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At Hunt Office we have a diverse range of office supplies available. From paperclips and staples to notebooks and pens, no item is too small when it comes to our stock of office supplies. Work efficiently and stay organised with our range of office products.

Types of general office supplies available:

• Keep all of your files and documents organised with our range of paper fasteners, treasury tags, paper punches, paper punch accessories, staplers, staples, rubber bands, paper clips and bulldog clips. These small general office supplies are must-haves for efficient organisation of office work.

• Display your address or business logo with one of our customised stamps which are made to order, alternatively you can simply choose one of the word stamps already available or date your incoming post by choosing one of our dater stamps. No need to worry about running out of ink as we also supply rubber stamp pads, cartridges and rubber stamp ink.

• Temporarily attach important notes to your documents or simply take a phone message for a colleague with our selection of sticky notes which can be attached to various surfaces and easily removed without leaving marks or residue.

We have hundreds of general office supplies stocked in our Dublin warehouse to suit every budget, be sure to check out our offers page with the latest discounts on a whole host of office supplies. Whatever you need for your office, we can help you at Hunt Office Ireland.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Rae Quill  
 Sellotape Outdoor Sticky Fixers Foam Pads Double Sided Weatherproof 20 x 20mm 48 Pads Pack 12
  Good product
  "Good product from sellotape - I enjoy how easy they are to use as I am not the DIY type! I also like how it is a pack of 12 for quite a good price as I wont have to buy these sticky pads for some time again. These outdoor, 'weatherproof' sticky fixers do stand up quite well to weather, I live near the coast so there is a decent amount of wind that hits my house every day and it has not pulled off any of the pads. I use them indoors as well and they have held up inside too. Great product overall from huntoffice"  
Fred Hops  
26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Good quality
  "Good quality staples for stapling sheets of paper together. Didn't even get stuck in our stapler. Essential product in our offices supplies."  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Good quality
  "Good quality staples for the price of about 2 packs if i had bought from a store down the road"  
26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great Price
  "Great Price for this box of staples. Shopped around and I'm not overstating to say you were 1/4 of the price than my old supplier."  
Lorna Murphy  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great value
  "Great value, we have a large office and go through a huge amount of staples every month so the 26/6 Staples pack of 5000 is ideal."  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great quality
  "This is my first time getting these staples and I have to say that it is great quality for such a price. I had many different cheap staples but they usually jammed and broke into pieces. I have to say that this is my first opportunity to get that many staples for such a price and I am happy that I finally got what I need without spending too much money."  
26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great quality
  "This is our second time ordering these staples for our office. Great quality for the price. I don't see the point in going for expensive alternatives for small items such as staples because I think however much you pay you'll always get the odd staple that will get stuck or bend. Even if they do you're getting 5000 staples in the pack so how can you go wrong."  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great prices
  "Buy all my staples and supplies from you guys. great prices and fast delivery."  
Josh Jones  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  "I normally buy the Rexel brand of staples but as these 5 Star 24-6 Staples were on offer I said I would give them a try and I was pleasantly suprised. They were just as good as Rexel and never once got stuck in my stapler, thats why I am back buying them again!"  
 26/6 Staples Pack 5000 5 Star
  Great value
  "These staples are great value, we go through a lot at work so nice to have a few boxes of these spare for when we run out! Haven't had much problems with these getting stuck in the stapler either which is surprising for such a cheap price."