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Business envelopes can be as important as the message inside them. They’re the first thing that your customer will see in the post, it’s like the front cover to the letter inside it. Sometimes customers may not even open the envelope due to how it looks, so all the hard work to make the content inside the envelope may never even get seen. 

That's why at HuntOffice we offer lots of customisations, so that you can have the perfect envelope for your customer. We have customisations in style, size, quality, colour, the type of seal and more. 

We also offer one of the largest selections of business envelopes online. Our assortment of business envelopes includes large packs of 500 or 1000 business envelopes, which are ideal for large companies. We also do smaller packs of 50 or 100 suitable for home or small office use. We supply gummed business envelopes as well as self-seal and peel & seal envelopes. You can choose from wallet or pocket style business envelopes from top quality brands like 5 Star, Q connect and plenty more.


1. What type and style of business envelope do you need?

Below is a helpful guide which will aid you in finding the correct sized business envelope.

Choose from a variety of sizes and formats, popular sizes include:


c4 envelope C4 size 324x229mm
(123⁄4" x 9") business envelope - suitable for holding an A4 sheet unfolded

c5 envelopeC5 size 229x162mm
(9" x 63⁄8") business envelope - suitable for holding an A4 sheet folded once or an A5 sheet unfolded


C6 EnvelopeC6 size 114x162mm
(41⁄2" x 63⁄8") business envelope - suitable for holding an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded once

DL EnvelopesDL size 110x220mm
(41⁄2" x 82⁄3") business envelope - suitable for holding an A4 sheet folded three times.



Envelopes come in 4 main formats that can be useful in different situations.

envelope types

Other formats:

At HuntOffice we offer a variety of formats depending on the needs of your business envelopes:

other envelope types


Boardback - suitable for items you don't wish to bend, crease or fold.


Gusset - expandable envelopes, ideal for sending bulky items.


Padded & Bubbled Lined - ideal for posting fragile items.


2. What quality do you require?

Choose from 70gsm (lightweight) to 130gsm (heavyweight) paper. Heavyweight paper is stronger and when coupled with a smooth finish it helps deliver the right first impression to the recipient.

We offer a wide choice of business envelopes in various weights, materials, and finishes. This allows you to choose the right product for your needs.

- Professional Range
These are high quality business envelopes that offer the very best in paper quality and finish and will help your company deliver the right impression.

- Environmental Range
For the more environmentally conscious, these products have environmental accreditation.

- General Office Range
A more basic offering in terms of quality of paper.


3. Do your business envelopes need a window?

Window business envelopes are useful for bulk mailing, invoices, and statements where the recipients address is automatically printed on the document. The size and position of the window is always described with the flap upwards.


envelops window position

Size is measured HEIGHT first and WIDTH second (AxB). Position is measured by the distance in from left-hand side (C) and up from the base (D).


4. Choose the colour of your business envelope.

Generally, this is a simple choice of white or manilla/brown. However, other colours are available in the prestige range. Being able to choose the colour of your business envelope allows you to have extra customisation, to make your envelopes that bit more personalised.


white, manilla & coloured envelopes

5.What type of seal?

At HuntOffice we offer a variety of seals for your business envelopes.

- Gummed (Gum)
Moisten adhesive flap and press to seal, gum seal envelopes are known to be very stable during transportation.

- Self Seal (S/S)
Simply fold flap against the back of the envelope and press to seal, self seal envelopes do not need to be moistened, unlike gummed envelopes.

- Peel & Seal (P&S)
Remove strip to reveal adhesive and press against the back of the envelope to seal.


- Peel & Seal Power - Tac

Exceptionally strong & secure seal. Longer shelf life.


envelope seal types


6.Choose the pack or box quantity of envelope you require

At Huntoffice we offer business envelopes in a wide choice of sizes, ranging from 25 to 1,000 per box.

envelopes pack 1000 envelopes pack 250 envelopes pack 100 envelopes pack 50 envelopes pack 25envelopes pack 15envelopes pack 10

Brands of Business Envelopes available:

Choose from a wide selection from well-known brands like 5 Star, Q-Connect, Conqueror, New Guardian, Basildon Bond, Ecolabel, Postsafe and Jiffy.


