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Height Adjustable Desks
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LEAP Electric Height Adjustable Ergonomic Shaped Left Hand K Top Sit Stand Desk W1600xD1000xH620-1270mm White Top Silver Frame. Prevents & Reduces Muscle & Back Problems, Heart Risks & Increases Brain Activity.

LEAP Electric Height Adjustable Ergonomic Shaped Left Hand K …

RRP: €1,332.00
€611.99 ex vat
€752.75 inc vat

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Looking for height-adjustable standing desks for your workplace? Here, at Huntoffice we stock a comprehensive range of great quality adjustable office desks to suit any budget.

Why choose a sit-stand desk?

Sit-Stand adjustable office tables are becoming more popular because they allow the user to switch from sitting to standing with ease. Ergonomists recommend we stand for 20% of our working day. There are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk as opposed to a fixed height desk.

Some of the benefits of using a height adjustable stand up workstation:

• Improved Blood Circulation

Fixed desks greatly restrict movement below the waist. In fact, most traditional knee-tilt chairs actually cause some degree of blood pooling in your thighs or quadriceps. With an adjustable height desk, your body is able to vary its position from sitting to perching to standing throughout the day. This results in measurable increases in blood flow and more nourishment to your muscles.

• Reduced Musculoskeletal Discomfort

According to a recent study "substantial decreases" in musculoskeletal pain were observed within their sample of computer workers after just 4-6 weeks of working at an ergonomic sit-stand desk. In fact, that study found that more than four out of five participants preferred stand up desks to fixed height desks. This supports other studies that concluded that when people are standing for a portion of their workday, they simply feel better.

• Increased Life Span

A study has shown a direct correlation between the amount of time people spend sitting and mortality rates. The study showed that mortality rates increased by 37% for woman who sat more that 6 hours per day.

• Improved Mental Acuity, Mood & Work Productivity

Several studies have shown that workers at an adjustable height desk take fewer breaks and are more productive. In addition, measurable improvements in mental concentration and overall mood were noted amongst the participants.

We believe that a high quality adjustable height desk is an integral part of a proper ergonomic workstation. Our desks allow you to raise and lower your work surface throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand while working.

Why adjust your desk height whilst sitting?

According to office ergonomics specialists it's unnatural to sit in the same position for more than a few hours at a time. So, it is understandable that 7-8 hours of continuous screen work will put a strain on the body. It can even result in long-term health problems!

An adjustable desk provides the perfect solution. Each of our adjustable desks can be altered in height to suit your best seating posture, helping protect your spine and reduce the risk of aching. Many office desks are rigid, which can have an adverse effect on your posture when you sit at your desk all day long. Our range of adjustable desks enable you to set your table top at the exact height that works for you; offering maximum comfort and flexibility.

Providing your staff with adjustable desks also ensures that their health and well being is taken care of in the workplace. Choosing the correct office desk that allows good posture is essential for good workstation ergonomics and avoiding painful computer injury. Movement helps promote circulation and relieve stress on your back and muscles.

Height adjustable standing desks solve the problems for taller people, those with back pain, multi-users and they're also suitable for wheelchair users and those with disabilities. Sit-Stand desks help reduce and prevent back problems. Alternating between sitting and standing positions makes work more comfortable and improves both health and productivity.

Types of Height Adjustable Desks

Sit only height adjustable desks

A sit only height adjustable desk is a desk where the work surface can be easily moved up or down within a height range. We supply a wide range of height adjustable desks with two types of adjustment methods; manual and electric. Height adjustment desks will help prevent back pain and postural health problems. These type of office desks can impact on the ability to focus and concentrate more effective.

Sit only height adjustable desks

Adjustable height standing desks

A height adjustable work station allows you to raise and lower your work surface throughout the day, enabling you to sit or stand while working. This allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing with either an electric height adjustment mechanism or manual height adjustment. Height adjustable desks have been proven to be beneficial to the users health and allows them to focus and concentrate more effectively.

Adjustable height standing desks

Stand-up desk top risers

Sit/stand desktop risers are designed to make changing postures effortless. The desktop riser rests on the existing desktop with options of a heavy base for stability or can be secured to with a clamp. An adjustable height monitor riser elevates screens to eye-level. preventing hunching, squinting and back pain. The desk top risers raise the screen to eye level without needing to replace your whole desk.

