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Enhance Your Workplace with Ergonomic Office Equipment and Accessories

Elevate your office experience with the finest selection of ergonomic office equipment and accessories at Hunt Office Ireland. Our range of ergonomic products is thoughtfully designed to optimize productivity and efficiency for all professionals. Whether you're striving for comfort, health, or enhanced functionality, we have you covered.

Discover our wide array of ergonomic desks, office accessories and desks which encompass every aspect of your daily office tasks. Our comprehensive selection includes:

Ergonomic Office Equipment:

  • Ergonomic desks: Elevate your workspace with our adjustable ergonomic desks that cater to your unique needs, allowing you to work at the ideal height for comfort and efficiency.
  • Footrests: Take care of your feet with our comfortable footrests, promoting proper posture and alleviating discomfort during long hours at your desk.
  • Monitor stands: Maintain an ergonomic viewing angle for your screens with our monitor stands, reducing strain on your neck and eyes.

Ergonomic Office Accessories:

  • Posture chairs: Sit back and relax in our posture chairs, designed to support your body's natural alignment and reduce the risk of discomfort and injury.
  • Chair back supports: Enhance your seating experience with our chair back supports, which provide essential lumbar support for a healthier, more comfortable posture.
  • Wrist wrests: Protect your wrists from strain and discomfort with our ergonomic wrist rests, ideal for long hours of typing and mouse usage.

Elevate Your Workspace with Our Comprehensive Ergonomic Desk Collection

Explore our extensive range of ergonomic office equipment and accessories, and you'll find everything you need to address any physical issues related to your work. At Hunt Office Ireland, we are dedicated to helping you create a workspace that promotes well-being, productivity, and success. Elevate your office experience today with our premium selection of ergonomic solutions.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Francis Power  
Pilates Air-Seat Ergonomic Stool With Easy Clean Green 3D Runner Seat Upholstery H450 - 640mm
  Great to improve posture!  
  "A great alternative to a pilates ball chair, this is more like a pilates ball stool. I love mine, it has really helped with my posture and how I feel at work. The green upholstery also adds a nice soft bit of colour to the office."  
Alana Molander  
Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation - Stand for LCD display / keyboard / mouse / notebook - black - screen size: up to 30" - table mount
  Great value, good quality and great service!  
  "This ergotron 33-397-085 is an amazing solid and stable desk that I really wanted into my office. Its very solid and useful amazing price for a desk like this."   
Micháel Moriarty  
Kensington SmartFit Sit/Stand Workstation.
  Good quality product!  
  "Really impressed with this workstation. 7 Different people in my office have bought these and I would never again go back to the basic desk. Way better for my health & posture. Price is a bit steep but well worth it in my opinion. Fair play!"  
Seán, Dublin  
Contour Ergonomics Sit Stand Workstation Black.
  Exceeded Expectations!   
  "This is the best alternative to the sit-stand desk for me. My company is a small business so we don't have the money for the LEAP desk or any of that but we have bought dozens of these and they've exceeded their expectations! Our staff are reaping the benefits of these height adjustable workstations by improved posture & boosted cardiovascular endurance. Delighted with our purchases! Thanks a million HuntOffice!"