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Hunt Office Ireland are the leading supplier of school lockers, staff lockers, office lockers and workplace lockers across Ireland. We offer a wide range of storage lockers suitable for use as gym lockers, school lockers, changing room lockers or in any place where secure storage is needed. We only supply high quality lockers from well-known manufacturers in our range, and guarantee quality with every locker we provide.

School Lockers

At Hunt Office Ireland, we provide a range of school lockers that are perfect for providing students with storage throughout all age groups. The key difference between the lockers that we provide specifically for school and our more general use lockers is the height options available. We provide primary school lockers and secondary school lockers, letting you choose which one would work best for your available space.
Our range of office lockers offer a high level of quality at an affordable price to keep both your business’s and your staff’s valuable items safe. They are the most cost effective lockers for offering safe storage around your workplace, that still offer reliable and sturdy construction.
The maintenance and storage of your staff’s workwear is pivotal, which is why you need a safe and sturdy workplace locker available. Our PPE workwear lockers are designed to provide the perfect space to safely and securely keep workwear, such as clothing, high-vis equipment and hard hats.
Probe Lockers
Probe lockers are the perfect storage solution, providing you and your workers with a safe, secure place to keep your personal belongings, such as bags and coats. As well as offices, these units are ideal for use in a range of other settings, including school classrooms and sporting environments. Each Probe locker in our collection is strong, sturdy and robust. These units feature vents on each door to encourage improved air circulation, and each door has been fitted with a secure lock. You can choose your preferred locker unit size and specify how many compartments you need. You can also take your pick from a selection of door colours.

Things to consider when deciding on a locker:

  • How many people do you need to accommodate? Decide on how many people will be using the lockers before you begin choosing which lockers you want. Do you have the space to accommodate your chosen locker, or do you need to pick a different size?.
  • Consider the environment the lockers will be located in, if located in a wet room environment then you might like to consider our range of AQUACOAT wet area lockers.
  • How much available space do you have in the changing room? Depending how many lockers you need, you can choose a layout that makes the most of the available space to accommodate everyone. Ensuring walkways and doorways are left clear and safe should also be a deciding factor here.
  • Choose a locker type. Choosing the correct style of locker is essential, depending on the environment and what the lockers will be used for. If the lockers will be used to store small items like wallets, handbags, food, books etc. then triple tier, four door, five tier and six tier lockers would be suitable. They are excellent for offering maximum storage in small spaces, making the most of your floor space. Single tier lockers are large enough to store just about anything. These generally come with a hanging rail or coat hook. If you have a little less available space but still need large enough storage space for hanging items like jackets then double tier lockers may be more suitable. They give you two lockers in the same space as single tier lockers while still giving plenty of hanging and storage room.
  • What type of colour or finish do you require? We supply steel lockers in a variety of different colours to suit any décor. We also provide timber finish lockers, these lockers are internally constructed from steel, however the timber finish gives them a high end look.
  • Locker benches should also be taken into consideration. Especially in environments such as gyms, factories, schools, hospitals where clothes need to be changed. This will offer somewhere to sit to help people change comfortably. Locker benches are generally placed in front of lockers. In small spaces you may want to make the most of the available space by choosing a locker bench with hooks attached over it to hang items like gear bags and coats.
Lock types:
Whatever type of locker you are looking to add to your school or office, there are several big decisions to make so that you do not buy the wrong locking system for your lockers. The main types of locker lock that we provide are:
  • HASP AND STAPLE – If you want to use a padlock then you should choose the hasp and staple locking option. The shank has a max diameter of 8mm.
  • COMBINATION LOCK – Combination locks are very convenient for users as they don’t have to worry about losing their keys. From simple 3 digit code locks up to a digital combination lock with 40,000 combinations. Also, if someone forgets their code the master key can override the combination lock so the combination lock can be reset again.
  • COIN/TOKEN - RETURN/RETAIN – Coin lockers are very popular in public places, we have an option with locks that will either return the coins or retain the coins. These locks are available in different coin denominations.
Maintaining Your Lockers
Many of our lockers come with a paint finish that is antibacterial, offering 99.9% reduction of bacteria making them ideal for a range of different environments. When cleaning a locker with an ACTIVECOAT paint finish it is important not to use any chemicals, as this might cause a reduction in the effectiveness of the coating. Simply use a damp cloth to clean the locker, the ACTIVECOAT finish will kill the bacteria. If you are buying lockers for a swimming pool facility or a wet room, we have a range of lockers coated with Aquacoat ZeroZinc which offers resistance to water.
When lockers are being used in public areas, there are often issues with rubbish being accumulated on top of the lockers. At Hunt Office we supply lockers with slanted tops, so as well as preventing rubbish from being accumulated they are ideal for cleaning.
Shop our wide range of lockers available here, or if you have a specific lockers requirement, then feel free to contact the Hunt Office team, and we can help find you the perfect solution.

Here's what our customers are saying...

user icon James Banks  
 Bisley 1 Door Steel Locker Goose Grey CLK121-73
 Star Rating Great Quality and Very Good Price!  
  "Bought just one Bisley CLK121-73 locker as a sample and was delighted with the quality. Huntoffice even offered me a reduction for the following 20 I needed and discounted the one sample i had purchased. Sweet :)"  
user icon Liam Stapleton  
 Bisley 1 Door Steel Locker Goose Grey CLK121-73
 Star Rating Ideal for all Types of Work Places!   
  "Good quality locker. Suitable for use as a school locker, gym, swimming pool, factory, work and many more."  
user icon GAA Lover, Dublin.  
  Bisley 1 Door Steel Locker Goose Grey CLK121-73
 Star Rating Great Quality!   
  "Got a set of these lockers for our club and they are good quality with good locks. I can see why there is a 5 year guarantee. Bisley is definitely a god brand and the price from huntoffice was very competitive. The delivery service was perfect. If you want a cheaper non branded locker we also have experience of those in our club house and not a good idea long term. You get what you pay for as they say and we have lost money by having replace cheap lockers that have lock problems and easy dented metal. Don't go cheapo buy the bisley brand I can share my story on it."  
user icon Brigid, Dublin 2  
Bisley 1 Door Steel Locker Goose Grey CLK121-73
 Star Rating Great Quality and Great Price!   
  "we ordered 5 of these single lockers last week and we are really happy with them - worth every cent"  
user icon James Grimes  
Bisley Deep Steel Locker 1 Door Goose Grey
 Star Rating Good Quality!  
  "We use these lockers in our warehouse and find them to be of good quality."