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Disposable Hot Drink Cups at The Kenco Store

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Kenco 7oz/200ml Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups for Hot Drinks Red (Pack of 800)

Kenco 7oz/200ml Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups for Hot …

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€67.64 inc vat
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Looking for Disposable Hot Drink Cups? Here in HuntOffice you will find a great range of disposable hot drink cups. With many types, capacities and pack sizes to choose from we are sure we disposable hot drink cups to suit everyone.

We sell five of most common types of disposable hot drink cups:

Compostable Cups: Every year over 200 million single-use coffee cups that are not recyclable are used therefore we introduced out compostable disposable hot drink cup range. With many capacities, pack sizes and compostable lids to match we can supply great quality compostable hot drink cups that look great, hold heat and even if they don’t land in a recycling or compost bin they will biodegrade in a few weeks. Available in single or double wall, in sizes from 4oz/125ml to 24oz/709ml.

Single Wal Cups: These cups are made from one layer of think paper and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Unlike double wall cups some heat will bypass through the single wall cup. Single wall disposable hot drink cups are available in many capacities from 8oz/250ml to 12oz/350ml and in many pack sizes from 50 up to 1000 cups. Less Paper is used by the manufacturer to make single wall cups, offering a cost-effective alternative to disposable hot drink cups.

Double Wall Cups: Double insulated cups will keep your beverage hot for longer thanks to another insulating layer, they also minimise heat being transferred onto the hands preventing customers from burning them while holding a beverage in them, they are more durable and most of them are recyclable. Double wall paper disposable hot drink cups come in the most popular sizes 8oz and 12oz with lids to match they are a perfect addition to your canteen.

Ripple Wall Cups: These cups have a ripple outside wall that insulate the cup and keep the beverage temperature higher for longer also preventing the heat to escape and minimise the heat being transferred onto the hands. Ripple wall paper disposable hot drink cups are very similar to double wall cups regarding keeping the drink hot and minimising the head transfer onto your hands. The differences are price and the look that you prefer. Our Ripple wall cups are available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz and pack sizes vary from 25 to 500cups.

Foam Insulated Cups: Styrofoam cups suitable for hot and cold dinks provide a cost-effective solution for serving your beverages. Insulated Polystyrene Styrofoam disposable cups are perfect for serving or sampling hot and cold drinks in outdoor parties and events, barbecues, catering outlets, as they are compact, cost-effective, lightweight and recyclable. They are available in 7oz/200ml or 10oz/300ml in pack sizes that vary from 20 to 1000 cups.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Caterpack Ripple Disposable Hot Drinks Paper Cups 16oz/450ml [Pack of 25]
"We use these in the office and they've never failed us, the 16oz size is perfect and they are great value for money. Will be ordering another 25 pack soon"
Mike Gulliver  
Foam Insulated Disposable Cups 7oz/200ml White for Hot Drinks [Pack of 25]
  "Once a month our schools canteen does free soup at lunch time. It is so popular so we decided to make it more official! We bought these cups for the occasion a few times and they are gret, cheap and insulated, ideal for keeping the soup warm."  
Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups 10oz/296ml with Plastic Lids (Pack of 50)
  "Because we are a busy fuel station on a main motorway, we go through hundreds of these disposable coffee cups with plastic lids on a daily basis. They are strong and sturdy and really cheap compared to others on the market. We always buy from hunt office because they give us a next day delivery. We have to have them."  
Patrick Cremin  
Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups 10oz/296ml with Plastic Lids (Pack of 50)
  "I purchased this Combi pack of Coffee Cup and Drink-through Lids for our office as we have alot of sales team on the road. They now like to make a fresh coffee before they hit the road and drink it in the car from these cups. All of them mentioned how good these were. Will be purchasing again!"  
Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups 10oz/296ml with Plastic Lids (Pack of 50)
  Great product
  "So handy to order cups and perfect fitting lids at once, no hassle, no ytime waste looking for the right lids, truly great product.thanks huntoffice!"  
Anna Marie  
 4Aces 9oz/270ml Swirl Vending Single Wall Disposable Paper Cups for Hot Drinks (Pack of 1000) Red Gold
  "We have a coffee vending machine in our beauty-salons reception-waiting room area and our customers are always impressed with the look of these disposable paper cups. sometimes you are really amazed what big difference such a small thing like lovely looking disposable paper coffee makes. would recommend to every business that is looking for stylish and quality disposable paper coffee vending machine cups.thanks huntoffice!"  
Katie Burka  
Foam Insulated Disposable Hot Drinks Vending Cups 7oz/200ml [Pack of 50]
  "Pack of 50 plastic cups for less than €2 now thats a bargain!"  
Foam Insulated Disposable Hot Drinks Vending Cups 7oz/200ml [Pack of 50]
  Quick delivery
  "Very cheap price for 50 insulated foam vending cups! they are great for hot drinks, insulate the heat of the drink and also the hand from the heat at the same type. Easy to order and very quick delivery service.Thanks Huntoffice"  
Foam Insulated Disposable Hot Drinks Vending Cups 7oz/200ml [Pack of 50]
  "We have these 7 ounce insulated cups at work because all the smokers leave the building for their tea breaks and because they like to take their teas and coffees with them we felt that these 7oz robinson young insulated vending cups were a safer option for everyone."  
Ashling Boyle  
Hot Drink Cafe Disposable Single Wall Paper Cups 12oz/350ml [Pack of 50] R2GO
  "The only cup that didn't burn my hands after filling it with hot tea. They are only a single wall but they do a great job and the price speaks for it self!"