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Polaroid Candy Cartridge

Polaroid Candy Cartridge

€19.99 ex vat
€24.59 inc vat

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Here's what our customers are saying...

 Harry Moore   
about Polaroid Play - 3D printing pen - FFF
   happy I am with HuntOffice   
  "I bought this Polaroid Play as a Christmas present for my niece so I can't comment to how it is yet, but I want to express how happy I am with HuntOffice. The price for this 3D Printing Pen was very competitive, and it was delivered quicker than what was stated on the website. I will be purchasing from HuntOffice more often and as for the 3D Printing Pen, I'm sure my niece will love it."  
 Amelia Byrne   
about Polaroid Play - 3D printing pen - FFF
   great price you can't go wrong   
  "I bought this Polaroid Play for my son, he wanted a 3D Printer but they were too expensive. This 3D Printing Pen is brilliant, it does what a 3D Printer does at half the cost and it's fun for kids (not just kids, I had fun using it too!) as you actually draw what you want to print. If you're not creatively inclined you can also use templates which make things a lot easier. My son loves it and so do it, it's such a great price you can't go wrong"  
about Polaroid Play - 3D printing pen - FFF
   Would definitely recommend   
  "I'd seen the ad for the Polaroid Play on the TV and I was thinking of buying a 3D Printer for small things, I'd no idea a 3D Printing Pen even existed until I saw the ad. Through a quick Google search I found HuntOffice to be the cheapest with the quickest delivery. So there was no hesitation in buying Opened it the other day and started using it and it's perfect for what I want and very easy to use i'm sure children could even use it (although the tip does get hot, so be careful). Would definitely recommend the Polaroid Play."  

about Polaroid Play - 3D printing pen - FFF
  Real 3D objects you can create  
  I excpected some avarage quality printouts, but it turns it's real 3D objects you can create out of it! And it's way better than standard 3D printers because its portable and require less filament.  
about Polaroid Play - 3D printing pen - FFF
   Really usefull tool  
  I got this for my kids and it's not a toy I have to say. It's actually really usefull tool you can use to print in 3D almost anything. The supplies like filaments are cheap. The battery lasts so long and you can import your own design printouts too.