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Safety Workwear:

Safety workwear is a paramount consideration in many industries worldwide, and Ireland is no exception. Providing protection against a variety of workplace hazards, safety workwear includes a range of clothing, gear, and accessories designed to keep workers safe and comfortable while on the job. In Ireland, where diverse work environments demand specialized safety clothing, the importance of appropriate safety workwear cannot be overstated.

Safety Clothing Ireland:

Safety clothing in Ireland is tailored to meet the specific needs of various occupations and industries. In this country known for its diverse work landscape, from construction sites to agricultural fields, safety clothing is a vital aspect of ensuring worker well-being. From high-visibility vests for traffic management to flame-resistant coveralls for industrial settings, the safety clothing available in Ireland is meticulously designed to protect workers in the most challenging conditions.

Safety Workwear Ireland:

Ireland's commitment to worker safety is evident in the availability and adoption of safety workwear throughout the country. Safety workwear in Ireland is not only about adhering to regulations but also about safeguarding the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly in a range of professions. Whether it's thermal insulation for fishermen braving cold Atlantic waters or arc-rated garments for electricians, safety workwear in Ireland is a reflection of the nation's dedication to ensuring that workers can perform their duties with confidence and protection.

In order to provide the highest level of quality, there are certain European standards established which apply to certain types of protective clothing, which might be useful to look at when buying protective clothing.
These standards include:

EN ISO 13688
This standard replaces the withdrawn standard EN 340 – this is a general requirements standard for protective clothing which is not used on its own but applies to all specific types of protective clothing regarding:
materials, performance, sizing, labelling, ergonomics,marking etc.

EN 471
This standard applies to high visibility protective clothing in regards to the size of fluorescent and light reflecting materials as well as their performance.
There are 3 classes of reflective areas in high visibility protective clothing:
1 is the minimum level of protection,
2 is intermediate level of protection
3 is the highest level of protection.
The second parameter that describes the quality of light reflecting materials has 2 parameters, with 1 being the basic level and 2 being the highest.
Examples of HiVis items : HiVis Sleeveless and Long Sleeved Vests , HiVis T shirts, HiVis Trousers, HiVis Jackets, HiVis Rain Suite and various HighVis Accessories

EN 343
This standard applies to protective clothing that outlines a minimum level of protection against wet weather conditions such as rain, high humidity, fog, mist, etc with the whole garment construction taken into consideration in addition to the fabrics
This standard deals with 2 parameters which include:
Waterproof level
Breathability of the material.
Both of these parameters are set on a scale 1 – 3,
1 is the basic
2 intermediate
3 is the highest level.

Some of the protective clothing products available on

High Visibility Clothing – this is the type of protective clothing which has reflective properties and a colour which is easily visible on any background.
Such clothing is often fitted with reflective strips which can beseen in dark conditions when a source of light is directed at it – for example with a torch or car headlights.
The way such reflective elements are fitted onto a piece of clothing makes easy to identify pedestrians, cyclist or professionals whose work involves carrying out tasks on side of the roads and motorways.

Eye Protection – this category includes safety glasses and safety spectacles which are made of shatter proof plastic.
Their purpose is to protect eyes from flying dangerous particulates such as wood, metal or debris pieces which can be found in industrial workplaces.
Modern protective eyewear is lightweight and comes in various designs, having additional properties like shatterproof and anti-mist lenses. A lot of protective eyewear comes with UVA and UVB filters and safety spectacles allow using them over prescription eyewear.

Safety Shoes and Boots – we know that a lot of types of business require wearing proper footwear which can provide all the necessary protection.
Our selection of protective footwear includes safety boots and safety shoes in various styles and a full range of sizes. You can choose from a selection of leather Oxford shoes which come with a steel toe and are shock absorbent and resistant to chemicals.
We also provide hygiene shoes which are mostly used in catering and food industry. We also carry safety boots which come with a great level of protection including steel toe and midsole as well as slip resistance.
Our range of protective clothing and work wear also includes: ear protection products such as ear plugs and ear defenders; safety hats, work wear gloves, overalls, lab coats, disposable and respirator masks. All the protective clothing products on our site come from solid brands such as 3M, Beeswift, Kleenguard, Moldex, Portwest, Scott, Sterling and Uvex.