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Office Partitions Buyers Guide

Choosing The Right Glass Partitions For Your Workplace

Our Office Partitioning Buyers Guide is designed to help you move forward in the process of purchasing and installing glazed partitions.  To highlight the considerations in terms of product type, functionality, maintenance and price. 

For any fit out project it can be difficult to cut through the information, finding what’s relevant for your business and meeting your brief and budget.  We start each project with consultation, followed by space planning and then move to interior design and planning.  This then allows us to give a project timeline and budget to the client.  Each fit out is given a designated project manger to oversee the office project from start to finish.  
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Table of Contents
1. Where to Start   2. Benefits from Glass Partitions
3. Frequently asked questions   4. hOyez Partitioning
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Where to start
If you’re considering installing Glazed Partitions in your office or workspace then you probably have alot of questions and may be unsure where to begin.  Fortunately, we have been specialising in glazed partitioning systems for over 22 years and have designed, supplied, and installed office partitioning and glass solutions in many different offices and commercial spaces.  Each client fit out is unique in specification, scale of project, requirements and brief so we are proficient in tailoring what partition systems will best suit to achieve the best results in maximising your working environment, creating more usable space and improving the design and layout of your workspace.

We stock a large range of framed and frameless single and double-glazed systems along with glazed or aluminium integrated doors systems, crittall style partitions, curved glazed partitions and ultimately any glazed partition solution to fit your requirements.  We partner with leading and certified suppliers such as Hoyez Partition Systems and can help you choose the right partition system for your space.

Many of our fit-out projects for clients in Ireland involve innovative design incorporating office partitioning to create original design features that are bespoke to the client and add a distinctive style to their workspace.  As well as improving the aesthetics within the workplace, many clients are keen to improve the working environment for their employees and are driven by desire to create an inspiring and comfortable place to work. 

Benefits from Introducing Glass Partitions

The scope of flexibility, scalability, and modification that glass partitioning systems and solutions provide is one of the main benefits for using within designing, refitting, or rezoning office spaces.  Redesigning the layout of a space can be costly and time consuming however by using glass partitioning systems redefining office layouts can be achieved in a timelier and more cost-effective manner.  Demountable glazed partition walls can be dismantled and relocated to reconfigure a workspace to meet changes within the business. 
Acoustic Comfort

The introduction of glass partition walls and dividers reduce noise pollution within the workplace reducing distractions and increasing productivity.  Both single- and double-glazed glass partition systems insulate and protect from noise, providing a quieter place to work.  The distractions of a large open plan office are not conducive for everyone and glass partitions provide a convenient solution where individuals can work in privacy and without feeling isolated or cut off from their colleagues. 
  Wellbeing at Work

Employee Wellbeing is improved with the introduction of glazed partitions; they allow natural light to flow & reduce the dependency on artificial lighting.  Office Partitioning also allows for employee privacy while maintaining a sense of inclusion and connectivity. 
Improved Lighting

Natural light has been shown to improve overall mood and morale within the workplace.  The dependency on artificial and electric lighting is reduced and subsequently lowers energy costs and carbon footprint. 
  Ease of Use

Glass and aluminium partitions and doors can be set up, dismantled, reused and transformed while ensuring resistance, endurance and acoustic properties. Demountable glazed partitions can also be moved to reconfigure a space making glass partitions a cost effective fit-out solution.      
Aesthetic Value

