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Need storage lockers? Here at Huntoffice you will find a wide range of steel lockers which are suitable for use as gym lockers, school lockers, changing room lockers or in any place where secure storage is needed. We supply high quality lockers from well-known manufacturers such as Trexus and Bisley.

Many of our lockers come with an ACTIVECOAT paint finish which is a special anti-bacterial finish that offers 99.9% reduction to bacteria including E-Coli, MRSA making them ideal for a range of different environments.  When cleaning a locker with an ACTIVECOAT paint finish it is important not to use any chemicals as this might cause a reduction in the effectiveness of the coating, simply use a damp cloth to clean the locker, the ACTIVECOAT finish will kill the bacteria.

If you are buying lockers for a swimming pool facility or a wet room, we have a range of lockers coated with Aquacoat ZeroZinc which offers resistance to water.

When lockers are being used in a public area there is often issues with rubbish being accumulated on top of the lockers, at we supply lockers with slanted tops so as well as preventing rubbish from being accumulated they are ideal for cleaning.

Before deciding on a locker: 

• How many people do you need to accommodate? Decide on how many people will be using the lockers. 

• Consider the environment the lockers will be located in, if located in a wet room environment then you might like to consider our range of AQUACOAT wet area lockers.

• How much available space do you have in the changing room? Depending how many lockers you need, you can choose a layout that makes the most of the available space to accommodate everyone. Ensuring walkways and doorways are left clear and safe should also be a deciding factor here. 

• Once you have decided on a layout and how much available space you have you should choose a locker type. Choosing the correct style of locker is essential, depending on the environment and what the lockers will be used for. If the lockers will be used to store small items like wallets, handbags, food, books etc. then triple tier, four door, five tier and six tier lockers would be suitable. They are excellent for offering maximum storage in small spaces, making the most of your floor space. These lockers are extremely common in schools. Single tier lockers are large enough to store just about anything. These generally come with a hanging rail or coat hook. Single tier lockers are more suited to environments such as factories and hospitals where clothing is stored. If you have a little less available space but still need large enough storage space for hanging items like jackets then double tier lockers may be more suitable. They give you two lockers in the same space as single tier lockers while still giving plenty of hanging and storage room. Double tier lockers are most popular in gyms.

• What type of colour or finish do you require? For schools, staff rooms etc. steel lockers are a popular option. We supply steel lockers in a variety of different colours to suit any d├ęcor. We also provide timber finish lockers, these are ideal for golf clubs, health and fitness clubs etc, the lockers are internally constructed from steel however the timber finish gives them a high end look.

• Locker benches should also be taken into consideration. Especially in environments such as gyms, factories, schools, hospitals where clothes need to be changed. This will offer somewhere to sit to help them to change comfortably. Locker benches are generally placed in front of lockers. In small spaces you may want to make the most of the available space by choosing a locker bench with hooks attached over it to hang items like gear bags and coats.

• You will also need to decide what lock type you require.  Most of our standard lockers are lockable and come with two keys, the following are the different lock types we can provide on a selected range of lockers.  For more information please call our customer service team on tel: 1890 77 11 00

HASP AND STAPLE – If you want to use a padlock to lock the locker then you should choose the hasp and staple locking option.  The shank has a max diameter of 8mm.

COMBINATION LOCK – Combination locks are very convenient for users as they don’t have to worry about loosing their keys, we have simple 3 digit code locks up to a digital combination lock with 40,000 combinations.  Also if someone forgets their code the master key can override the combination lock so the combination lock can be reset again.

COIN/TOKEN - RETURN/RETAIN – Coin lockers are very popular in public places, we have an option with locks that will either return the coins or retain the coins.   These locks are available in different coin denominations i.e. £ or €