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Here's what our customers are saying...

5 Star Office Carton Sealer Tape Hand-held 50mm Non-reversing Plate
  Another Great 5 Star Product   
  "We ship product in cardboard boxes all over the world and we have always used these Carton Sealers to seal every box, top and bottom with a 'H' Seal. We have fourteen personnel in our packaging department and each has their own Carton Sealer. We have always purchased these 5 Star Hand Carton Sealers For 50mm Tape primarily because of the price. They are so cheap and so sturdy. We have had to replace 2 in the last 3 years because someone dropped one and because the other one just disappeared. They are very light weight and really easy to use. Another great 5 Star product."  
Adpac Bench Type Parcel Label Dispenser plus 500 Labels of 108x79mm
  "A very easy and efficient way of labelling items now since we bought this Adpac Bench Type Parcel Label Dispenser from Huntoffice."  
Peter Q  
Q-Connect Carton Sealer Pack of 1 50mm
  Good Find!  
  "Cutting and pulling tape with your teeth and hands is a very dated method of packaging. My job has become infinitely better since the company bought these cartons sealers! It is an incredibly good value carton sealer which is durable and easy to use."  


Helen J Billingshurst  
Pro Safety Tape Dispenser Hand-held with Retracting Blade for 50mm Tape 166792252
  Well Made Packing Tape Dispenser   
  "I was asked recently to get four new tape dispensers for our shipping department and as per usual, I was told to get the cheapest. I went on the hunt office website and these smartbox pro safety tape dispensers were the cheapest by a mile. I was not expecting much when they arrived a few days later because sometimes to pay that little bit extra makes a big difference. However, I have to say that they are really strong and really well made. I am sure the shipping personnel will be very happy with my purchase."  


cyril curtin  
Adpac Bench Type Parcel Label Dispenser plus 500 Labels of 108x79mm
  Great Quality and Usedful Dispenser   
  "excellent packaging range from Huntoffice with this Adpac Bench Type Parcel Label Dispenser a quality product."