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Welcome to the Huntoffice Bins & Refuse section. Here you will find a wide range of bins, including small office and home bins, wheelie bins, recycling bins and cigarette bins. The waste disposal supplies section also offers rubbish bags, cleaning trolleys and hazardous waste disposal products.


More about the Bins & Refuse supplies available:

Desk Bins - Keep a more organized and tidy workplace with our selection of desk bins. All of our desk bins are compact enough to fit underneath your desk making it easier to dispose of rubbish and helping you keep a clean work area. We have a range of plastic bins in a variety of styles and colours as well as sturdy mesh waste bins. For offices that are conscious about recycling check out our choice of compact all in one recycling waste bins with different colour coded compartments.

desk bins
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Indoor Bins – Our range of indoor bins are ideal for both the home and for the office. They differ in sizes making them suitable for under the counter storage or central waste collection location. These indoor bins range in capacity and styles from basic flip top and pedal bins to automatic self-closing bins. Whatever you need an indoor bin for a small volume of waste at home or something larger for the company canteen we have something to suit.

indoor bins
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Outdoor Bins – If you're looking for an outdoor bin you'll need something more durable and weather resistant. We have a selection of Rubbermaid outdoor bins specifically designed to withstand all of the harsh weather conditions ensuring durability and long life. These particular bins are ideal for commercial use.

outdoor bins
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Recycling Bins – For those of you that are conscious about the environment we have a selection of Recycling Bins especially designed to make organizing your waste for recycling much easier, be it at home or in the office. We have a variety of different sized recycling bins which should allow you to buy the size which best fits your requirements. If your premises has a lot of daily footfall, then different colour coded recycling bins will allow you to recycle more effectively. Alternatively, a single bin may be all that is required.

recycling bins
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Wheelie Bins – Check out our range of Charles Bentley wheelie bins. For properties with limited space we have 120 litre bins in a selection of colours making them ideal for recycling. These bins have sufficient enough capacity for many household's waste while also being compact enough to fit through narrow doorways. However if you require something a bit larger we have a selection of 240 litre wheelie bins. Finally for businesses that have a high volume of waste we supply a choice of large high-density bins for industrial use.

wheelie bins
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Cigarette Bins – With the smoking ban most establishments now have a designated smoking area outside their building. With our selection of wall-mounted and free standing cigarette bins you can ensure cigarettes are disposed of cleanly and safely. Cigarette bins are designed to extinguish a cigarette as soon as it is deposited into the bin.

cigarette bin
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Waste Bins - We have a great selection of waste bins which are ideal for under the counter storage or central waste collection location. These waste bins range in capacity from under 30 litres up to a 100 litres. They difference in design between the bins refers to the type of closing on the top of the bins which may be important if you are limited by height restrictions. The bins are made from robust plastic and have a finish which makes them very easy to clean, both inside and out.

Waste Bins
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Litter Bins - Certain public areas such as parks have litter bins which are placed alongside paths frequently walked by visitors. This encourages people to avoid littering, which creates an unhealthy and aesthetically unpleasant social environment. We supply powder coated steel and stainless steel litter bins, durable plastic litter bins, ash litter bins & dog waste bins for outdoor use.

Litter Bins
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Refuse Sack Holders - are perfect for a wide range of uses and thanks to their durable steel or strong plastic construction, they are guaranteed to last long. These refuse sack holders are available in a variety of sizes to suit a huge variety of locations. has a selection of plastic, wire and steel frame general purpose refuse sack holders that consists of everything from colour coded bin bag holders and galvanised free-standing and open (no lid) models through to pedal operated waste bag holder versions with lid allowing hands-free use, helping to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination in the kitchen. At Refuse Sack Holders section you can find freestanding, semi-mobile or mobile rubbish bag holders, suitable for waste bags with capacity ranging from 15 to 120 Litres.

Refuse Sack Holders
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Confidential Waste Bins - range covers capacity from 80 to 360 litres to accommodate all business environments. All confidential waste bins are manufactured from durable, UV stabilised polyethylene, and conform to relevant, RAL, DIN, AFNOR and draft CEN standards. All confidential waste bins are supplied with slot and lid that is lockable to ensure that disposed documents remain confidential. You can choose from a range of freestanding and semi-mobile wheelie confidential waste bins that are supplied with large wheels for extra mobility. Mobile confidential waste wheelie bins are ideal for larger sites, where waste often has to be brought to a central point for collection, shredding or recycling. 

