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Looking for protective envelopes? Here at Huntoffice you will find a wide selection of protective envelopes which are designed to protect your confidential or important documents, as well as delicate items against damage during mailing, ensuring that they arrive to their destination safely and in perfect condition. The protective envelopes in this section include items such as mailing pouches, clear envelopes, extra strong envelopes, tamper proof envelopes, mail room sacks and much more. These protective envelopes are available in various sizes from compact ones for placing small delicate items to large format tamper proof envelopes for sending documents such as contracts, reports, catalogues, brochures or any confidential information. 

Mailing Bags Sizes

Jiffy envelopes size

mail lite envelopes size

We also supply mailing bags puches & envelopes in non standard size:

DX, C4, C5, D4A, B4A and other non standard sizes to suite you needs.

Mailing Bags available:

• Mailing Pouch – Mailing bags can be used for sending confidential mail either internally or externally by courier or posting. They are made from a durable heavy duty material making them suitable for bulk mailing. The mailing pouches have a zip closure and are tamper evident giving you the highest possible security for confidential information such as payroll details for example. For added security there are button seals available which can be used for sealing the pouches. 

mailing pouch                   mailing pouches                        

• Clear envelopes – These are generally used for catalogues and printouts to give a professional look and to entice the recipient to open the envelope. Clear envelopes can be mailed like normal envelopes and accepts handwriting, stamps or franking. They are very durable and weatherproof. 

clear protective envelope

• Tamper proof envelopes ensure extra security when posting private or sensitive documents by displaying a ‘Tamper evident message’ when open. 

tamper proof envelopes

• Extra strong envelopes are perfect for mailing large, bulky or awkward shaped items, providing extra protection against bursting and tearing. Many of these envelopes are also waterproof. They are available in a range of sizes and with varying capacities, some being gusseted, making them suitable for posting a wide range of objects. 

extra strong envelopes

•There are two maind types of Jiffy Bags - Bubble Lined and Padded Lined

padded juffy bag bubbled jiffy bag

We have a choice of protective envelope seal types which include: 

• Peel & seal – This is the most common way of sealing envelopes. The flap of the envelope has a strip of glue which is protected with a strip of plastic. Remove the plastic strip from the flap and press against the envelope to seal. Peel & seal envelopes are ideal if you like to buy in bulk because with the plastic strip protecting the glue, even after months of being kept in storage, the glue won’t dry out. 
• Zip closure is the most secure way of sealing protective envelopes. It provides not only tamper proof protection for important documents but also keeps an air tight seal against moisture and dust. 
• On self-seal protective envelopes both the envelope and the flap have strips of adhesive. These are pressed together to form a strong bond. 

Packs of Protective Envelopes


protective envelope pack 1 protective envelopes pack 3 protective envelopes pack 5 jiffy bag pack of 10protective envelopes pack 20 protective envelopes pack 25  protective envelopes pack 40protective envelopes pack 50 protective envelopes pack 100 jiffy bag pack 150protective envelopes pack 200

Protective Envelopes Popular Brands

postsafeversapak     dupont tyvek      ambeasdor    sterling   Jiffy5 starq-connect

Here's what our customers are saying...

Brendan, Wicklow   
Go Secure Light-Weight Opaque Polythene Protective Envelope C5 White Pack 100
  Highly Recommend   
  "Strong and lightweight, great envelopes. Great value for this pack of 100."  
Luke, Dublin  
Ampac Extra-Strong Padded Polythene Envelope C4 230X345mm Pack 100
  Great Value   
  "I like using these envelopes. They are perfect for me in my line of work. A4 size and padding ensures it can fit exactly what I need it to fit and have it protected at the same time."  
Majella Wilson  
Ampac 165x230mm Clear White Panel Light-Weight Polythene Envelopes Pack of 100
  Good Purchase  
  "Postsafe Light-weight polyethene envelope is a clear and lightweight envelope that is easy to close and open. This envelope is very suitable for shipping posting as its water resistant. Very recommended product if you use post a lot."  
Yvonne, Limerick  
GoSecure Extra Strong C4 Clear Polythene Protective Envelopes Pack of 100
  Office Essential   
  "I used these C4 wallet envelopes by post safe to send files to my colleague who was working in Dublin, they were very useful and held all of the files i needed to send!"  
Irene, Galway  
GoSecure Opaque Extra Strong C4 Polythene Protective Envelopes (Pack of 100)
  Great Quality Product   
  "I bought these Post Safe C4+ polythene envelopes because my son had moved to Canada and I wanted to send him magazines and papers from Ireland. I am almost finished with the pack of the 100 envelopes! The self-seal was much easier than the old envelopes I was using! I am very happy with my purchase from Huntoffice! I will be buying more of these envelopes in the future."