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Looking for a filing cabinets? As well as traditional filing cabinets. The filing cabinets category also has wooden varieties, steel cabinet varieties, multidrawer varieties as well as side filers and tall and small cabinets. There are filing cabinets with features like space-saving sliding doors. Many have adjustable feet for floors that are uneven. For filing cabinets in Ireland, Huntoffice works hard to give you a great assortment of cabinets at great prices, made from top quality materials with up to 15 years guarantee. We offer steel, wooden and fireproof cabinets which come in a variety of sizes and colours. We sell filing cabinets from the best manufacturers in the world such as Bisley, Pierre Henry and our own brands as well. You can also choose form a selection of accessories such as filing trolleys, suspension files and trays.

Filing Cabinets Buyers Guide

Even with digital files, the function of a filing cabinet is still important, people still require hard copies of certain documents, including employee records, official business forms, registration details etc. As well as business users, filing cabinets are often used in homes, they are very convenient for storing bank details, insurance details etc.

Standard Size Filing Cabinets -Typically the most common filing cabinet used in the office is the 4 drawer filing cabinet. Standard office filing cabinets generally accommodate foolscap suspension files many people make the mistake by getting A4 suspension files however these files are too small. This type of filing cabinet would also be known as a vertical filing cabinet. Bisley would be a well-known manufacturer for the standard metal filing cabinet. All Bisley filing cabinets would be lockable and come with 2 keys. They also have an anti-tilt feature to prevent the cabinet from tilting over.

A4 Filing Cabinets - A4 filing cabinets are generally used in homes or where there is a space restriction. A4 filing cabinets accommodate A4 suspension files. Pierre Henry and Bisley would be a well-known brand of A4 filing cabinet.

Lateral Filing Cabinets - Lateral filing cabinets or side filing cabinets offer greater filing capacity. A lateral filing cabinet would have horizontal drawers and the suspension files would generally be hung side to side rather than front to back. One of the advantages of lateral filing cabinets is access to your files. As they are generally at workspace level you can view files while in a seated position, the drawers also do not need to extend as far so it’s easier to see your files.

Metal Filing Cabinets
- Metal filing cabinets would be the most common type of filing cabinet purchased in Ireland. The most popular colours would be coffee and cream filing cabinets or grey filing cabinet. Bisley would be a well know manufacturer of steel filing cabinets. Bisley metal filing cabinets come in a variety of colours including grey, Blue, Silver, Brown & Cream, Black and White.

Wooden Filing Cabinets
- If you already have a range of furniture in your office and you want to keep everything consistent, wooden filing cabinets are a great idea. Wooden Filing Cabinets come in a variety of materials including Beech, Maple, Oak, Cherry and Walnut. At HuntOffice we offer a range of wooden filing cabinets that are fully lockable, are of sturdy construction and come with an anti-tilt mechanism.