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Huntoffice is a leading supplier of hand wash and office stationery suppling office and home users throughout the island of Ireland. We distribute our range of hand wash and office supplies from a number of warehouses in Limerick and Dublin. Are you looking for hand wash for your office or home use? The Huntoffice hand wash section includes a great selection of liquid soaps that come in various sizes, foam hand cleansers, hand sanitizers and creams & lotions. We also stock soap dispenser refills which come in handy 1 litre bottles or 5 litre containers ideal for bathrooms with many users.


Hand Soaps & Creams – We provide a wide selection of liquid soaps, antibacterial gels and foam soaps. We also supply hand cream to leave your hands feeling soft and smooth. All of the hand soaps in this section are designed to kill germs effectively and most are suitable for sensitive skin.


Soap Dispenser Refills – We also stock a range of hand soap dispenser refills. These are ideal for companies that spend lots of money on hand soap as they come in a range of sizes right up to large bulk packs. The soap dispenser refills in this section are suitable for most dispensers but we also have refills only suitable for specific dispensers. Some of the brands available in this section include Rubbermaid, DEB, Gojo, Tork, Diversey, 2Work, Kleenex and Maxima.


Some information on Hand Washing: Hand washing is an extremely important way of controlling the spread of infections and to prevent food poisoning. It is important to dry your hands thoroughly as germs can breed in moisture, allowing them to spread more easily.


You should wash your hands before:

• Preparing or eating food

• Treating wounds

• Caring for a sick person or young children You should wash your hands after:

• Going to the bathroom

• Handling uncooked foods

• Coughing or sneezing

• Petting an animal

• When you or someone around you is ill

• Changing nappies

• When your hands are visibly dirty


Washing with Hand Soaps & Creams:

• Place your hands together under running warm water if possible

• Apply liquid soap

• Lather well for at least 15-20 seconds.

• Wash all surfaces of your hands thoroughly including palms, between your fingers, backs of your hands, wrists and under your fingernails

• Rinse hands well

• Ensure your hands are dried effectively using hand towels or hand dryer


How to dry your hands properly:

• Before you can attempt to dry your hands, it is important to make sure that you have washed off all the soap residue.

• Where possible use an Electric Hand Dryer as we tend to waste paper towels here in Ireland which leads to more trees being cut down.

• If an Electric Hand Dryer is not available, start by shaking your hands rapidly to knock off any lose water droplets.

• Now take one sheet of paper from the dispenser. Quickly move the paper all over the front and back of your hands for 3 minutes.

• Fold the paper in 2 and wipe each thumb and finger individually for 15 seconds.

• Place the used paper in the dustbin

• You have now successfully washed and dried your hands


Here's what our customers are saying...

DEB Foam Hand Sanitiser Refill Cartridge 1 Litre (Pack 1) DIS1000ML
  Clean hands with one push  
  "I work in a creche so hand hygiene is very important to us. It's also very important we only use products that are safe for the kids. We regularly use this hand sanitiser, it's easy to put the refill into the main canister and doesn't need to be replaced too often. The foam dries in very quickly leaving hands clean and ready for handling food etc even after a long day of making messes :-)"
Carex Antibacterial Aloe Vera Liquid Soap Hand Wash 250ml (Pack 1) 339865
  Clean and moisturised hands  
"Leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturised unlike other soaps that can dry out your skin so this liquid soap is perfect for regular use. Best price I've seen for this brand too. Really happy with it!!"
Sarai Sartori  
Dyma Hand Soap Refill 5 Litre Pink 5 Litre Pack 1 KCDPP
  Best Choice  
  "This hand soap is so kind to skin, it doesn’t leave your hands dry after use and also smells beautiful. "  
Tork Foam Soap Cartridge Refills with Pump Nozzle 0.8 Litre (Pack 6) 846530 Ref 4017960
  Fantastic !  
"We have 3 of these tork hand soap dispensers in each of our bathrooms and we like to keep them well topped up so Ive ordered these refill cartridges from you a few times now. Very happy with them, easy to put into the dispenser, just enough soap is released when you press the button and the foam soap leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturised"