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Here's what our customers are saying...

Niamh Caroll  
 Office Desk Radial Left Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm White Ashford
  Great Quality!  
  "This office desk radial left hand silver legs is a very big desk which can store a lot of documents on it, the cable management hole makes life easier because the cables are in one palce. The cable management hole also makes the desk look nice and neat."  
Office Desk Radial Left Hand Silver Legs W1800xD1200xH725mm Beech Ashford
  Very Nice Product!  
  "I'd looked around for a desk with extra surface space like this for a while as my work requires a lot of printing and laminating so I like to be able to keep my machines all in one place right where I need them, this desk fits my needs perfectly! It provides plenty of space for my computer, monitor, machines and documents and it's also very sturdy and looks great with the combination of silver and beech. So happy with it!"  
Garry, Limerick  
Office Desk Radial Left Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm Beech Ashford
  Love the Service!  
  "Super price for 1600mm wide L-Shaped desk! And it is very strong and decent piece of furniture! And was delivered the next day! Love the service!"  
Zack, Dublin  
Office Desk Radial Left Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm Urban Oak Ashford
   Very Ergonomic and Comfortable to Sit at!  
  "I love this L shaped desk design, it is very ergonomic and comfortable to sit at. Other than that there is nothing special about it - just a great value, good enough quality office desk."  
Klaudio, Galway  
Office Desk Radial Right Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm Beech Ashford
  Would Recommend this Service!  
  "I always thought that the L desk shape is the best - it is very comfortable as a work station and safes a lot of space as you can put it in the corner. In the office you can join them to clusters, creating 4 work spaces at once, you can also combine them with straight formation desks - endless possibilities! The reason i choose this particular radial desk is of course the great price, I always look out for great deals online and always find some great offers at Huntoffice. They always deliver in time and the customer service is very helpful. Would recommend this service!"  
Tod, Galway  
Office Desk Radial Right Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm Urban Oak Ashford
  Super Quality office Furniture here at Huntoffice!  
  "Super quality office furniture here at Huntoffice! I always order and recommend to everyone that needs, as the furniture ranges are very professional and the quality is long lasting, for e.g. this office desk, you really have to see for yourself how well made it is."  
Denise, Ennis  
Radial Office Desk Panelled Left Hand W1600xD1200xH725mm Urban Oak Ashford
   Very Cheap and was Delivered in time.!  
  "Perfect desk for my home office, lovely oak finish and space saving shape. Plus very cheap and was delivered in time. "  
 Radial Office Desk Panelled Right Hand W1600xD1200xH725mm Urban Oak Ashford
  Looks Good and is Very Easy to Clean!  
  "great for anyone who needs a little extra desk space. I had to keep my printer and file holders on the other side of the office before due to my small desk which was quite a pain but now that i have this desk theres plenty of surface space for all my machines and documents :-) the desk is very sturdily built too and the strong oak wood is bright, looks good and is very easy to clean."  
Henry, Galway  
 Radial Office Desk Panelled Right Hand W1800xD1200xH725mm Urban Oak Ashford
  Looks Sleek and Durable!  
  "I do not like desks with metal legs, paneled ones just look way better. In my office all of the desks are cantilever - id say it is more practical as the panels are not on the way, when wiring needs to be done. But for my home office I chose this beautiful panel end office desk, just after putting it together and I have to say - this is one gorgeous piece of furniture, looks sleek and durable. The ergonomic shape helps to save the space and adds comfort to my long working days (and nights sometimes...) The oak finish is nicer, as I am sick of the beech finish furniture, it kind of looks so cheap as it is everywhere where you go. Oak wooden finish looks very rustic, suits nicely with my nautic style two seater and decorations, not to mention that I even have ocean view in my office - dont be jealous now! Quality of this table is great, the panels seems very durable, came not damaged - not a single scratch (except the one that I unfortunately did when assembling ...) And THE PRICE! I got more than I paid for and believe me - it is not often you get something like that nowdays..."  
Frank, Dublin  
 Radial Office Desk Panelled Left Hand W1600xD1200xH725mm Beech Ashford
  Very Good Value Paneled Office Desk!  
  "Very good value paneled office desk. Saves space in my home office as fits to the corner perfectly. Finally I have comfortable work space. Desk construction is very good, strong and durable and the surface looks durable. I love the warm beech finish, goes well with the rest of my furniture in the office."