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• Presentation folders are a durable type of folders which are commonly used within all sorts of professional environments. Presentation folders are designed both for filing and presentation needs which means they are able to withstand frequent use and are harder wearing than standard folders. 

• To provide the users with long lasting performance, presentation folders are made either from hardboard, polypropylene or PVC. Using such materials guarantees that presentation folders are capable of storing a significant weight for filing purposes and also extends their lifespan when using folders on daily basis for presentation tasks. 

• What distinguishes presentation folders from other folders is the cover which includes a fully or semi-transparent plastic cover on front of the folder or all over the presentation folder. Such solution allows the users to customise the presentation folder and include a personalised message or graphics which can be useful for training and presentation purposes. 

• Presentation folders that are available on our site use a ring mechanism to keep files/documents secure in the folder. The most popular are the 4 ring folders which are the best choice if you intend to put a significant amount of documents into the folder or if you are using light punched pockets which are more convenient to browse when hold by 4 rings. The other available type of presentation folders is the 2 ring – these are placed in the centre of the folder and allow quick overview of the contents. 

• When it comes to sizes of paper suitable to use with presentation folders you can choose between folders that take all popular formats such as A5, A4 and A3. When you choose the right size you might also choose if to go for horizontal or landscape presentation folders. It is also worth looking at another metric which is capacity – this is expressed in mm and basically it tells you what overall thickness of documents can be stored in a particular folder. There are few capacities available including: 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm. 

• Presentation folders on our site are available from well-known stationery brands like Emgee, Esselte, Leitz, Elba and Snopake. This guarantees that all the presentation folders that we sell deliver the highest quality and durability for all users. Available for delivery to all counties in Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Size Guide

Ring Binder Size
Paper Capacity (100gsm)
A3 - 30mm   300 Pages
A3 - 50mm   500 Pages
A3 - 80mm   800 Pages
A4 - 15-16mm   150-160 Pages
A4 - 20mm   200 Pages
A4 - 25mm   250 Pages
A4 - 30mm   300 Pages
A4 - 38mm   380 Pages
A4 - 40mm   400 Pages
A4 - 50mm   500 Pages
A4 - 65mm   Over 650 Pages
A5 - 15mm   150 Pages
A5 - 25mm   250 Pages

Here's what our customers are saying...

Danny down  
A4 Ring Binder Red PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "Liked the Elba A4 Red Ring Binder ..Ring binder featuring full clear pockets to front and back covers And Clear ticket holder on spine of ring binder for easy identification of contents"  
Denise Stevens  
A4 Ring Binder Red PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "Ordered these ring binders to put together training manuals for new staff. The ring binders have a plastic covering at the front of the binder which we used to insert printed sheets. The training manuals are quite thick which we were able to fit into the ring binder easily. They seem strong but only time will tell if they last."  
Ger Donegal  
 A4 Ring Binder Blue PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  Good value
  "Good value for these compressor bar Elba ring binders. They are made from over 50% recycled materials, but are still very durable ring binders. I like to store my documents in these as the blue colour looks nice in my office along with my other blue stationery. Good value from Huntoffice, happy with my purchase!"  
A4 Ring Binder Blue PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "I am selling cosmetics and i used these Elba A4 PVC ring binders for making my own catalogues and it works out cheap for me, front transparent plastic pocket is perfect for making my own catalogue promotional covers, looks very professional and i can customise it time by time with no problem."  
Cliona O'Rourke  
 A4 Ring Binder Blue PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "These Elba ring binders are used to store files in the office. They can fit large amounts of A4 sized documents and have lasted through heavy daily use. Not the cheapest ring binders around but definitely up there with the best."  
Aidan Curtin  
 A4 Ring Binder Black PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "I've used many Elba office products over the years, these ring binders being one of them and I have had no faults with them. I have also tried cheaper versions, and been disappointed with the quality so for me I always stick to what I know and I know I'm getting a quality product with this brand. On this particular ring binder I can only comment on my experience of using for the past 2 months. Strong design with plenty of space to store all the paper I needed into one."  
A4 Ring Binder Black PVC 2 Ring Size 40mm Pack 5 Elba
  "Liked the Two arch-ring binder mechanism with 40mm ring size And Also The Compressor bar fitted to mechanism I was Happy That The Elba Ring Binder over 50% recycled"  
PVC Ring Binder A4 Black Clear Front Pocket 2 O-Ring Size 25mm Pack 10 Elba
  "Very good black presentation binders for office use. I found it difficult to find a 2 ring binder with a clear front cover. These Elba ring binders are excellent, the quality is superb."  
 PVC Ring Binder A4 Black Clear Front Pocket 2 O-Ring Size 25mm Pack 10 Elba
  "very useful Elba A4 2 Ring Binder with Clear Front Pocket, very light weight and perfect for students. so low price thanks huntoffice"  
 PVC Ring Binder A4 White Clear Front Pocket 2 O-Ring Size 25mm Pack 10 Elba
  "as our documents are being handled a lot rather then just storing them, we are very happy with this cheap price for 10 pack of such a great quality PVC ring binders, as we find PVC ring binders stronger and easier to clean than cardboard ones."