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Rectangular Desks

Welcome to the homepage for Rectangular Desks.

We are Ireland’s leading online office furniture and rectangular desk webstore. We operate our webstore from our headquarters in Co, Limerick, while our central distribution hub is in Citywest, Dublin.

Looking to buy a rectangular desk from an Irish owned online webstore? If so, you have come to the right webstore. is 100% Irish owned by brothers John & Seamus Hunt which employs over 20 staff in Sales, IT, Marketing and Accounts.

Here in the webstore, you will find rectangular desks from leading manufacturers Trexus, Sonix and Kontrax. All the rectangular desks in our webstoreare available with free delivery all over Ireland.

When buying a rectangular desk there are a number of factors to consider such as

• Budget –Thankfully, we have a rectangular desk available for all budgets. Depending on the size, colour, make and leg finish you can expect to pay between €100 and €500 for a quality rectangular desk. All listed rectangular desks qualify for free shipping anywhere in the 32 counties of Ireland.

• The space available in the room – it is important that you know how much space you have available before you place your order for a rectangular desk online. Incorrectly estimating the available space may lead to disappointment when the desk arrives and it is either too big or too small for the space you had allocated for the desk within the room. Our rectangular desks are measured in Width x Depth x Height. On the Huntoffice webstore, you will find rectangular desks in the following widths – 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 1600mm and 1800mm

• Depending on personal preference and/or area the desk will be used in within the office, you may wish to choose a rectangular desk with a Panel End or a Cantilever Leg. A Cantilever leg is a stylish metal leg in the shape of the letter C. Cantilever legs give you rectangular desk a modern and elegant look whilst offering superb support for items stored on the Desk Top. Choosing the Panel Leg option will give your rectangular desk a traditional appearance. Panel Legs are most attractive when used as a stand- alone desk. Note- we also stock a height adjustable rectangular desk. Ideal if used by people with differing height requirements.

• We also recommend you try and pick a desk colour which best blends in with the existing décor in your home office or work office. Rectangular desk colours to choose from include Oak, White, Beech and Maple 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Lorraine Kelly  
Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Arctic Oak Ashford
  Great Product!  
"I really liked the simplicity of this desk, and the price was very attractive too! My home office is small, but this desk easily fit in there, It matches the aesthetic of the office very nicely, and it is very comfortable to work at. Some weeks I travel for work, and dust can gather in my office at home, but thankfully, the desk is really easy to keep clean because of its simple design and strong, flat surface."
Alan Wilson  
Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Grey Ashford
  Very Happy with the Product!  
"Even though this is the smallest option it's still quite spacious. The desks are all the same depth so it was just as easy to fit my monitor on this desk as it was to fit it on my desk at work (which is 1800mm). I am really happy with how the colour looks in person, it looks ok on the site but the grey of the desk is lovely when you see it with your own eyes!"
Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Maple Ashford
  Great Desk!  
"Just a great desk from Huntoffice"
Frank Clarke  
Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Polar Birch Ashford
  This desk is perfect for a compact space!  
"This desk is perfect for a compact space. I work in a cubicle so it can be a bit depressing, but the light colour of the desk brightens up the space a bit, and it is very comfortable to work at."
 Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Urban Oak Ashford
   Excellent Value!  
"Excellent value is the Trexus Contract Desk Rectangular Silver Legs from Huntoffice"
Shella Sprinkle  
Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1200mm Urban Oak Ashford
  Geat product!  
"I have got the smallest office in the firm and this desk is perfect the width, the height and depth are nice but the cable management could be better."
Caroline Jones  
 Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1400mm Arctic Oak Ashford
   These Desks are Standard but very Reliable and Stylish!  
"We moved to a new office recently as our company is growing. The main office space is very busy and the open plan ensures we don't all feel crowded in there. I was very relieved to see the desk had a modesty panel as my desk is at the top of the office and there isn't another desk in front of me! These desks are standard but very reliable and stylish!"
Marceline Schuch  
 Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1400mm Beech Ashford
  High Quality Product!  
"Bought this desk for my office I got the beech wood one and I'm pretty happy I like the cable organising holes."
 Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1400mm Beech Ashford
  Ideal Product!  
"The Trexus Desk Rectangular shape with Silver Legs is exactly what we needed for our small office."
Gerard Mooney  
 Office Desk Rectangular Silver Legs W1400mm Grey Ashford
  Great Quality!  
"The stability pads/floor levellers are a great feature. I don't know why, but the floor in my office is just lopsided! I decided to assemble the desk myself and it was surprisingly quite easy! I was relieved that I managed to do it without damaging the desk."