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Here's what our customers are saying...

Jim O Mahony  
  Cif Professional Washroom Cleaner 750ml
  Great Product can't go Wrong with Cif the Best Brand of Them All!  
  "Great product cant go wrong with cif the best brand of them all. Leaves a long lasting fresh smell too."  
Skye Franklin  
 Flash Clean and Bleach Spray Cleaner 750ml 5413149888999
  One of the Best Cleaning Products out There!  
  "Best thing to do is spray on, leave for up to a minute and wipe off. Dirt and grease lift off with ease.One of the best cleaning products out there."  
Amelia Finch  
Flash Vikal Anti-Limescale Spray Cleaner 750ml 5413149600829
  Highly Effective even in Very Hard Water Areas!  
  "Its a great Limescale killer. Highly effective even in very hard water areas."  
 Evans Clean Fast Washroom Cleaner 750ml Pack 6
  Would Highly Recommend!  
  "i usually buy the branded cleaners, you could say that advertisement really effects my brain :) But had to go back and review this Even Clean Fast Washroom cleaner as it truly surprised me with its ability to fight the dirt. I bought it because it was cheap, but from now on it is officially my favorite cleaner if there can be such a thing :) removes any sort of dirt without any hassle, smells lovely, doesnt leave the surface sticky. Would recommend!"