing Salt 1 Tonne Bag
  Clean To Use  
  "Clean to use leaving no real residue on the ground. . Very happy with this and have been purchasing from Hunt over the past few winters"