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LEAP Rectangular Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks
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LEAP Bench Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks
LEAP Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converters
LEAP Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Frames
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LEAP & ZOOM Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Screens

Why choose a sit-stand desk?

Sit-Stand Adjustable office desks are becoming more and more popular throughout the workplace due to their advantages and benefits. The advantages of an using a height adjustable desk or converter are likely to be noticed immediately; the height of these office desks and desktop converters can be varied allowing the user to switch from sitting to standing with ease. Ergonomics recommend we stand for 20% of our working day. There are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk as opposed to a fixed height desk.


Why adjust your desk height whilst sitting?

According to office ergonomics specialists it's unnatural to sit in the same position for more than a few hours at a time. So, it is understandable that 7-8 hours of continuous screen work and sitting will put a strain on the body. It can even result in long-term health problems! An adjustable desk provides the perfect solution. Each of our adjustable desk solutions can be altered in height to suit your best seating posture, helping protect your spine and reduce the risk of aching. Many office desks are rigid, which can have an adverse effect on your posture when you sit at your desk all day long. Our range of adjustable desks enable you to set your table top at the exact height that works for you; offering maximum comfort and flexibility. Providing your staff with adjustable desks also ensures that their health and well being is taken care of in the workplace. Choosing the correct office desk that allows good posture is essential for good workstation ergonomics and avoiding painful computer injury. Movement helps promote circulation and relieve stress on your back and muscles. The height adjustable desks solves the problem for taller people, people with back pain, multi-users and is also suitable for wheelchair users and those with disabilities. Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desks help reduce and prevent back problems. Alternating between sitting and standing positions at the users ease makes work more comfortable and improves both health and productivity.


LEAP Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks & Accessories


LEAP Desks

The LEAP height adjustable desks allows you to raise and lower your work surface throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand while working. A height adjustable standing desk, allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing with an simle to use electric height adjustment mechanism. Height adjustable desks have been proven to be benificial to the users health and allows them to focus and concentrate more effectively. LEAP desks are available in three options: LEAP Rectangular Height Adjustable Desks, LEAP Radial Height Adjustable Desks, LEAP 2 Person Height Adjustable Bench Desks. Desktops are available in 8 colour finishes and 3 frame colours. There is also a range of accessories available.

LEAP Desk Converter

LEAP desktop converters are an electric standing desk converter that adjusts with the push of a button so you can instantly convert your desk into a standing desk and get the benefits of a sit stand lifestyle. Available in white with Single Monitor and Dual Monitor options.

LEAP Desk Frames

If you would like to transform your existing desk into a height adjustable desk you can do so with a LEAP frame. The LEAP electric height adjustable frames can turn your existing desktop into a height adjustable desk. Frames can be electronically adjusted from 595 to 1245mm in height all at the touch of a button with the touch sensitive controls.
Available for single desk, two person bench and radial desks. Available in black,white and silver colour options.

LEAP Screens

LEAP screens are modern, frameless, cost effective screen to compliment sit stand desks. LEAP screens are available in two variations: LEAP Bench Screen and LEAP Mounted Screen, designed to provide privacy in open plan offices and high levels of sound absorption. Screens are fully upholstered and available in a range of premium fabrics.

LEAP Bench Desk Screens - Suitable for use with the LEAP Bench Desks
LEAP Mounted Desk Screens - Suitable for use with the LEAP Single Desks

LEAP CPU Holders

LEAP CPU Holders is the safe and secure CPU holder to make your workstation more functional. The user's CPU is securely stored to the underside of the desk allowing quick hardware upgrades and repairs while also preventing damage from workplace hazards. Available in black,white and silver.

LEAP Monitor Arms

LEAP monitor arms offer an important addition to the overall well being of desk users. Whether sitting or standing, users need to be able to adjust the height and angle of their monitors in an easy convenient movement. This helps to reduce neck, back and eye strain.
Available in single monitor and dual monitor options in silver, white and black.

LEAP Accessories

LEAP Accessories are available for use with the LEAP height adjustable range of desks. Accessories include magnetic cable protectors, flexible cable spines, cable baskets and modesty panels. All accessories are available in colours to match your existing leap desk.

  • HEALTH BENEFITS & COMFORT: Ergonomists recommend we stand for 20% of our working day. A height adjustable sit stand desk promotes healthy working, because switching between sitting and standing positively impacts both physiological health and psychological performance of the workforce. The advantages of an adjustable standing desks are likely to be noticed immediately and there are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk including preventing and reducing muscle problems, poor circulation, increased brain activity, preventing and reducing heart risks and preventing and reducing back problems.
  • Design, Versatility & Quality: All LEAP desks come with a 5 year warranty. The LEAP Ergonomic Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk is designed to be extra stable, thanks to its cantilever metal frame. The frame has a specially designed aluminium foot to give your desk stability wherever it is placed.  The simple design electric height adjustable desks fit into any work space and desktops are available in plain, portal or scalloped in a straight, radial or bench desk option in a choice of 4 widths and 2 depths. There are 8 desktop colour options with 3 frame finishes available.
    A full range of matching storage is available to complete your office.
  • Usage & Assembly: The height adjustment is easy to use thanks to the standard 2 button or optional memory master control unit. Each user can adjust their own desk height with a simple touch of a button. Desks can be adjusted from 620 to 1270mm in height which makes it the ideal desk for every user. LEAP also features anti trap technology meaning if it encounters an obstruction as it is going down it will stop and retract 2cm. Professional assembly and installation is not required but is recommended.



rectangular height adjustable des   Preventing & reducing MUSCLE PROBLEMS
If you stay seated all day, your leg muscles and gluteus muscles will become inactive, thus reducing your ability to sit up straight. Alternating between sitting and standing positions is critical for us to keep our bodies healthy and prevent illness
arctic oak 25mm desktop   Preventing & reducing POOR CIRCULATION
Remaining seated for too long may result in swollen ankles and varicose veins, caused by fluids sinking down into the legs. Regular movement adjusts the amount of load being put on the body, increases specific body part rest intervals, and thus reduces the adverse effect of risk factors.
stability mdd desk   Increased BRAIN ACTIVITY
If you stay fixed in one position, insufficient fresh, oxygen-rich blood will be pumped around the body, causing brain function to slow down. Employees who alternate between a sitting and standing positions will have more energy, experience reduced fatigue levels, and reduce their risk of injury caused by working in one body position too long.
leg electric mdd desk   Preventing & reducing HEART RISKS
Since muscles are less active while a person is seated, they burn less fat. Together with a higher blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, this increases the risk of heart disease.
leg electric mdd desk   Preventing & reducing BACK PROBLEMS
Staying seated for long periods causes weight pressure to be unevenly distributed over the spine, leading to spinal problems in the lower back. Standing just 15 min per hour provides great health benefits.