Q-Connect 5 star        conqueror   postsafe new guardian  basildon bond  eco label


evolve           croxley script           plus fabric        blake       versapak   jiffy


Types of Business Envelopes available:

• DL business envelopes are one of the most sized envelopes. These business envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded once. A4 envelopes are also known as C4 envelopes. A4 envelopes are a very popular envelope as they are large enough to post documents, files, leaflets, and other paper documents in A4 size. C5 business envelopes hold an A4 sheet folded once or an A5 sheet unfolded.

• Wage slips are extremely confidential so distributing wage slips in wage envelopes eliminates the danger of getting the wage slips mixed up with other envelopes. In this selection we have Sage compatible wage envelopes which have a small window only revealing the employees name as well as New Guardian wage envelopes which have a pre-printed layout for itemising payslip details.

• Protect valuable items during postage with padded mailing business envelopes. We supply a broad selection of protective envelopes which come in various sizes. Ideal for smaller items like mobile phones to large format bubble bags that can carry A4+ sized items. If you have more delicate or heavier items, we have a range of padded mailing business envelopes that are made of extra strong paper which is puncture and tear resistant.

• In our protective envelopes section, you will find a range of tamper evident zip closure cash bags which are all made of heavyweight durable material to ensure the secure and safe transportation of cash. In addition, we have a choice of extra strong large capacity business envelopes in a variety of sizes ideal for posting more awkward shaped items.

• Need to post large bulky documents? Then have a browse through our selection of gusset envelopes. A gusset envelope is an envelope with expandable sides ideal for posting items such as brochures or catalogues. In this section there is a choice of either plain or window in either brown or white.

• Keep important documents safe while posting with board envelopes. These durable envelopes are made with extra strong cardboard, and they also have a printed instruction that says ‘please do not bend’ to ensure that they are transported properly. We offer board envelopes in packs as small as 25 rights up to large bulk packs of 1000 which are available in a range of sizes to suit.

• As well as the standard size business envelopes we also supply a large range of non-standard size business envelopes for posting unusual sized items and documents. These are available in small packs up to large packs of 2000 ideal for high volume users.







Here's what our customers are saying...

Kirk Delaney   
5 Star Office Envelopes Gusset 25mm Peel and Seal 115gsm Manilla 381x254mm Pack of 125
  Strong Gusset Envelopes   
  "Good strong envelopes is what I like to use when posting our documents and with these 5 star gusset envelopes, I have found what I need. I also like the peel and seal feature on the opening side on the envelopes, they seal really well and there is no messing with licking or sellotape trying to close them."  
James Lloyd11  
5 Star Office White DL Envelopes Self Seal Wallet 80gsm Pack of 50
  Great Value!   
  "Excellently priced envelopes, can't recommend enough."  
Blake DL Pillar Box Red Wallet Envelopes (Pack of 250)
  Good Product  
  "Very nice red envelopes. I sent my christmas cards in these envelopes this year and they looked great! It was also a plus that they are peel and seal envelopes."  


White Box C4 Envelope Manilla 80gsm Pocket Press Seal (Pack of 250)
  No More Folding Documents!   
  "I don't have to fold the paperwork-c4 size is perfect for my mailing. Envelopes arrived next day in perfect condition, look good and do their job. I'd buy them again at huntoffice."  


Jennifer Anderson  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 2 205x245mm White Bubble Lined Postal Bags Pack of 10
  Jiffy Bag Review   
  "i Just love these white Jiffy Aircraft bubble lined postal bags. They are great quality and I have great peace of mind sending my items off in them. The No 2 size suits me perfectly but I have purchased the other sizes and was not disappointed. They come in a pack of ten and are so cheap from hunt office. I would highly recommend."