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Looking for a new keyboard online? Here at HuntOffice we supply a wide range of computer keyboards – from basic models up to the highest spec units. We offer keyboard drawers which allow you to keep the keyboard hidden when not in use so that you have more space on your desk. Some of the keyboard brands that we stock here on Hunt Office come from Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington and Fellowes.

Wireless Keyboards and Mouse

Our selection of keyboards include wired USB connection and wireless keyboards. A lot of products in this category come with a mouse which is a great option for anyone who is thinking of changing both of these in one go. Wireless keyboards and mouse are a great deal for new customers.

Keyboards - Learn More

A computer keyboards main function is to act as a data input device allowing the user to create and edit text documents, email, use shortcuts, play games etc. Computer keyboards are similar to typewriter keyboards but contain extra keys. The majority of modern computer keyboards have between 80 and 110 keys which include typing keys, a numeric keypad, function keys and control keys.

QWERTY is the most common modern-day keyboard layout. The name comes from the first six keys appearing in the top left letter row of the keyboard.

Wireless Keyboards, Bluetooth Keyboards, Ergonomic Keyboards - Find the right one for you

Buying the right keyboard for your needs is essential as many people spend hours each day using it. Choosing the correct keyboard can help with finger and wrist strain. Each computer keyboard is different, has its own feel, and differs in size with various numbers of keys and features.

The ergonomic keyboard is particularly suited to the touch typist or those that spend a large part of the day at their computer. An ergonomic keyboard will put less stress on your hands and wrists than a standard keyboard and is designed to be more comfortable. If you watch a lot of movies and videos or listen to music then a computer keyboard with easy access media keys will give you full control of your media at the touch of a button.

Logitech Keyboards, Dell Keyboards, Apple Keyboards - What brand do I need?

You should first determine your budget. The computer keyboards available here on Huntoffice vary in prices from budget right up to expensive models.

Also you should decide on your must have key features, whether that’s USB connectivity or wireless, standard or ergonomic comfort curve design. An ergonomic computer keyboard is a keyboard that separates the keys into two halves shaped like a wide V.

Keyboard Sizes and Suitability

Computer keyboards vary in sizes. Many have a slim design which will save space on your desktop. You can also choose from a variety of styles, colours, normal and glossy finishes to suit the rest of your desk space or even to make a statement. Before deciding you need to ensure the keyboard you choose is compatible with your computer. Whether you use Windows or Mac you will find a compatible keyboard here on Huntoffice.


Here's what our customers are saying...

about  Logitech MK260 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Desktop Set Black 910-002997
   I am so happy   
  "I am so happy with this keyboard. It is lovely to use. Great value too."  
 Declan in Dublin   
about  Logitech MK260 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Desktop Set Black 910-002997
   battery life is impressive   
  "I really like this keyboard, it feels good when typing and the spill resistance is class (I can't even remember how many times did I accidentally spill a coffee or water over a keyboard!). The battery life is impressive as well. The mouse is not bad at all either."  
 Louise Keegan   
about Kensington ValuKeyboard Qwerty Wired Black, Affordable & Reliable Design, With Spill Proof, Sealed Membrane Keys, USB or Battery Operated
   Easy to set up   
  "Easy to set up, works perfect. Keys don’t stick and are quite sensitive. Very happy overall."  
 Seán, Dublin   
about Kensington ValuKeyboard Qwerty Wired Black, Affordable & Reliable Design, With Spill Proof, Sealed Membrane Keys, USB or Battery Operated
   Great Keyboard   
  "Great Keyboard for the price of it. Bought in bulk for my small office & has been great for all employees! Thank Huntoffice!"  
 janice brown   
about Logitech K120 - Keyboard - USB - UK layout
  "cheap yet very solid keyboard - it is a basic one without any fancy features but it is just what i need for improving my work on the laptop as i use an external monitor and an external keyboard is a must in this case."  
 Luke Gleeson   
about Logitech K120 - Keyboard - USB - UK layout
   Thanks Huntoffice   
  "Following my accident with a cup of coffee on my desktop I was searching online for a spill proof keyboard to replace my old one!! and I was pleased to find the Logitech K120 at a very reasonable price as well. Thanks Huntoffice."  
 Joe Kelly   
about Logitech K120 - Keyboard - USB - UK layout
   very low prices!   
  "very low prices! keyboard has low profile keys and is resistant design. perfect for home office!"  
about Logitech K120 - Keyboard - USB - UK layout
   really good   
  "was looking for an inexpensive keyboard but i wanted it to be a quality one and logitech seemed like a good idea as their computer accessories are really well designed and durable as well. this particular keyboard is the bottom of the food chain but the price/quality ratio is really good."  
 Brian, Kilmurry. 5th December 2017   
about Logitech K120 - Keyboard - USB - UK layout
   very happy   
  "We had to put in three new workstations on our factory floor. We had the computers but the keyboards had all gone. We bought 4 of these logitech k120 keyboards for under fifteen euro each. They are really sleek looking and are compatible with windows 7. Everyone who has been using these logitech k120 keyboards are very happy with them and we were very happy with the price."  
 Leah Jameson   
about Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - Keyboard - wireless - 2.4 GHz - English
   Fantastic keyboard   
  "Fantastic keyboard. It does indeed charge from the light, and it works just as well as any keyboard I have used before. There is no software required to work the keyboard on a computer so it is just simple to plug in the keyboard and use it without having to do anything else. The keys are a good size and are indeed quiet when you type. I like the modern look of the keyboard."