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Small bubble Wrap 300mmx3m 20Rll

Small bubble Wrap 300mmx3m 20Rll

€41.18 ex vat €50.65 inc vat


Looking for Jiffy Bags? Here at Huntoffice we offer a broad selection of genuine Jiffy Bags. Padded or bubble Jiffy Bags are designed to protect delicate items against damage during mailing. If you have bulky or delicate items to post then padded or bubble Jiffy Bags will ensure your package will arrive to its destination in one piece. Our range includes Jiffy Bags which come in various sizes, from small ones that you can place items like mobile phones to large format bubble bags that can carry A4 and larger sized items. We also supply Jiffy Bags that are made of extra strong paper which is puncture and tear resistant. These Jiffy Bags are ideal for items that have an odd shape or sharp edges.


What type and style of Jiffy bag do you need?

Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size Jiffy Bags Size

Jiffy bags sizes guide

Jiffy Bag No.

What can you fit in it

Internal Size


Jewellery, Watches, A7 Size Paper

90 x 145mm


Floppy Disc

115 x 195mm


2 CD’s, small sized items

140 x 195mm


2 DVD’s, A5 documents

170 x 245mm


Cosmetics, medium sized items, books

205 X 245mm


A4 Documents, larger books

220 x 320mm


Magazine mailings, Medium sized items

240 x 340mm


Magazine mailings, Mobile Phones,

260 x 345mm


Catalogue, Clothes, Large sized items

290 x 445mm


A3 Documents, Large Items

340 x 445mm


Here's what our customers are saying...

user Jennifer Anderson   
Jiffy Airkraft Size 2 205x245mm White Bubble Lined Postal Bags Pack of 10
 Star Rating Good quality product   
  "I Just love these white Jiffy Aircraft bubble lined postal bags. They are great quality and I have great peace of mind sending my items off in them. The No 2 size suits me perfectly but I have purchased the other sizes and was not disappointed. They come in a pack of ten and are so cheap from hunt office. I would highly recommend."  
user michael  
Jiffy Green Padded Bags Size 1 with Kraft Outer and Recycled Paper Cushioning 165x280mm Pack of 25
 Star Rating Jiffy Green Padded Bags Size 1 Review  
  "i have been using these padded envelopes for a few weeks now and they are a massive improvement on the non padded envelopes i used before. I am confident that my packages will be safe in transit. the 25 pack is also an improvement because i was using 20 packs , it really helps to save money and time. i would recommend this product to anyone."  
user Lena Barrett  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 5 Bubble Lined Postal Bags 260x345mm White Pack of 10
 Star Rating Good Jiffy Bags!  
  "I recently started using the Jiffy Airkraft Postal Bags that are Bubble-lined and have a Peel and Seal closing, they are the No.5 White 260x345mm Ref JL-AMP-5-10 Pack 10 from Huntoffice. I needed postal bags for my on line company to post out orders to customers, due to the Super lightweight laminated bubble lining keeps contents safe and saves money on postage."  


user Hannah O'Doherty  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 4 Bubble Lined Postal Bags 240x320mm White Pack of 10
 Star Rating Bubble Postal Bags 10/10   
  "Great quality white Jiffy postal bags and as usual a fantastic price from hunt office. The bubble lining on the jiffy postal bags is top notch and I have never had a complaint about the condition of the packaging. A must have for postage in my opinion."  


user Erika A Hatch  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 2 205x245mm White Bubble Lined Postal Bags Pack of 10
 Star Rating Great Jiffy Bags!   
  "My sister and I live approx. 100 miles away from each other. We are both avid readers and often like to swap books that we think would be of interest. Unfortunately, due to the distance, we only get to meet a few times a year so we just post the books to each other. I often use Huntoffice to buy jiffy Bubble-lined Postal Bags and then use the Postal bags to send any good story i come across that I think she would also like."