Stand-up desk top risers


Here's what our customers are saying...

Lionel, Dublin  
Flex R Height-Adjustable Rectangular Desk 1400x800x640-840mm White
  Amazing Quality Height Adjustable Office Table!  
"Amazing quality height adjustable office table! This desk has helped me with my back problems, as I am very tall person, so regular office desks are just to small for me. I adjust this desk to its full height and that just adds so much more comfort to my work space - I am very happy with this buy and it was very cheap here at huntoffice!"
 Flex R Height-Adjustable Rectangular Desk 1600x800x640-840mm White
  Very Strudy and Durable!  
"Fabulous white finish on this desk, it also has floor levellers to keep it level to the floor at all times. Comes with a 3 year warrenty. you can also adjust the height which is a brilliant feature. Very strudy and durable."
Greta, Dublin  
Giorgio Height-Adjustable Rectangular Desk 1400x800x650-950mm Beech
  Super Value Desk with Height Adjustment option!  
"Super value desk with height adjustment option. We have changed all office desks and chairs around the office and now everyone has the desk and chair that can be suited to their best comfort! It has increased the work productivity a lot - more than i was expecting, staff is happier and i hear less complaints and its all due to these ergonomic office solutions that every office should implement in my opinion... especially knowing that it really doesn't cost that much..."
Giorgio Height-Adjustable Rectangular Desk 1600x800x650-950mm Beech
  Very Happy!  
"Great solution for people who suffer with back pain! The desk is so easy to adjust to different heights which helps you stay as comfortable as possible throughout the day without straining your neck or back. It looks really nice in my office too. Also I'd imagine the desk is perfect for people who are taller or smaller than average or people in wheelchairs. Very happy!"
Jim O Mahoney  
LEAP Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk With Portal Beech Top & Silver Frame. Prevents & Reduces Muscle Problems, Poor Circulation, Heart Risks, Back Problems & Increases Brain Activity.
   The Desk itself is Really Good Quality and Sturdy at any Height!  
"HuntOffice recently did a fit out for us and installed height adjustable desks throughout our office. I haven't been using the desk that long but I would recommend to anyone. It can take a bit of tweaking to find your desired height so it's comfortable typing while standing. However one of the best functions that I especially liked about this desk is that you can store your preferred heights so with a press of a button the desk goes to a perfect height without me needing to adjust it. The desk itself is really good quality and sturdy at any height. If you work in the office 8 hours a day this desk is definitely worth it."
Jennifer O Malley  
LEAP Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk With Portal Beech Top & Silver Frame. Prevents & Reduces Muscle Problems, Poor Circulation, Heart Risks, Back Problems & Increases Brain Activity.
  Great Product!  
"This electric sit stand desk has an adjustable height and a great finish. Self assembly is the biggest dissadvantage here and i would recommend having huntoffice assembling the desk"
Jackie Dee  
LEAP Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk With Portal Beech Top & Silver Frame. Prevents & Reduces Muscle Problems, Poor Circulation, Heart Risks, Back Problems & Increases Brain Activity.
   Highly Recommended Desk for Office or Home use!  
"This LEAP electric height adjustable sit sand desk is an excellent product for your office or even home use. The height is adjustable by hand or by a mechanism which makes life so much easier. Highly recommended desk for office or home use."
Laura, Galway  
 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk W1400 x D800 x H685-1205 Beech
   It is an Amazing Price!  
"Such a quality sit-stand desk! It is an amazing price! The quality of the desk is amazing, the mechanism is working spot on - very fast and not noisy at all. Not to mention the benefits of being able to stand up ever so often - I am full of energy all of the time and even lost some weight!"
Steven, Cork  
 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk W1600 x D800 x H685-1205 Beech
   Great value for Height Adjustable Desk!  
"Great value for height adjustable desk! Everything works perfect, but to be honest was hard to get used to work when standing, but I already can see the benefits of it!"
 Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk W1600 x D800 x H685-1205 Beech
  Very Impressed with Huntoffice!  
"i couldn't believe my luck when i was able to get a height adjustable desk at work. Ive wanted one for ages and this desk did not disappoint. It's great being able to sit and stand at my desk and I'm seeing the health benefits already. The installation guys had this desk installed and set up really quickly. Very impressed with huntoffice"