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Probe 15 Door Charge & Store Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT W380xD525xH1780mm White Body Blue Door

Probe 15 Door Charge & Store Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT …

RRP: €1,500.00 €1,070.00 ex vat €1,316.10 inc vat
Probe 15 Door Storage Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT W380xD525xH1780mm White Body Blue Door

Probe 15 Door Storage Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT …

€798.99 ex vat €982.76 inc vat
Probe 15 Door Storage Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT W380xD525xH1780mm White Body Red Door

Probe 15 Door Storage Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT …

€798.99 ex vat €982.76 inc vat
Probe 1 Door 10 Shelf Charge & Store Locker Cam Lock ACTIVECOAT W380xD525xH1780mm White Body Red Door

Probe 1 Door 10 Shelf Charge & Store Locker Cam Lock …

€949.99 ex vat €1,168.49 inc vat


Probe Lockers Storage Solutions

All probe lockers and storage solutions are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are available from a wide nationwide network of distributors.

All steel products branded with the Probe name are epoxy powder coated with Active coat (Active-coat). In addition, all plastic components used in the manufacture of Probe products incorporate a silver based anti-bacterial agent. ACTIVE COAT is a new, hard wearing, patent-protected anti-bacterial powder coating containing elemental Silver ionically bonded into a bio-compatible ceramic material known as a Zeolite
This impedes the growth and migration of potentially harmful bacteria, mould, fungi, algae and more reducing the risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface. Especially suitable where stringent hygiene standards are required, such as health care, educational, catering and retail changing rooms.

Lion Steel Manufacturing the manufacturers of Probe Lockers, offer storage solutions incorporating a huge range of lockers, cupboards, hazardous cabinets, cloakroom equipment, shelving, mobile shelving, library shelving and a range of Lockers and cloakroom equipment a designed with schools and colleges in mind.

Probe is the main storage solutions brand in Ireland & UK and have been established since 1960. All Probe products are distributed through a professional nationwide dealer network.
This site has been designed to give an overview of all Probe products, including more detailed pdfs of each product for you to download.

Our Probe lockers are the perfect storage solution, providing you and your workers with a safe, secure place to keep your personal belongings, such as bags and coats. As well as offices, these units are ideal for use in a range of other settings, including school classrooms and sporting environments. Each Probe locker in our collection is strong, sturdy and robust. These units feature vents on each door to encourage improved air circulation, and each door has been fitted with a secure lock. You can choose your preferred locker unit size and specify how many compartments you need. You can also take your pick from a selection of door colours.

Our Most Popular Locker Types Include:
Lockers 1-6   Full Height Steel Lockers (1-6 Door)
Stylish and secure storage solutions for your environment, lift the atmosphere with these bright and contemporary colours.
Probe steel lockers are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards using ACTIVECOAT the high tech anti bacterial coating
exclusive to Probe.
Cube & Quatro Lockers   Cube & Quarto Lockers
CUBE LOCKERS - Use these handy lockers as multi-purpose storage units. Offered in three standard sizes they are supplied pre-drilled for bolting together in blocks as needed.
QUARTOS LOCKERS - Quartos have been designed for use individually, bolted together in blocks or to complement other locker combinations by acting as linking bridges or extra top lockers.
clean environment lockers   Clean Environment Steel Lockers
Keeping clean garments and soiled work overalls separate can often be a problem. The Clean and Dirty Locker solves this by
providing a centre partition with a double coat hook to either side. Identical in overall size, the Uniform Lockers has three handy
shelves to one side of the partition.
specialist & space saving   Specialist & Space Saving Lockers
Two Person Locker - Provides two sections per user with a common key to fit both. One, 180mm high, full width compartment at the top of the locker and a vertical compartment fitted with a double coat hook.
Twin Locker - Each compartment comes with 305mm high internal top shelf and a double coat hook.
non standart size lockers   Non Standard Size Lockers
These larger lockers are ideal for storing bulky items of protective clothing or uniforms safe and secure. 
High Capacity Locker - Included two adjustable shelves & Probe Fire Zero Rating (H1780xW610XD460mm)
Police Lockers - The Probe Police Locker is designed specifically to accommodate personal body armour and each compartment includes a top shelf and double coat hook
ppe lockers   PPE Lockers
Probe Personal Protection Lockers – PPE Lockers – are correctly labeled so that where Personal Protection Equipment is mandatory in any working environment (PPE at Work Regulations 1992 Part 5) then any organisation is able to control and store their safety clothing and equipment correctly. These PPE lockers complement the larger PPE Cabinets that can be found in our Cabinet section.