Confidential Waste Bins
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Fire Retardant Bins - section offers a wide range of fireproof litter bins and sack holders that covers capacity from 15 to 80 litres and comes in various shapes and colours. The fire resistant bins are essential to providing excellent safety, health and anti-fire standards and are ideal for use in healthcare, kitchens and anywhere there is potential risk of fire. 

Fire Retardant Bins
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Clinical Waste Bins - manufactured to exacting standards that bring you, your staff and public the assurance that contaminated clinical waste is professionally and permanently dealt with. We offer a wide range of clinical waste bins, we have selection of sizes and shapes to meet your requirements.

Clinical Waste Bins
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Bin Lids - If you already have the base and are looking for a replacement then instead of disposing of your old bin, add a lid then your old bin is like new again.

Bin Lids
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Bin Bags - choose from including different capacity black refuse sacks and bin liners. There are also a range of coloured tie handle bags which are well suited for recycling purposes. Finally there is a range of compostable bin bags which are ideal for disposing of garden trimmings or biodegradable rubbish such as fruit and vegetable skins or peels. As with all the bin bags we supply, these are designed for heavy duty waste removal.

Bin Bags
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Some of the brands available in the Bins & Refuse section include Avery, 5 Star, Durable, Rubbermaid, Addis, Charles Bentley and Helix.






Here's what our customers are saying...

Ann Hart  
  5 Star Bin Liners Gauge 28 Office Bin Bags 30L White Pack 1000
  Bin Liners does Exactly what it Says on the Tin!  
  "Bin liners does exactly what it says on the tin. Made of a durable plastic, the refuge bags are a steal at such a cheap price."  
 5 Star Bin Liners Gauge 28 Office Bin Bags 30L White Pack 1000
  Hard to get a Good sized Bin Liner to fit my Office Waste Bin but these Bin Liners are just Perfect!  
  "Hard to get a good sized bin liner to fit my office waste bin but these bin liners are just perfect. You also get 1000 bin liners so perfect quantity for a busy company."  
Claire Ahern  
5 Star Bin Bags Medium Duty 100 Gauge 110 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  Good Quality Bin Liners!  
  "Good quality bin liners, I used other for my rubbish but these heavy duty refuse sacks are superior by far."  
 5 Star Bin Bags Medium Duty 100 Gauge 110 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  Good Quantity for Price asked and Very Strong and Heavy Duty!  
  "good quantity for price asked and very strong and heavy duty"  
Ian McAuliffe  
5 Star Bin Bags Medium Duty 100 Gauge 110 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  These Bin Bags are Heavy Duty and Very Durable as Stated!  
  "Nothing worse than flimsy bin bags that tear as soon as you lift it to take the rubbish out. These bin bags are heavy duty and very durable as stated, have not ripped on me yet!"  
Jonathan Carey  
5 Star Bin Bags Economy 72 Gauge 95 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  A Good Size Bin Bag for Home or Work Use!  
  "A good size bin bag for home or work use are these 5 star economy black bin bags. the pack of 200 is great value for me and my office. strong and dont break easy."  
5 Star Bin Bags Economy 72 Gauge 95 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  Easy for Storing Stuff Away not too Expensive Good Price!  
  "easy for storing stuff away not too expensive good price"  
Fiona Dore  
 5 Star Bin Bags Economy 72 Gauge 95 Litre Capacity Black Pack 200
  Very Good Quality Bin Bags!  
  "Very good quality bin bags. I purchased these 5 star bin bags in my most recent order for my office and I am really impressed with the quality along with the quantity for such a good price. Thanks Huntoffice."  
 5 Star Bin Liners 80 Gauge On The Roll 95L Black (Pack 20)
  Great Bin Liners!  
  "Great Bin Liners On-the-roll 1470x860mm Roll 20 5 Star for our school. thanks huntoffice"  
micko - galway  
  5 Star Bin Liners 80 Gauge On The Roll 95L Black (Pack 20)
  Great Value Bin Liners from Huntoffice Once Again!  
  "great value bin liners from huntoffice once again. they are a good strong bin bag, and at around 6 cents each you cant go too far wrong...."