Glass and Office Partitions bring an elegant and stylish look to an office, they provide the solution to achieve the required layout goals while allowing for scope and creativity.  Full height glass partitions are visually impactful and produce a modern office space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is a glass partition wall?
A glass partition wall is an interior wall structure made primarily of glass or a glass alternative.  The glass panels are paired with aluminium frames (available in a range of finishes), designed to retain heat in during the winter and keep out excess heat in the warmer months.  Glass walls or partitions can be used as office dividers, walls, or features.  Glazed Partitions allow offices and space to be reconfigured easily while reducing noise pollution and controlling the distribution of sound from one space and another. 
2 - Why are glass walls so popular in modern offices?
There are many reasons to install glass/glazed partition walls in an office space.  Often it is to create conference rooms, meeting rooms or private cellular offices.  There are many benefits and staff often prefer the communication, collaboration, and privacy advantages.  Glazed Partitions allow for more natural light and openness which can improve mood and energy costs are saved.  Glazed partitions are also movable, unlike a stud wall which is more difficult and costly to relocate, office glass partitions can be taken down and repositioned.  
3 - Are glass walls durable?
The most common type of glass used in the glazed partitioning industry is toughened glass, also commonly referred to as safety glass. This glass is taken through a heating process to toughened it making it four to five times stronger and more durable than annealed glass.  Therefore, glazed partition walls are extremely strong and durable, there is very little maintenance required and they can last for years.  When investing in designed or refitting an office or workplace choosing materials that are durable is key.  Fit Out solutions that will last the test of time and while providing the design functions required is another advantage of glazed partitions especially compared to static, stud walls.  Single- and double-glazed partitions go through rigorous testing and are produced to the highest standards for quality and safety and are far more durable than standard glass.  
4 - What is a relocation glass partition wall?
These are movable or demountable partition walls; they can be taken down and relocated to a different part of the office space.  They are a versatile solution used in many offices and are quick and easy to install.  Demountable partitions are a particular favourable fit out solution with project managers and interior designers as they allow for changes to be made to the workspace without further substantial investment.   
5 - Do Interior Designers recommend glass partitions for the workplace?
Yes, generally glass walls are popular with designers as they keep the same space and increase light.  Natural light has a positive effect on human interaction and gives scope to designers to introduce creative elements.  Conference rooms, meeting rooms and cellular offices can be easily designed to the designated size and rather than being cut off from colleagues the glazed walls allow for a sense of inclusion while allowing privacy and quiet to focus on tasks.  Interior Designers and project managers prefer the adaptability that glass walls provide, allowing for scope of change with future redesign or refitting.  The more natural light allowed the better for employees well being at work which has become an integral element when refitting a workspace.      
6 - How do you select the right glass for your workplace?
Begin with the benchmark criteria of what you want to achieve by installing glass/glazed partitions – consider the budget and timescale permitted for the project and then work back to find the best solution.  This is where Hunt office Interiors comes in, with our vast experience over many years and multiple extensive partitioning projects we can present you with options that will work for you.  We provide 3D visuals of our designs allowing you to see your design come to life before install and fit out begins.  Why not browse some of our recent fit out projects or view examples of glass partitions in our Dublin, Cork and Limerick Showrooms. 
7 - Do glass partitions in the office offer flexibility?
Yes, glass partitions are hugely versatile.  They introduce an amount of flexibility not gained by any other fit out solution.  Changing the layout of an office space can be a tricky and costly exercise.  Demounting glass partitions is a much easier and cost-effective solution to alter a workspace. Glass partitions greatly improve the aesthetic value of a workspace, they have an elegant and modern appearance which enhances and compliments any size of office space.  The glazed walls can be frosted and etched with corporate logos and designs and really allow clients to be creative with their space and introduce bespoke or custom build features to design a truly unique and inspirational workplace for staff, clients and visitors. 

About hOyez Partitioning
hOyez partition systems offer a wide range of partitions for the commercial and industrial sectors. All hOyez products can be adapted to all needs including aesthetic, technical and practical layout requirements.   

HuntOffice is the sole Irish agent for the installation of the hOyez partitioning systems. All hOyez products are tested to the relevant standards for acoustics, stability and fire safety where applicable. We carry out the installation of projects ourselves, from design to completion. Plus, we provide you with a personalised solution for the fulfilment of your professional space development projects.  

For more than 60 years, hOyez have designed and manufactured aluminium framework partition systems for tertiary and industrial fittings. On the strength of our experience, we can assist purchasing advisers and architects with the aesthetic and technical definition of their projects.  

Spring and eccentric screw, trademark hOyez partition systems

hOyez, leaders in manufacturing office partitions with aluminium frames, have invented a smart and effective system to assemble, disassemble, remove and replace partitions. The majority of hOyez partitions can be quickly installed by our expert team  

Partitions certified by independent agencies  

After passing all the mechanical and sound tests in use, the hOyez partition systems enjoy the French C.E.R.F.F certificates. To ensure a maximum security, the big majority of the partitions are traverse load certified. Finally, to ensure a maximum comfort to its users, all the partitions benefit from acoustics certificates.  


All hOyez products are designed and built to assure technical, aesthetical and secure partitions for your office space


After passing all the mechanical and sound tests, the hOyez partition systems enjoy the French C.E.R.F.F certificates.
1. Can be dismantled
2. Stability to the security usages and durability impacts
3. Stability to horizontal thrust
4. Endurance
5. Acoustic weakening
6. Stability to vertical loads

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