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Need canteen or kitchen equipment for your business or workplace? Here at Huntoffice we supply a wide range of canteen equipment for canteens of any size. Whether you need a few supplies for the small office canteen or if you need something for the large college cafeteria we will have something to suit in this section. All of the canteen supplies we sell are designed to work in business environments and come from the best quality manufacturers.

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Coffee Makers – For many people coffee is the first thing they look for when they wake up in the morning. If you’re looking for a convenient way of making coffee then a coffee maker could be the right choice for you. There are many different types of coffee makers and machines to help you make a fantastic cup of coffee easily every single time.


Coffee Machines – Some of the coffee machines in this section are large enough to cater for medium to large businesses. The type of coffee machine you should go for depends on how many cups of coffee you are making on a daily or weekly basis. On all the automatic coffee machines we supply you will see the capacity and how many cups the machine is capable of making, which will enable you to choose exactly which machine you need.


Coffee Machine Supplies – Here you will find all the essential coffee machine supplies for your coffee machine whether you need cups, lids, filter paper or coffee capsules. The supplies are available in bulk packs to suit large canteens and organisations.


Fridges & Dishwashers – A fridge is the most important appliance to have in your kitchen or canteen. If space is an issue we have a choice of compact fridges which are designed to be stored on top of a counter or table. We also supply under counter fridges which would have a larger capacity than the compact fridges while also saving space by fitting snugly underneath the counter. These are especially suitable for fitted kitchens. If there’s a constant buildup of dishes in the sink at home or in the staff canteen, then a dishwasher could be the solution. Not only is it convenient, but dishwashers use less water and washes more thoroughly and hygienically than washing by hand.


Toasters – Any kitchen or canteen isn’t complete without a toaster. Choosing a toaster should depend on what you need to toast and how much you need to toast. Toasters are available in a range of sizes from 2 slice toasters and upwards. 2 slice toasters are ideal for small kitchens and canteens as they don’t take up a lot of space. For large families or canteens and kitchens with many users, 4 slice toasters would be more suitable.


Kettles & Water Urns – All the kettles we supply are cordless which makes it extremely convenient when handling and serving. No need to wait around for your cup of tea or coffee because with improved technology cordless kettles boil water faster. We also have a choice of Water Urns which are ideal for business with large amounts of staff because of the large capacity of water it can hold and also because it provides constant boiling water. Eliminating the need to wait around for a kettle to boil.


Jugs & Flasks – We supply a wide variety of jugs and flasks in many sizes. The selection of jugs we provide are designed to avoid spillages and to make it easy to serve cold drinks like milk, juice, water and soft drinks. Also in this section, you will find a choice of flasks which are particularly suitable for people on the go. Flasks keep hot drinks hot for longer and stop spillages, extremely useful if you drive or even walk to work in the mornings.


Microwaves & Ovens – Microwave ovens are a fantastic addition to any kitchen or staff canteen. Especially when the time is limited. Defrost, cook or reheat a delicious meal in minutes.


Water Filter Jugs– Drink safe clean water by choosing one of our water filter jugs. Remove harmful bacteria and chlorine which may be present in your tap water. Save money also by using a water filter jug as there is no more need to buy expensive bottled water; you have fresh clean healthy water at your fingertips. We supply some of the top brands in canteen equipment including Styleworks, Emsa Neo, Burco, Nescafe, De Longhi, Morphy Richards, Kenco, Suchard, Lyons, Haier, Philco, Frigidaire, Univa and many more.