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Safes Ireland

Security safes are usually made of steel as it is the most robust material which provides the best security. A lot of steel safes are also fire resistant and can be waterproof which becomes highly significant in cases of fire or flooding. Security safes come in a great choice of sizes - from small home safes for keeping jewellery to large office safes capable of holding numerous files and documents. Small safes are most commonly mounted in walls or floors as it prevents them from being removed from the premises. Larger safes that are used in offices are often mounted to the floor. Most security safes come fitted with electronic locks supported by override keys which can be used in case of an emergency to quickly open the safe and remove its contents.

Fireproof safes

One thing which is worth looking at when deciding to buy any type of safe is fire resistance. Depending on the model, safes can provide fire resistance from 30 minutes up to several hours. It might be especially important if you are getting a safe in order to store important documents, files or digital memory carriers. You should know that not all security safes are fire resistant and you need to check if the safe you choose to purchase is actually fire resistant.

home safe Ireland

We provide a huge range of fireproof safe Ireland. Deciding on where you're going to keep the security safe is extremely important. It is vital that the security safe is kept out of sight at all times. Many people install a wall safe and use a painting or picture to cover it up, but burglars are now well aware of this and often this is the first thing they will check. If you decide on installing a wall safe, placing something heavier in front of it such as a bookcase for example would be a better choice. First of all it's more difficult to move and thieves don't have that time. Second of all, moving something heavy like a bookcase would mean a lot more noise, which would draw attention to them. Installing an under floor safe is also an excellent choice for concealment, they are more difficult to remove, plus a vast amount of furniture can be placed over the area for extra security. Shop our safes Ireland now.

Icons to look out for on your security safe:

fire resistant Water ProtectionsecurityKey Lockableelectronic lock

Fire Resistance -- Water Protection -- Security -- Key Lock -- Electronic Lock

  • Home Safe Ireland - these are usually small safes that can be wall or floor mounted. Their size is suitable for storing cash, jewellery, documents etc. When choosing to buy a residential use safe, it is worth choosing a type that comes with insurance for cash and valuables that are kept within the safe.
  • Office Safes - such security safes come in a selection of sizes to meet specific requirements. The smallest office safes have the capacity to hold cash and electronic media storage devices such as external hard drives, USB sticks, etc. Large office safes have enough room to hold files and folders. We highly recommend choosing a fire resistant safe in order to increase the level of security for items stored in office safes.

Looking for more information? Check out our handy guide for the Best Home Safes in Ireland

Here's what our customers are saying...

Brendan Tinney  
5 Star Combination Lock Cash Box Compact 8 Inch Metal 200mm Grey Mercury 3 Coin Compartments
  Good Quality Cash Box!   
  "I wanted a good quality Cash Box for my petty cash. I purchased this Cash Box from Hunt office and I am delighted with the quality of it. It has a removal coin tray so all my receipts fit in the box. As a number of people need access to the box the combination lock is ideal."  
Susan Cotter  
Phoenix SS0721EBD Compact Home Office Security Safe 4L With Electronic Lock & Deposit Slot Blue
  Great Home Safe!  
  "This is a handy safe for home. I keep all my documents and jewellery in it and theres a really functional deposit slotr for just dropping items in without opening the safe."  
Anna Gubbins  
5 Star Combination Lock Facilities Premium Cash Box Black – 12 Inch, 5 Coin Compartments, 3-Digit Combination Lock, Metallic Paint Finish, Metal Handle, Removable Tray & 1-Year Warranty (522864)
  Really Good Quality Combination Lock Cash Box!  
  "Combination metal cash box is really good quality and handy to have. Perfect for home or small business purposes. Combination lock makes easy access for multiple users."  
SentrySafe Master Lock Black Entry-Level Electronic Lock Safe 14L
  Such Great Quality!   
  "It has an electronic lock with override key, It has Features 2 live locking bolts, carpeted floor and bolt down kit. Easy to use.
Very Low price for such great quality. Quite a lot of space in the safe I can fit all of my valuables in it. Also there's an Electronic keypad for extra security aswell.
Harry M  
Q-Connect Key-Operated Safe 10 Litre Cream 200x310x200
  "This is an great quality ...and weighty also, but this is reassuring. A quality finish too. Size is good for the price."  
 Q-Connect Key-Operated Safe 6 Litre Cream 150x200x200mm
  Fine Little Home Safe!   
  "Fine little safe - just needed it for home and stated it came with the fixings and was an easy task to secure. "  
Geraldine Howard  
Phoenix Fire Ranger FS1512K Size 2 Fire Safe with Key Lock White 359L 30min Fire Protection
  Data Safe - Really Necessary!   
  "The building where my companies office resides is quite old, so I'm always anxious about problems that the building could have. We have had the building checked for several issues, but a fire could start much easier because of the dodgy electric wiring. This fire storage cupboard makes me feel much better about any danger of fire until the wiring gets updated. This fire protection cupboard is really necessary for any place, not just somewhere that there is an increased hazard, I think it could be used just for extra safety in any office or commercial area."  
Joan B. Limerick  
Q-Connect Key-Operated Safe 6 Litre Cream 150x200x200mm
  A Brilliant Little Home Safe!   
  "A brilliant little safe. Very good and sturdy quality. I needed this for a home safe as I don't have a lot of space in my apartment. would recommend this to others for keeping important documents and small valuables safe. "  
Karl Adams  
5 Star Combination Lock Cash Box Compact 8 Inch Metal 200mm Grey Mercury 3 Coin Compartments
  Handy Cash Box!   
  "Handy cash box for petty cash in the office. The combination on the combination lock was easy to set up and works perfectly since. Perfect if a couple of people will be using the cash box."