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Project Planning

At HuntOffice, our goal with interiors is always to take the vision of the client and make it a reality. A crucial step towards this is efficient Project Planning. This involves planning the space to meet client needs and planning the execution of the project so that the fitout runs smoothly and on time. Well organised space planning has a direct impact on reducing cost through efficient use of available space. When designing work space, our team includes both current as well as future space requirements to create the best combination of space/cost effectiveness.

Space Planning

•After meetings and consultations with the client, our team know exactly what the priorities for the project are, and they know how to work those priorities into the space efficiently and effectively. When creating an office space plan we continue work closely with our clients so that all aspects of the plan fit their requirements and ultimately the client vision. Office layout, furniture and appliance needs are used to help our team create simple line drawings, and then 2d & 3d visualisations of the new space. More detailed visualisations allow the client to see how the space would look so we can make changes on a design level, and they also present space functionality and communication improvements. We always make sure that our planning includes all aspects of work organisation and workflow within your company to create the functional and aesthetic work environment. We also provide our clients with samples of materials used to complete the project so they can physically see and feel them in the planning stages.

Fitout Planning

•We know how important it is for our clients to have the fitout run efficiently and within their time frame. Our team put in place a project plan to have all the necessary works on the space carried out in the most timely and organised manner. Whether you need ceiling installations, flooring, electrics, plumbing, lighting, commercial storage or acoustic installations, HuntOffice interiors figure out the right way to get the space transformed for the client in a way that allows the whole project to move forward smoothly.

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