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Welcome to Hunt Office Tools and DIY shop. Here at Hunt Office we strive to bring you the highest quality and competitive prices to ensure you have the best Tools and Warehouse Equipment to choose from. With the correct equipment for your needs you ensure you will have a wide range to choose from with competitive prices. Check our list below and see what you’re missing from your kit or warehouse.

Hand and Power Tools - Whether you are carpenter or decorator, electrician or contractor, homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, you will find the tools that you need here to allow you carrying out any type of repair or refurbishing job. At Hunt Office we offer a range of power tools such as hammer drills, sanders, jigsaws and cordless screwdrivers. We also have a selection of hand tools which include furniture assembly kits, painting kits, window cleaning sets and other useful tools for all your DIY needs.
Tool Boxes and Parts Storage - whether its a small tool pouch or large tool organiser or toolbox, mobile or stationary tool chest, you'll find some excellent choices in this department
Storage Units and Racks - from standard bench top storage solutions to pigeon hole storage, louvered panels to racking, right up to Drum and Gas cylinder storage solutions, we've got a huge selection for you to browse, compare and buy, with Nationwide delivery on all products.
Workbenches - Do you need a workbench? a small compact design or maybe one with shelves or storage? Do you need a mobile or static option or an add on for an existing bench. Is a height adjustable bench what you require?.... Here at Hunt Office we have an extensive range of benches to suit every job, every need and every choice.
Ladders and Steps - We carry a selection of ladders and mobile steps which deliver a secure access to high shelves and storage areas. Our ladders and mobile steps can be used in any kind of environment – they are suitable for home, business and large warehouses or storage rooms. You can choose from a broad selection of heights that will more than meet your needs.
Strip Door Systems - Do you need to section off your premises?. Turn a noisy building in to a quieter work or storage environment, or simply want to improve your energy /heating costs? Then check out the range of Strip Door Systems and Accessories available from Hunt Office.

Within this section you can also find various types of measuring equipment like measuring tapes and tally counters. We also provide a wide variety of floor marking products such as floor marking tapes, marking sprays and floor marking applicators too. So for all your Tools and Warehouse needs check out our full range here.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Keypad Door Lock with Fail-safe and 4000 Possible Combinations
  I Recommend This Door Lock !  
  "I like this keypad door locking system as it is easy set up with no wires and has multiple combinations...we just followed the excellent instructions on site and it made life easier... I recommend this item.."  
Marie Hessessy  
Panic Bolt
  So Happy with Panic Bolt!  
  "I bought this for my Dad as he lives alone. There have been a few break ins in the local area and this Panic bolt has given him back his courage being alone especially at night. My husband fixed itr to the door and wall. and had no issues whatsoever doing "  
Charlie Coates  
Helix Internal Security Mirror 60cm Pack of 1 PW1040
   Great Product Saved Me A Fortune !  
  ""I put this up in a Warehouse and we spotted someone stealing USB sticks and Hard-Drives. Great product save me a fortune Also its great for people taking shortcuts and driving forklifts. Great delivery service. ""  
Billy Quinlivan  
Led Floor Light 230V
  Great Value For Money!  
  " This Led Floor Light  has a tough and exterior takes a lot of knocks with my guys on the site. Really good vision and no bother to bring along to any job when we are tight on deadline  - cable is 2 meters so make asure you have extension cable then you dont have to keep unplugging when moving from area to area. Very Satisified"  
Eddie Mulcahy  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  LED Technology Is Brilliant!  
  "led technology is brilliant, to see it in a energizer torch is even better, and it is weatherproof - oh yeah!"  
Alisha Conway  
Keypad Door Lock with Fail-safe and 4000 Possible Combinations
  No More Access Issues!!!  
  "We had issues with customers using the public toilets in our store and sneaking into the warehouse located next to the toileACts. We needed a low cost solution to restrict access to the warehouse. I wanted a lock that was fairly easy to install and didn\'t require any maintenance. As we have staff in and out of the warehouse I needed a lock that could withstand frequent heavy use. I am very satisfied with the securikey, the keypad is easy to use. You get so used to quickly using the keypad that you naturally key in the code every time you approach the warehouse door. We also got a door closer which works out well as we don\'t have to worry about people not closing the door properly when exiting the warehouse."  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  Will Work In Any Weather!  
  "Really good quality water proof Energizer torch. Will work in any weather conditions! Very happy with my purchase! thanks huntoffice"  
Grace McDonagh  
Securikey Fake Banknotes Detector Pen Pack 1
  Simple Yet Effective!  
  "I run a small newsagent and these counterfeit pens are a must. When you receive a note you just mark it with the counterfeit money pen, if the mark stays clear or light amber then it means it's genuine. Simple yet effective way of checking money."  
Martin O'Donnell  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  Stood Up To The Weatherproof Tag."!  
  "Got this Energizer LED Torch for the car last week and didn't think I would be using it so soon. Had a puncture last night and ended up using this flash light in the rain. It certainly stood up to the weather proof tag."  
Mick Flynn  
Safescan 185-S Automatic Multi-direction Counterfeit Detector 112-0575
  Brilliant Safescan Counterfeit Detector!  
  "Brilliant counterfeit detector. Comes in handy everyday in our shop. Brilliant delivery system as well from Huntoffice! Delighted with this! "  
Keypad Door Lock with Fail-safe and 4000 Possible Combinations
  Prevents Unauthorised Entry!!  
  "Securikey Digital Door Lock will Prevent unauthorised entry to restricted areas eg. my room :). no wiring or batteries required, so handy and easy to use! thanks huntoffice"  
Dylan Crosby  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  "This Energizer Impact LED waterproof torch is ideal for me as I do a lot of night fishing and need to know where I am going when walking through river banks. The fact that its waterproof is brilliant as I no longer have to worry about a torch been damaged by accidentally dropping it into water. Thanks."