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Are you looking for toilet paper, tissues or towels for home or work?


You will find them all in the Huntoffice Toilet Paper, Tissues & Towels section.


We offer a wide selection of these products, various lengths of rolls and sheet quantities, most of which come in bulk packaging. The range includes: toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, hand towels, facial tissues, toilet roll dispenser refills, towel dispenser refills and tissue dispenser refills. More about the types of Toilet Paper, Tissues & Towels available:


Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls - Here at HuntOffice we offer large range of toilet paper rolls from well known brands like Andrex, Maxima Green, 5 Star, White Box, Scott, Velvet, Hostess Emerald, Cushelle, Star, Wypall, Pristine, Lambi, 2Work and Katrin serving you with quality, softness and strength you require. We supply your favourite toilet rolls in small pack of 4 as well as large packs of 96 letting you choose quantity you require.

Toilet Paper Rolls
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Dispenser Toilet Paper

Dispenser Toilet Paper - We also supply large rand of dispenser toilet rolls and tissues for your toilet paper dispenser. You will find the rolls or sleeves you require from leading brand like Tork, Kleenex, Scott and other like Maxima Green, 2Work or 5 Star.

Dispenser Toilet Paper
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Paper hand towels

Paper Hand Towels - We have a selection of paper hand towels and dispenser hand towels to fit a range of dispensers. We supply 3 main types, C-Fold, V-Fold and Z-Fold. C-Fold towels are not interlocked with each other and stay flush in the dispenser once one is removed. V-Fold and Z-Fold are different in that unlike the C-Fold hand towels a new towel is presented once one is removed from the dispenser. We also supply a variety of roll refills suitable for a number of dispensers.

Paper Hand Towels
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Cleaning Rolls

Cleaning Rolls - For general purpose wiping and cleaning we sell a variety of Industrial Towel Cleaning Rolls which are ideal for use in canteens, workrooms, factories or even around the home. Many of these cleaning rolls fit a range of dispensers.

Cleaning Rolls
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Kitchen Paper Towel Rolls

Kitchen Paper Towel Rolls - Whether you are buying kitchen towels for kitchen or canteen we have large range for you to choose from. Brands of Fiesta, Plenty, 5 Star, Lotus or Kruger.

Kitchen Rolls
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Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues - Are extremely useful to have around the home, office or car on a daily basis and are specifically designed for use on the face. It is usually much softer than regular toilet tissue therefore suitable for sensitive skin. Brands of Toilet Paper, Tissues and Paper Towels available: We supply all the top brands of toilet paper, tissues and paper towels which include Andrex, Maxima Green, 5 Star, Hostess, Scott, Lotus, Velvet, Kleenex and Kimberley Clark.

Facial Tissues
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Whether you're buying toilet rolls or kitchen rolls for home or for the bathroom and canteen at work we have a selection to choose from. We supply a wide range from small packs of 4 suitable for home or the small office to large packs of 36 ideal for those who prefer to buy in bulk to save money or for the large organization. Also in this section we have a range of dispenser toilet paper in the form of rolls and hand towels.




Here's what our customers are saying...

Kimberly-Clark Wypall L10 White Centrefeed Cleaning Roll Wipers Airflex 525 Sheets per 185x380 Pack 6 Ref 7495
  Would recommend!   
  "Good quality fast delivery."  
Kate O'Gorman  
2Work 2 Ply Micro Twin Toilet Paper Rolls Dispenser Refills 125m (Pack of 24) White JWH102
  Great Value!  
  "Toilet paper has gotten so expensive lately so I was relieved when I found this pack! I bought them for home even though I am sure this toilet paper is meant for businesses and offices. It is just such a nuisance buying a pack of four rolls every few days at a much higher cost than this toilet roll. It is good quality and the delivery time is superb."  
Tammy Brown  
2Work Mini Jumbo 76mm Core Dispenser Toilet Paper Rolls Refills Roll 2-Ply White 92mm x200m Pack of 12 J27200
  Good quality toilet paper!   
  "Very good toilet roll. It is good quality and there is lots of it! Highly recommend this toilet paper."  
kleenex fan  
Kleenex Ultra Jumbo Toilet Paper Toilet Tissue Rolls 250m Dispenser Tissue Refills 2-Ply Pack 6
  Highly recommend!   
  "Kleenex ultra toilet tissue kicks the ass of and wipes the floor with the andrex puppy! Seriously though, we use this in the office, and ultra jumbo is definitely the right words to describe this toilet tissue. It goes on forever, so even with heavy tissue users, the rolls rarely need to be replaced. Very happy with the product, even though they done have a puppy!"  
St. Ronans School  
Maxima Green 76mm Core Dispenser Toilet Refill Paper Tissue Rolls 2 Ply Length 410m White Pack 6
  Big pack for small money  
  "Our school has always ordered these Maxima toilet roll online at huntoffice. We went through a lot of different sizes and settled on these Jumbo 2-Ply core 76mm size. The Length is excellent, 410m and we save these in our favouites list on the site, easy ordering."  
Clara Lincon  
Maxima Mini Jumbo Dispenser Toilet Refill Paper Tissue Rolls 200m Pack 12 KMAX2500
  Best Toilet Paper  
  "I am delighted with the Huntoffice site as I can get all our office needs including cleaning and Janitorial needs. I recently tried the Maxima toilet roll which comes in a Pack of 12. It is not as smooth and bright as some other brands but the price range in which this toilet paper is situated is way more money wise. And the quality is very good which is the main thing. Just the right toilet paper for a workplace."