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Writing Instruments such as pens and markers includes products that help you at work or school. Writing products include various types of pens – both basic inexpensive ones as well as executive models; markers, highlighters and OHP pens in various shapes, colours and pack sizes; art pencils, chalk and crayons for kids. This category also accommodates pen ink refills available both in bottles and cartridges; all sorts of correction fluids and rollers; pencil sharpeners and erasers.

Enhance Your Writing Experience with Quality Pens and Markers

Because of their low cost and availability in bulk packaging, the most popular writing instruments among offices and business environments are ballpoint and rollerball pens. Explore the all-time favorite clear barrel ball pen made by BIC, available in various colors and pack sizes, from individual pens to large 50-packs. Another well-known writing instrument is the 4-color pen, also made by BIC, and you can find these in different color variants.

For customers mindful of their budget, we offer similar design pens made by the 5 Star brand, providing the same great quality of pens at a significantly lower cost.

Discover our Range of Office Pens

Elevate your writing experience with our selection of premium office pens. From ballpoint to gel pens, we offer a variety of writing instruments designed for smooth and precise writing, making them perfect for office use.

Efficient Office Markers for Every Task

Explore our collection of office markers crafted for efficiency and clarity. Whether you need highlighters, permanent markers, or whiteboard markers, our markers are ideal for various office tasks, including note-taking and presentations.

Marker Pens for Detailed Writing and Correction

Find the perfect balance between a pen and a marker with our marker pens. These versatile tools are great for detailed writing and correction tasks. Explore our range to discover marker pens that meet your specific needs.

Shop Now for Quality Writing Correction Tools at HuntOffice

Enhance your writing and correction experience with our range of office pens and markers. Browse our collection today to find the right tools for a smooth and efficient workday.

Correct Me

Occasionally, typing mistakes happen when handwriting. Instead of rewriting the entire document, you can use correction products available on our site. Correction fluids, while still popular, are just one option. A correction fluid pen offers similar technology but with more precision. For customers who find correction fluids messy, we offer a wide selection of correction tape rollers, which are very efficient and easy to use.

The Executive Pen and Marker Range

When looking for a more sophisticated and elegant pen, explore our executive range of pens and fountain pens from Parker and Waterman. Available designs include silver, chrome, and lacquered barrels with stainless steel nibs. These pens not only look chic but also provide long-lasting durability and writing quality.

Pens and Markers For Kids

Since many of our customers are parents, we carry writing instruments suitable for children of all age groups, allowing them to discover and develop their art skills. Crayons and chalk are suitable for younger children, while a selection of art pencils satisfies the needs of older ones. All crayons and art pencils comply with European toy standards and come from trusted, quality manufacturers.

Writing Instruments at

This section includes over 700 products, offering a wide selection of pens, markers, pencils, highlighters, crayons, ink refills, and correction products. Our range consists of dozens of brands, including popular and well-known ones, as well as less-known manufacturers, all providing the best quality while maintaining a reasonable price.

Delivery available throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Agnes L  
Paper Mate Flexgrip Retractable Ballpoint Pen Blue Pack 12
  Great price  
  "Absolutely love these pens! Easy to write with great price and quick delivery."  
5 Star Yellow Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  "Highlighter pens from huntoffice Highlighters Chisel Tip Yellow Pack 12 5 Star are a good choice and nice to use."  
Eugene Hayes  
5 Star Yellow Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  "Highlighters are a necessity at my desk! The chisel tip gives a nice precise line on my notebook. The highlighters seem to last for ages too."  
5 Star Yellow Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  "I have lots of different colour highlighters and I think this yellow is my favourite :) Brightens up my notes and text books. Little pocket clip on the cap so I can highlight on the go! The chisel tip gives a really nice even line. This pack of 12 will keep me happy for some time yet thank you huntoffice :)"  
5 Star Yellow Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
   Great quality  
  "Thank you for delivering so quickly. I ordered yesterday for a training session we had today and the order arrived just in time. Very prompt service and delivery. The highlighters are a great quality too."  
Stefan Keckmeti  
 5 Star Yellow Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  Best quality  
  "Yellow highlighters are definitely the most popular, i wouldnt imagine, why they are even producing other colors, as i find other colors to dark. This is great value yellow highlighter pack! i always find greatest deals in Such a great price for 12 pack of very good quality yellow highlighters, wouldnt waste money on the branded ones. as the 5 star products always have best quality!"  
 5 Star Blue Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  "I previously bought blue highlighters (blue being my favourite colour) and they were so dark that the writing underneath was almost always barely legible. But these are different. They're light enough to show the writing underneath yet still have the strong blue colour. The cap stays on tightly also, preventing the highlighter from drying out. I'd definitely recommend these highlighters to anyone. "  
5 Star Blue Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  Low price  
  "Very low price of Blue Chisel Tip Highlighters in pack of 12. I always use it in school to highlight most important information. very long lasting! thanks huntoffice"  
5 Star Orange Highlighters Chisel Tip Pack 12
  "I always use the 5 star brand of Highlighters. They are cheap and last for a long time. And no matter how thin or how thick you want to draw a line, these highlighters just do that...Just be sure don't leave within the reach of children the outcome on the walls can be drastic ha ha "Own Experience""  
Barry Mulligan  
5 Star Highlighters Pens Chisel Tip Assorted Colours Wallet Pack of 4
  "Bought for college study notes. The highlighter pens come in four different colors. The water based coloring and chisel tip give a nice effect on the paper. I would have been lost in a heap of papers if it were not for these permanent markers!"