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Does your workplace require you to wear respiratory face masks? Hunt Office Ireland have a wide range of disposable respiratory masks available, all meeting European standards for safety. Our masks filter out dust and liquid particles from the air, and keep your mouth and nose covered, preventing anything entering your lungs. Whether you are painting, cleaning or working with air borne solvents, these respirator masks will keep you and your workforce safe.

Disposable Mask Protection Levels
• FFP1 Particles larger than 5 microns, filters at least 80% of airborne particles
Dusts, Fumes, Aqueous mists, Oils based mists
• FFP2 Particles between 2&5 microns, filters at least 94% of airborne particles
Fine dusts, Fibers, Aqueous mists, Oils based mists
• FFP3 Particles less than 2 microns, filters at least 99% of airborne particles
Very fine dusts, Fibers, Aqueous mists, Oils based mists

Warning: Do Not Use any filtering respirator

* In oxygen deficient atmospheres i.e. less than 19.5% by volume at sea level
* In poorly ventilated areas or in confined spaces
* In atmospheres when the concentration of Toxic Contaminants is unknown or is Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)
* For Fire Fighting, Sand Blasting or for protection against Gas or Vapor contaminants with poor warning properties i.e. odor, taste or irritation
* At concentrations of substance greater than those for which the respirator is marked or permitted by COSHH or other applicable regulations
* Where chemicals are likely to “desorb” In such case, filters must only be used once then immediately discarded

COSHH regulations require that all “filtering” respirators be thoroughly examined at lease once a month (specifically 28 days), if in regular use. For filtering respirators used only occasionally, for short periods, against dusts or fumes of relatively low toxicity, longer intervals between examinations may be suitable, but must not exceed 3 months. The result of these examinations must then be noted on the Maintenance Record Card for the individual’s mask. These records should be kept for a period of five years.



Here's what our customers are saying...

3M 8812 Respirator Mask Valved FFP1 Pack 10
  "Huntoffice This face mask was excellent value for the quality of product."  
Luke McKeown  
Shield Non-Woven 3-Ply Green Disposable Face Mask Pack of 50 DK01GL
  "Very comfortable masks. Tightly secured via your ears. Easy to breath through, but effortlessly slipped down if you're out of breath. Fantastic price and quality for class 1 medical face masks."  
3M 8812 Respirator Mask Valved FFP1 Pack 10
  "I am using respirator every working day, and I have to say 3M respirator valved FFP1 are the best of them all. Really good quality and effective protection against fine dust particles. Thanks HuntOffice"  
Robert Stack, Dublin  
3M 8812 Respirator Mask Valved FFP1 Pack 10
  "Not a bad price for a pack of ten of these 3m respirators. I have compared the prices and this was the best option. Oh, and the delivery is definitely on the positive side of things!"  
carpentry shop  
3M Respirator Mask Valved FFP2 Classification White with Blue Straps 8822 Pack 10
  "a must when dust and paint work is being carried out in our carpentry shop...keeps dust and fumes from being breathed... huntoffice have a great range also on workware items...reliable and effective.."