The Probe Personal Protection Lockers are available in 6 versions with 1 to 5 compartments plus a Clean and Dirty Locker that has a vertical divider inside to allow your employee’s normal clothing to be placed on one side and their workwear or uniform on the other side. All Probe PPE lockers are supplied with a silver-grey body and blue doors and with the correct PPE labels fixed to each door.
garment lockers   Garment Handling Lockers
A single service door provides access to all the inner compartments of these Garment Dispensers enabling the distribution of clean garments, towels etc. Individual compartments remain secure and require keyed access.
Garment Collector Lockers - This ‘post box’ style locker is for the hygienic collection of soiled garments. All Probe steel lockers are coated with ACTIVECOATthe high tech anti bacterial coating exclusive to Probe.
buzzbox lockers   BuzzBox Lockers
These sophisticated lockers add a new level of style to contemporary spaces, from office to school, retail to leisure. We offer these beautiful and durable satin finish doors to our sturdy steel body lockers, in 1,2,3 & 4 compartment options.

OPTIONAL SLOPING TOP - Please request when ordering. The optional sloping top, prevents the accumulation of rubbish
END PANELS TO MATCH - End panels can be supplied to compliment the doors for either end of a locker run or for individual lockers.
STRENGTH AND STYLE - The doors and end panels comprise of a sturdy 18mm MFC core laminated in a choice of fifteen contemporary colours.
NUMBERING SYSTEM - Available at additional cost. Number plates will be recessed into door if ordered with lockers.
SOFT CLOSE HINGES - Hinges open through a wide164˚ for ease of access and are damped for soft closure.
timberbox lockers   TimberBox Lockers
Probe offer five durable timber effect finishes plus two single colours, to a standard steel body, in 1,2,3 & 4 compartment Lockers.

SECURITY - These robust Locks from Probe offer the usual high quality locking mechanisms found inthe rest of the range.
EASY ACCESS - Hinges open through a wide 164˚ for ease of access.
EASY ACCESS SOFT CLOSE HINGES - Hinges open through a wide 164˚ for ease of access.
tabbox lockers  

Charging and storage lockers for smaller devices. You can choose from powered or non-powered, mobile or static, there’s a smart device solution to suit your needs. All powered units are available with or without USB sockets. Windows are available on all units excluding single door options.

• All available charging or non-charging/store
• Great range of sizes and styles available
• All charging units are tested: BS 6396:2008*
• Doors secured by a solid sturdy hinge
• Robust and sturdy steel construction
• Lock covers allow for numbering on every door for easy identification
• A wide variety of locking solutions are available (see page 52 for details)
• Rear perforated panel for heat dissipation

Probe Lockers are available with the following lock options:
Cam Lock   CAM Lock - are supplied as standard and feature a micro sprung 10 disc lock and is supplied with 2 keys.
Coin return/retain lock   Coin Return/Retain Lock - The key is released when coin is inserted. Coin retain lockers feature a secure lockable internal container supplied with keys
hasp & staple lock   Hasp & Staple Lock - use a simple push and twist action and are suitable for padlock fitting. NB padlocks not supplied.
radial pin lock   Radial Pin Lock - with over 10,000 combinations and are designed for greater levels of security. Supplied with 2 keys 
combination lock   Combination Lock - use a 4 digit combination with 10,000 possible combinations, making losing keys a thing of the past.
digital combination lock   Digital Combination Lock - simple to use, battery operated keyless lock which can be programmed for single or multi user use.
rfid lock   RFID Lock - provides contact less RFID locking and can be used independently or paired with existing wireless RFID and NFC systems
Active Coat Probe lockers