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Hunt Office Interiors provides a wide range of partitions – partition walls, studded partitions, glass partitions, folding walls and sliding partitions.  The office dividers can be used for any office design, to create temporary walls, office cubicles and for dividing spaces with a modern style. Office partitions and partition walls offer clients the creation of functional spaces to operate business.  You have the option to alter and re-organise space as requirements change. Your office layouts can be changed in a short time with a minimum of disruption. Partitions can completely transform any dynamic workspaces. Our wide range of partitions provides you with extensive options for arranging and re-arranging your office space.

Hunt Office Interiors can help you to create new space using different materials. These include glass and mirrored glass, with integrated blinds, with doors and veneered doors, with your company name or logo and more.

The Hunt Office Interiors Team will give you an idea of how your office can look by making a few changes. All our partitions come in a range of sleek or rugged minimalist designs and configurations. You can select the best type of partitions that best match your project’s functional and aesthetic requirements.

The office partitions can be combined into a multitude of configurations and colours to create unique office walls, office dividers, and privacy screen walls.

At Huntoffice Interiors, We have a complete range of Office Partition Wall Systems starting from standard stud walls that are dry lined, to systems that are single glazed or double glazed with either wooden or aluminium frame in multiple colour options. We can also insert vertical blinds inside the double glazed systems if you require a certain level of privacy. We also offer a full range of movable folding walls used for dividing up office rooms, meeting rooms, concert halls, hotel functions rooms, etc. We offer free site survey call outs with layout drawings across all Ireland.

Among various types of office partitioning systems, glazed office partition systems are one of the most preferable office divider solutions as they offer a lot of benefits of an open space office (they allow a lot of natural light to be passed within the rooms) while providing necessary privacy for meetings and executive staff. You can get glass partition walls that are permanently fixed or if you require certain level of space flexibility, sliding or foldable options are also available. Depending on your preferences you can choose framed glass partitions in a wide selection of materials (aluminium, wood, etc.) and colours; if you are looking for exceptionally ‘light’ look there are frameless glass partitions available. Glass office dividers come in various finish options – basic clear glazed walls, frosted glazed partitions with various geometrical designs or company logos, tinted glass partitions, double glazed partitions which allow installing blinds, curtains, pictures, etc. in them. 

Also very popular are stud wall partitions – they are made of plaster wallboards which are fixed on both sides of the studwork frame. Such partitioning system delivers high level of sound privacy and fire resistance. Stud partitioning is available in multiple finish choices and they have the possibility to be joined with other materials such as glass or wood. 

We also offer plasterboard partition systems which are lightweight and made using dry techniques, which means they can be fitted practically in any space – offices, retail units, warehouses and even private houses. Plasterboard partitions can offer great level of sound insulation and can be formed in any shape or height which is required by the client. 

Wood office partitions are often chosen by clients who prefer traditional and classic design within their companies. These office partition systems are available in a great range of finishes and can be constructed in several styles to meet the necessary requirements. Even though these partitions are considered to be very traditional, they offer all the modern office solutions that you can get with other types of partitioning solutions such as noise protection, fire rating or mobile features.

All the wall partitions systems at Huntoffice Interiors are bespoke made so that they exactly fit the office space within your premises and they can be designed according to your suggestions and preferences. You can request a call back from one of our fit out specialists who will contact you to find out about your requirements and arrange a meeting.