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Need trash bags for the office or home? We have a range of trash bags for you to choose from including different capacity black refuse sacks and bin liners. There are also a range of coloured tie handle bags which are well suited for recycling purposes. Finally there is a range of compostable bin bags which are ideal for disposing of garden trimmings or biodegradable rubbish such as fruit and vegetable skins or peels. 


Types of Trash Bags


  • Colour Coded Bags

Coloured trash bags are commonly used for recycling and colour coding the type of trash being disposed.

Many people prefer using colour coded bin bags for their daily recycling routine, as well as personal preference of colour.

Colour coded trash bags are available in various sizes and colours to suite your needs.


Colour coded bin bags

  • Wheelie Bin Bags

Wheelie bin bags usually  come as heavy or medium duty bin bags used for outdoor wheelie bins.

Wheelie bins bas are not as popular in a household use as they are in offices, schools or hospital.

Wheelie bin bags are also coming in larger sizes and offten black in colour.


wheelie bin bags

  • Heavy Duty Bin Bags

Heavy duty trash bags are suitable for commercial waste as well as building and garden waste.

Heavy duty bags are reinforced to reduce the chance of ripping and tearing, providing an easy and secure way to deal with your refuse.


heavy duty bin bags

  • Recycling Bin Bags

Recycling bags are usually clear design to help identify and separate waste, meaning that it's simple to separate your waste into that which can and can't be recycled. Most of the recycling bin bags have "recycling" sign to for easy identification.

Recycling bin bags

  • Compostable Bin Bags

Compostable bin bags also called biodegradable bin liners are made from completely natural materials, which means they can fully break down into soil and help to nourish the earth when composed.

Compostable bin bags are coming in wide range of sizes to suite all types of bins. Bags can be used for food waste as well as lawn trimmings. Compostable bags can be put for commercial composting or into home composter. 

biodegradable bin bags


Bin Bag Gauge


The bin bag gauge is the thickness of the bag itself. Gauge is the measurement of thickness of standard low density plastic bags. It is related to the SI measurement of microns as 1 micron = 4 gauge.

Regardless of the thickness of the bag, sharp objects such as glass and metal will puncture or tear most bags. Thin bags will tear of puncture by pure weight, however thicker bags will not tear easily without first being torn or punctured. 


100 gauge = 25 microns = Light Duty, economy black bin liners.

120 gauge = 30 microns = Medium duty, this would be the standard bin liner.

140 gauge = 40 microns = Medium Duty, most popular thickness bag for refuse sacks.

160 gauge = 40 microns = Extra Medium Duty for General purpose, strong quality black bin liner for domestic use.

200 gauge = 50 microns = Heavy duty bag, suitable for commercial waste.

300 gauge = 75 microns = Extra Heavy duty, ideal for building & garden waste.

500 gauge = 125 microns = Normally a rubble sack for building waste.



Types of Bin Bag Seals


  • Star Seal

Most common type of seal

Designed without gussets

Eliminates gaps where leaks can occur

Conforms to the shape of the container

Distributes weight evenly

Maximizes carrying capacity

Star Seal bin bags

  • Flat Seal

Two-dimensional bag (much like a pillow case)

Strong, but has the potential to leak wet trash from the corners

Do not conform as well to the shape of can

Flat Seal bin bags

  • Gusset Seal

Rarely used in the industry

Flat-style bag design

Both sides tucked in to form gussets

Sealed through four layers of film (the middle of the bag has only two sealed layers)

A potentially weak bottom seal 


Gusset Seal bin bags


How To Make Sure Your Bag Fits Your Bin


You decide what size bin bag you need based on the Litre capacity of your trash Bin. "15L bin bags will fit 15L bin" Wrong! This is a very common mistake!

A 15L Bin actually needs a 25L trash bag. 


You can calculate it your self

1.  Bin Bag Width:

Round Container: To calculate width of the bin simply divide the circumference of your bin by 2.

Square Container: To calculate width of the bin simply divide the circumference by 2 (circumference= sum of all four sides added together)


2. Bin Bag Length:

Round & Square Containers:  Add the height of the container, plus 4-5 inches to allow for overhang.